Black metal bands

This list of Black metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Black metal or one of its sub or fusion genres.

Melodic black metal bands
NSBM bands
Symphonic black metal bands
Depressive black metal bands

Black metal bands – Black metal subgenre

Black metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that involves thrash style musicianship and lyrical invocations of the occult, Satanism, allegiance to the old religions of Norway, or sometimes links with white power and Aryan pride movements.

The roots of the genre start with Venom, who were the first to perform in a style that is today considered to be the genuine black metal musical and lyrical standard, and it may have been Venom who led to the signature low-fi or cheaply recorded sounds of many black metal bands such as Darkthrone.

Many bands who have flirted with Black metal type of imagery are not considered black metal, such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The very first band to be labeled as black metal band was Venom in the early 1980’s, whose 2nd record, Black Metal, included several odes to Satanism. Subsequent bands such as Bathory and Burzum also recorded in their style. While most performers in the scene are not expected to be cannibals or murderers in real life, many in the black metal scene such as members of Mayhem, Dissection, and Emperor have all been arrested for crimes ranging from church burnings, to murder.

While a few bands appear to be more tongue in cheek than others, many clearly take their own views seriously, such as Quorthorn of Bathory who ardently wished for a revival of the old Norse religion in the early 1980’s.

black metal bands

Black metal bands list – list of black metal bands a-z

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Black metal bands: 0–9

(V.E.G.A.) (Italy)
; … (Italy)
1349 (Norway)
1389 (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
14120912519 (Malaysia)
206 And Thinkers (China)
3 (Italy)

Black metal bands: A

A Caress of Twilight (Poland)
A Cloud Forest (United States)
A Forest of Stars (United Kingdom)
A Monumental Black Statue (Italy)
A Transylvanian Funeral (United States)
A Winter Lost (Canada)
A.I.D.S. (United States)
A.M.S.G. (Canada)
Aardia (Sweden)
Aasgard (Greece)
Abandon (United Kingdom)
Abazagorath (United States)
Abduction (France)
Aberrant Path (United States)
Abgott (Italy)
Abhorrot (Austria)
Abigail (Japan)
Abigor (Austria)
Abitbollus Avangarde (France)
Abnorm (France)
Abominator (Australia)
Abomino Aetas (Norway)
Aboriorth (Spain)
Aborym (Italy)
Abruptum (Sweden)
Abscheu (Germany)
Absenta (Spain)
Absentia Lunae (Italy)
Absolutus (Belgium)
Absonus Noctis (United States)
Abstractismo (El Salvador)
Abusiveness (Poland)
Abvul Abashy (Singapore)
Abysmal Black (Norway)
Abysmal Gates (United States)
Abyssic Hate (Australia)
Abyssmal Sorrow (Australia)
Accursed Christ (Russia)
Achenar (Norway)
Acherontas (Greece)
Achren (United Kingdom)
Acral Necrosis (United Kingdom)
Acrimonious (Greece)
Actum Inferni (Poland)
Ad Astra (Greece)
Ad Hominem (France)
Ad Noctum (Denmark)
Adalruna (United Kingdom)
Addaura (United States)
Admonish (Sweden)
Adogma (Peru)
Adokhsiny (Korea)
Adonai Sathanas (Netherlands)
Adragard (Italy)
Adversam (Italy)
Adversarial (Canada)
Adversus Semita (Norway)
Aeba (Germany)
Aegeon (Finland)
Aenaon (Greece)
Aes Dana (France)
Aeternus (Norway)
Aetherius Obscuritas (Hungary)
After Death (United States)
Afterlight (United States)
Agaliarepth (Guatemala)
Age of Darkness (Korea)
Agnes Vein (Greece)
Agrypnie (Germany)
Aguynguerran (Belgium)
Ah Ciliz (United States)
Ah-Puch (Mexico)
Ahakay N Bror (Morocco)
Ahnenstahl Epic (Austria)
Aigro Mucifelam (France)
Airs Shoegaze (United States)
Aisthesis (Chile)
Ajattara (Finland)
Akantophis (Germany)
Akashah (United States)
Akeldam (Peru)
Akerbeltz (Spain)
Akerbeltz (Brazil)
Akercocke (United Kingdom)
Akhenaton (France)
Akihma (Sweden)
Akitsa (Canada)
Akmuveth (Chile)
Akrival (Germany)
Akromusto (Russia)
Al-Azazhil (Malaysia)
Al-Namrood (Saudi Arabia)
Alastis (Switzerland)
Alastor (Austria)
Alastor (Portugal)
Alcest Shoegaze (France)
Alda (United States)
Algaion (Sweden)
Algol Death (Norway)
Algor Mortis (Germany)
Algorithm ov Void (Poland)
Alien Gods (India)
Alkerdeel Sludge (Belgium)
All the Cold (Russia)
Alle Totmachen! (Germany)
Allein unter Menschen (Germany)
Allfader (Norway)
Allfather (Canada)
Alpthraum (Canada)
Altar of Perversion (Italy)
Altar of Plagues (Ireland)
Altus Astrum (United Kingdom)
Amalek (Germany)
Amesoeurs (France)
Amestigon (Austria)
Amok Vedar (Germany)
Amon Goeth (Czech Republic)
Amphitrium (Switzerland)
Amystery (Germany)
Amžius (Lithuania)
Anaal Nathrakh (United Kingdom)
Anael (Germany)
Anal Blasphemy (Finland)
Anal Vomit (Peru)
Anaon Koll Viking (France)
Ancestral Fog (France)
Ancestral Volkhves (Slovakia)
Ancient Moonlight (United States)
Ancient Prophecy (United States)
Ancient Sanctuary (El Salvador)
Ancient Wisdom (Sweden)
Andras (Germany)
Angantyr (Denmark)
Angel Retard (Australia)
Angelcorpse (United States)
Angelic Viscera (United States)
Angest Herre (France)
Angmar (France)
Angra Mainyu (Germany)
Angrepp Black (Sweden)
Angst Skvadron (Norway)
Anguished (Finland)
Anima Damnata Black (Poland)
Animae Capronii (Italy)
Animus (Israel)
Animus Herilis (France)
Animus Mortis (Chile)
Ankrismah (France)
Annihilatus War (Finland)
Anno Domini (Australia)
Annthennath (France)
Annunaki (United States)
Antaeus (France)
Antares Predator (Norway)
Antediluvian (Canada)
Antestor (Norway)
Anthems of Gomorrah (United States)
Anthropolatri (Ukraine)
Anti-Human Black (Argentina)
Antica Arcana (United States)
Antichristian War (Ecuador)
Antiphrasis (Germany)
Antipope (Finland)
Antiquus Scriptum (Portugal)
Anu (United States)
Anwyl (United States)
Anxiety (Finland)
Aorlhac (France)
Aosoth (France)
Apati (Sweden)
Apocryphal Voice (Finland)
Apokalyptic Raids (Brazil)
Apolokia (Germany)
Apotheosys (United States)
Apparition (Korea)
Ära Krâ (Germany)
Arachna Signorum (Russia)
Aradia (Malaysia)
Aras (Finland)
Arathorn (Germany)
Arcana Coelestia (Italy)
Arcana Imperia (Russia)
Arcane Necrosis (Australia)
Arcanticus (Mexico)
Arcanus Tenebrae (Portugal)
Arch of Thorns (United States)
Arckanum (Sweden)
Arcturus (Norway)
Ares (Korea)
Arfsynd (Sweden)
Argar (Spain)
Argath (Finland)
Argentum (Mexico)
Arges (Mexico)
Argus Megere Romania
Arkenstone (Portugal)
Arkha Sva (Japan)
Arkham (France)
Arkheth (Australia)
Arkhon Infaustus Black (France)
Armagedda (Sweden)
Armaggedon (France)
Armanenschaft (Finland)
Armath Sargon (Finland)
Armatus (Germany)
Arphaxat (France)
Arroganz (Germany)
Ars Goetia (Italy)
Ars Moriendi (France)
Ars Sacra (Russia)
Arsonist Lodge (Finland)
Artep (Canada)
Artisian (United Kingdom)
Arvet (Finland)
As Sahar (Singapore)
Asbel (Colombia)
Ascaroth (Sweden)
Ascension (Germany)
Aschefall (Germany)
Aschmicrosa (Slovenia)
Asgaard Gothic (Poland)
Asgaroth (Spain)
Ash Borer Black (United States)
Ash Pool (United States)
Ashes (United States)
Asmodeus (Austria)
Asofy (Italy)
Asphyxia (United States)
Assaulter (Australia)
Astaarth (France)
Astarot (Mexico)
Astaroth (Korea)
Astarte (Greece)
Astathica (Netherlands)
Astel Oscora (Russia)
Asteria Progressive (Switzerland)
Astoroth (Germany)
Astral Luminous (United States)
Astral Silence (Switzerland)
Astriaal (Australia)
Astrofaes (Ukraine)
Asvaran (Iran)
Aswang (Malaysia)
Asylum Phenomena (France)
Atem Death (Finland)
Athame (Hungary)
Athos (Greece)
Atma-Beoulve (Korea)
Atra (Australia)
Aura Noir (Norway)
Aura Saturnal (Finland)
Aurea Aetas (Hungary)
Aurora Borealis (United States)
Austere (Australia)
Autolatry (United States)
Autumnal Winds Black (United States)
Averse Progressive (France)
Averse Sefira (United States)
Avichi (United States)
Avsky (Sweden)
Avzhia (Mexico)
Axis Of Perdition (United Kingdom)
Azagatel (Portugal)
Azaghal (Finland)
Azarath Black (Poland)
Azaxul (Germany)
Azazel (Finland)
Azelsgard (Poland)
Azgaal (France)
Azordon (United States)
Azrael (United States)
Azrath Death (Italy)
Azuth (Ukraine)

Black metal bands: B

Baal Gadrial (Australia)
Baal Gadriel (Australia)
Baal Sebul (Sweden)
Baalberith (United Kingdom)
Bael (France)
Bahimiron (United States)
Balance Interruption (Ukraine)
Balrog (France)
Baltak (Australia)
Bandoso (Indonesia)
Bane (Serbia)
Bann (Germany)
Baphomation (Denmark)
Baptism (Finland)
Barastir (Germany)
Barathrum (Finland)
Barbarian Prophecies (Spain)
Barbarous (Korea)
Barbatos (Japan)
Barbatos 666 (El Salvador)
Barghest (United States)
Basilisk (United Kingdom)
Battle Dagorath (United States)
Battlemaster (United States)
Beastcraft (Norway)
Beatrik (Italy)
Bedeiah (United States)
Behemoth (Poland)
Beherit (Finland)
Behexen (Finland)
Beithíoch (Ireland)
Bekhira (France)
Belathuzur (France)
Beleth (Poland)
Belhor (United States)
Belial (El Salvador)
Belketre (France)
Belphegor (Austria)
Belzebuth (Australia)
Benighted (United States)
Benighted In Sodom (United States)
Benighted Leams (United Kingdom)
Bergthron (Germany)
Berserk (Spain)
Besatt (Poland)
Bestial Cult (El Salvador)
Bestial Hell Axe (Korea)
Bestial Hordes (Malaysia)
Bestial Mockery (Sweden)
Bestial Mölestor (Brazil)
Bestial Warlust (Australia)
Bewitched (Sweden)
Beyond Helvete (Germany)
Beyond Life (Poland)
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace (Australia)
Bilskirnir (Germany)
Binan Ath (Russia)
Birkenau (United States)
Black Abyss (Malaysia)
Black Altar (Poland)
Black Anvil (United States)
Black Autumn (Germany)
Black Cilice (Portugal)
Black Countess (Russia)
Black Crucifixion (Finland)
Black Death Ritual (Finland)
Black Feast (Finland)
Black Flame (Italy)
Black Fog (Mexico)
Black Folly (Lebanon)
Black Funeral (United States)
Black Grave (United Kingdom)
Black Harvest (United States)
Black Hole Generator (Norway)
Black Howling (Portugal)
Black Infinity (Vietnam)
Black Mass (United States)
Black Murder (France)
Black Palace (Mexico)
Black Rain (Czech Republic)
Black Shadow (Russia)
Black Tribe (Germany)
Black Witchery (United States)
Black Wood (Russia)
Blackdeath (Russia)
Blackfire (Malaysia)
Blackgod (France)
Blackhorned (Denmark)
Blacklodge (France)
Blackmass (Brazil)
Blackpest (Brazil)
Blackthrone (Finland)
Blackwinds (Sweden)
Blackwitch (Sweden)
Blade of Death (Russia)
Bl?kulla (France)
Blasfematorio (El Salvador)
Blasphemophagher (Italy)
Blasphemy (Canada)
Blaze of Perdition (Poland)
Bleak Solitude (Australia)
Bleeding Fist (Slovenia)
Blessmon (Austria)
Bliss of Flesh (France)
Blodarv (Denmark)
Blodfest (Denmark)
Blodsband (Sweden)
Blodsgard (Norway)
Blodsrit (Sweden)
Blodtru (Denmark)
Blodulv (Sweden)
Blood Goat (United States)
Blood of Christ (Finland)
Blood of Kingu (Ukraine)
Blood of Martyrs (United States)
Blood of the Black Owl (United States)
Blood of Umbra (United States)
Blood Red Fog (Finland)
Blood Stained Dusk (United States)
Blood Storm (United States)
Bloodhammer (Finland)
Bloodrain (Russia)
Bloodshed (Sweden)
Bloodthorn (Norway)
Bloody Ritual (Canada)
Bloody Tyrant (Taiwan)
Blue Hummingbird on the Left (United States)
Blut Aus Nord (France)
Bluten (Slovakia)
Blutklinge (Germany)
Blutmond (Switzerland)
Blutvial (United Kingdom)
Bömber (Chile)
Bone Awl (United States)
Book of Black Earth (United States)
Book of Sand (United States)
Borgne (Switzerland)
Born Of Thorns (Finland)
Bornholm (Hungary)
Bosse-de-Nage (United States)
Braced For Nails (United States)
Brakin Brak (Russia)
Brandhaard (Netherlands)
Brandpest (Denmark)
Breath of Chaos Funeral (Canada)
Brenoritvrezorkre (France)
Brenvoliznepr – (now) (Italy)
Breviarium (United States)
Bringers Of Disease (United States)
Brocken Moon (Germany)
Brulvahnatu (Canada)
Buio Omega (Italy)
Bulldozer (Italy)
Bundeswehra (Poland)
Burial Hordes (Greece)
Burial Sun (Finland)
Burn My Shadows (Germany)
Burning The Chaple Black and (Norway)
Burzum (Norway)
Byblis (Italy)
Byblis (Germany)
Byfrost Black (Norway)

Black metal bands: C

Cabaret for Bereaved (Finland)
Caedes (Germany)
Cain (Italy)
Ca?na (United Kingdom)
Ca?nan Dawn (France)
Calvarium (Finland)
Camulos (Germany)
Candlegoat (Netherlands)
Canifraz (Brazil)
Canis Dirus (United States)
Cantata Sangui Gothic (Finland)
Cantus in Tenebrae (Mexico)
Caput Cruentus (Argentina)
Carcharoth ?.V. (Germany)
Carpathian Forest (Norway)
Carpathian Full Moon (Norway)
Carpatos (El Salvador)
Carpe Tenebrum (Norway)
Carthaun (Germany)
Cast in Stone (Sweden)
Castevet Progressive (United States)
Castrum Doloris (Norway)
Catenatam Lucem (Finland)
Catharsis Nocturna (Argentina)
Cauldron Black Ram Black (Australia)
Cauterization (Brazil)
Caverns (United States)
Cebren-Khal (France)
Ceifadores (Brazil)
Celestia (France)
Celestial Bloodshed (Norway)
Celestial Mourning Blackned (Brazil)
Cendres de Haine (Switzerland)
Centimani Black Death (United States)
Cerberus (Germany)
Ceremonial Castings (United States)
Chainsaw Carnage (United States)
ChaosWolf (Mexico)
Charnel Valley (United States)
Chavajoth (Brazil)
Chelmno (Italy)
Chemin de Haine (France)
Children of Mäani Black (France)
Children Of Megaton (Italy)
Chordewa Progressive Moldova
Christ Agony (Poland)
Christicide (France)
Chronaexus (United States)
Chthonian (Finland)
Cień (Poland)
Circle of Ouroborus (Finland)
Cirith Gorgor (Netherlands)
Cirrhus (United States)
Clair Cassis (United States)
Clair Obscur (France)
Clandestine Blaze (Finland)
Cleaver (Italy)
Cobalt (United States)
Code (United Kingdom)
Coffin Birth Black (Canada)
Cold (Germany)
Cold Body Radiation Shoegaze (Netherlands)
Cold Depths Shoegaze (Netherlands)
Cold Empire (Italy)
Cold Empty Universe (Poland)
Cold Grey Dawn (Ireland)
Cold Grim (Costa Rica)
Cold of Tombstone (Ukraine)
Coldhand (Slovenia)
Coldnight (Colombia)
Common Grave (Italy)
Conqueror (Canada)
Conquest Icon (Poland)
Conspiracy (Netherlands)
Corpus Christii (Portugal)
Corubo (Brazil)
Cosmic Church (Finland)
Count Nosferatu (France)
Count Nosferatu Kommando (France)
Countess (Netherlands)
Cradle of Filth (United Kingdom)
Craft (Sweden)
Creeping (New Zealand)
Crest Of Darkness Black (Norway)
Crimson Midwinter Black (Finland)
Crimson Moon (United States)
Crimson Moonlight (Sweden)
Crom Dubh (United Kingdom)
Crown of Angmar (Czech Republic)
Crucifyre (Sweden)
Cruel Force (Germany)
Crux Infernum (Israel)
Cruxifiction (France)
Crying Blood (Spain)
Cryptal Spectres (Poland)
Cryptic Forest (Germany)
Cryptic Tales Death (Poland)
Cryptic Winds (United States)
Crystalium (France)
Crystalline Darkness (Portugal)
Cult of Daath (United States)
Cult of Erinyes (Belgium)
Cult of Unholy Shadows (United States)
Culted (Canada)
Cultes des Ghoules (Poland)
Culto Malévolo (Chile)
Curse (Iceland)
Cynicon (Norway)
CYT (France)

Black metal bands: D

Daemonheim (Germany)
Daemonium (France)
Daemonlord (Spain)
Dagor Dagorath (Israel)
Dammerung (Ukraine)
Damnation army (Sweden)
Dantalion (Spain)
Daos Romania
Darcroven (United States)
Dark Celebration (Brazil)
Dark Devotion (Mexico)
Dark Empyre (United States)
Dark Funeral (Sweden)
Dark Metamorphosis (United States)
Dark Paranoia (Italy)
Dark Promise Syria
Dark Storm (Czech Republic)
Dark Torment (Brazil)
Dark Tribe (Germany)
Dark Union (United States)
Darkaliel (Brazil)
Darken (Poland)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (Germany)
Darkest Hate Warfront (Brazil)
Darkflight (Bulgaria)
Darkmoon Warrior (Germany)
Darkness Eternal (Canada)
Darkness in the Moon (El Salvador)
DarknessEternal (Netherlands)
Darkspace (Switzerland)
Darktower (United States)
Darkwoods My Betrothed (Finland)
Darlament Norvadian (El Salvador)
Darvulia (France)
Das Geschöpf (Germany)
Das Zwielicht (Germany)
Dauden (Norway)
Dauden i M?rke (United States)
Dawn (Sweden)
Dawn of Ashes (United States)
Dawn of Division (Greece)
Dawnfall (Germany)
De Magia Veterum (Netherlands)
Dead Crown (France)
Dead Of Winter (Canada)
Dead Pleasure (Croatia)
Dead Shell of Universe (Serbia)
Dead to this World (Norway)
Deadman (Italy)
Deafheaven (United States)
Death Invoker Black Death Speed (Peru)
Death Shroud (United States)
Death SS (Italy)
Death Toll (Mexico)
Death Yell (Chile)
Deathcult (Germany)
Deathcult (Norway)
Deathgate Arkanum (Germany)
Deathmoor (Russia)
Deathrow (Italy)
Deathspell Omega (France)
Deathxecutor (Chile)
Decadence (Russia)
Decayed (Portugal)
Decaying Citadel (United States)
Dechristianisierung Europas (Austria)
Decibel Rebels (Germany)
Decieverion (United States)
Deep Desolation (Poland)
Deep Mountains (China)
Deep-pression (Poland)
Def (El Salvador)
Défaillance (France)
Defamation (Thailand)
Deferum Sacrum (Ukraine)
Deinos Mastema (France)
Deiphago Philippines
Demmring (Germany)
Demoncy (United States)
Demoniac (Germany)
Demonic Cremator (United Kingdom)
Demonic Death Judge (Finland)
Demonic Slaughter (Poland)
Demonical Crisis Assembly (Malaysia)
Demonium (Ukraine)
Demorian (Sweden)
Den Saakaldte (Norway)
Deneb (Poland)
Der (Hungary)
Der Misanthrope (Canada)
Der Weg einer Freiheit (Germany)
Desaster (Germany)
Desecrated (United States)
Desmodus Rotundus (Norway)
Desolate Soul (Estonia)
Desolation Hymn (Germany)
Desolation Triumphalis (France)
Despair (Syria)
Dethcentrik (United States)
Detonator666 (Czech Republic)
Devastator (United States)
Devian (Sweden)
Deviant Messiah (France)
Devilish (Germany)
Devilish Impressions (Poland)
Devilry (Finland)
Diaboli (Finland)
Diabolical Masquerade (Sweden)
Diabolicum (Sweden)
Diabolous666 (Peru)
Diamond Eyed Princess (France)
Diapsiquir (France)
Die Toten kehren wieder mit dem Wind (Germany)
Diecold (Hungary)
Dies Ater (Germany)
Dies Irae (Norway)
Dies Irae (Chile)
Dimensional Psychosis (Netherlands)
Dimidium Mei (Poland)
Dining in Tuscany (Australia)
Diocletian (New Zealand)
Direwolf (United States)
Disiplin (Norway)
Disjecta (Italy)
Dismal Kingdom (Spain)
Dissectomy (Malaysia)
Dissension (Australia)
Distorted Cognitions (United States)
Divine Codex (Italy)
Divisions (United States)
Dodfodd (Sweden)
Dodheimsgard (Norway)
DödsÄngel (Canada)
Dodsferd (Greece)
Dol Amroth (Greece)
Dolcinian (Italy)
Dolorian (Finland)
Dolorvotre (United States)
Dom Dracul (Sweden)
Domg?rd (Sweden)
Domini Inferi (Netherlands)
Dominion (Sweden)
Dominion III (Austria)
Dominus Ira (Russia)
Donnergroll (Germany)
Doominhated (Italy)
Door Into Emptiness (Belarus)
Dopamine (China)
Dordeduh (Romania)
Dorn (Germany)
Draconis Infernum (Singapore)
Dragobrath (Ukraine)
Drakonhail (France)
Drama (Russia)
Drastus (France)
Drauggard (Russia)
Draugsang (Norway)
Drautran (Germany)
Drengskapur (Germany)
Dronckaerdt (Belgium)
Droomstyyg (United States)
Drottnar (Norway)
Drown (Mexico)
Drowning the Light (Australia)
Drudkh (Ukraine)
Dunkelgrafen (Germany)
Dunkelnacht (France)
Dunkelschreck (France)
Dunstzorn (Austria)
Durazis (United States)
Dusk (Hungary)
Dusken (Germany)
Dwellers of the Twilight (France)
Dysthymia (Iceland)
Dzlvarv (France)
D?dkvlt (Finland)
D?dsengel (Norway)
D?endeskog (United States)

Black metal bands: E

Ebonillumini (United Kingdom)
Echoes of Emptiness (United States)
Eclectika (France)
Eclipse Eternal (Canada)
Ectovoid (United States)
Edhen (Brazil)
Eggs of Gomorrh (Switzerland)
EgoNoir (Germany)
Eikenskaden (France)
Eindig (Netherlands)
Einsamkeit Mit Mihr (Netherlands)
E?s (Germany)
Eiserne Dunkelheyt (Germany)
Eismalsott (Germany)
Eisregen (Germany)
Ekasia (Romania)
Ekove Efrits (Iran)
Ekpyrosis (Germany)
El-Ahrairah (United States)
Élan (United States)
Eld (Norway)
Eldereon (Spain)
Elders of the Apocalypse (United States)
Elfire (Canada)
Elgibbor (Poland)
Elhaz (France)
Elimi (Sweden)
Elite (Norway)
Elvira Madigan (Sweden)
Elymas (Austria)
Elysian Blaze (Australia)
Emancer (Norway)
Ember (Australia)
Embers Crust (United States)
Embrace of Thorns (Greece)
Emerna (Iran)
Emit Dark (United Kingdom)
Empaligon (Germany)
Empheris (Poland)
Empire’s Darkness (Mexico)
Emptiness (Belgium)
Empty (Spain)
Empyrean Plague Viking (Canada)
Enbilulugugal (United States)
Encircling Sea (Australia)
End (Greece)
Endezzma (Norway)
Endless Battle (Ukraine)
Endless Dismal Moan (Japan)
Endless Solitude (Italy)
Endstille (Germany)
Endymion (France)
Enfold Darkness (United States)
Enimon Ni (France)
Enochian (Czech Republic)
Enochian Crescent (Finland)
Enoid (Switzerland)
Ensemble of Silence (Malaysia)
Ent (Puerto Rico)
Enthral (Norway)
Enthroned (Belgium)
Enthroning Silence (Italy)
Entsetzlich (Australia)
Envenom Ascension (United States)
Epheles (France)
Epiphanie (Germany)
Erakko (Finland)
Erebus Enthroned (Australia)
Ereshkigal (Greece)
Erevos (Greece)
Erhabenheit (Germany)
Eris (Serbia)
Erowid (United Kingdom)
Eru (Italy)
Eschaton (Greece)
Esprit Derange (Canada)
Essenz (Germany)
Estuary of Calamity (United States)
Esus (France)
Eternal Chaos (Colombia)
Eternal Funeral (France)
Eternal Helcaraxe (Ireland)
Eternal Kreig (Morocco)
Eternal Majesty (France)
Eternity (Norway)
Eternity (Germany)
Eternum (Australia)
Ether (Canada)
Ethereal Woods (United Kingdom)
Eulen (Syria)
Evil (Slovakia)
Evilfeast (Poland)
Evilwar (Brazil)
Evisc (United Kingdom)
Ewigeis (Germany)
Ewiges Reich (Germany)
Exalted (United States)
Excomulgación (Colombia)
Exhausted Prayer (United States)
Exhumer (France)
Exitium (Finland)
Exordium (Finland)
Exorial (Germany)
Eyes of Ligeia (United States)

Black metal bands: F

Faagrim (Germany)
Fairytale Abuse (Denmark)
Faithless Priest (United States)
Fall (Poland)
Fallen Souls (El Salvador)
Fallujah (United States)
False Prophet (France)
Famine (United States)
Farsot (Germany)
Fatal Desolation (Japan)
Faulen (Germany)
Fauna (United States)
Faustcoven (Norway)
Fear Of Eternity (Italy)
Fell Voices Drone (United States)
Fen (United Kingdom)
Fenria (Sweden)
Fenrisulf (Japan)
Fethuruz (Venezuela)
Feu Gregeois (France)
File of Ghosts (Finland)
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium – Heavy (Portugal)
Fimbulwinter (Norway)
Finnr’s Cane (Canada)
Fires of Old (United States)
Firstborn Evil (Portugal)
Firth of Damnation (Canada)
Fissür (France)
Flagellator Black (United States)
Flagellum Dei (Portugal)
Flames of Hell (Iceland)
Flamma Aeterna (Portugal)
Flauros (Finland)
Flesh Supremacy (United States)
Fleshpress StonerSludgeDoom (Finland)
Fluisterwoud (Netherlands)
Fog (United States)
Fogzard (France)
Fomorii (Canada)
Force of Darkness (Chile)
Forest (Russia)
Forest Grave (United Kingdom)
Forest of Doom (Mexico)
Forest Of Fog (Switzerland)
Forest of Illusion (United States)
Forest Silence (Hungary)
ForestGrave (Ukraine)
Forge (France)
Förgjord (Finland)
Forgot (Russia)
Forgotten Darkness (Germany)
Forgotten Land (United States)
Forgotten Tomb Black (Italy)
Forgotten Woods Black (Norway)
Forn Valdyrheim (Australia)
Fornost (Germany)
Forteresse (Canada)
Fortid Viking (Iceland)
Fortiis (Italy)
Fortis Natura (Czech Republic)
Fosch (Italy)
Foscor (Spain)
Freezing Night (Korea)
Freitodt (Germany)
From Forgotten Being (Mexico)
Front Beast (Germany)
Frost (United Kingdom)
Frost (Canada)
Frosthardr (Norway)
Frostkrieg (Germany)
Frostmoon Eclipse (Italy)
Frostskogr (Norway)
Frozen Dawn (Spain)
Frozen Death (Germany)
Frozen Moon (China)
Frozen Ocean (Russia)
Frozen Shadows (Canada)
Frozen Winds Cyprus
Frozenthia Depresis (France)
Frykt (Hungary)
Fuck Off and Die! (Lithuania)
Fukpig (United Kingdom)
Fulgurum (Poland)
Funera (Canada)
Funeraille (France)
Funeral Dust (United States)
Funeral Eclipse (United States)
Funeral Elegy (Japan)
Funeral Fog (Canada)
Funeral Forest (France)
Funeral Fornication (Canada)
Funeral Goat (Netherlands)
Funeral Mist (Sweden)
Funeral Moonlight Syria
Funeral Mourning Black (Australia)
Funeral Mystic(El Salvador)
Funeral Nightmare (Malaysia)
Funeral Oration (Italy)
Funeral Procession (Germany)
Funeral Rip (France)
Funeral Rites (Japan)
Funeral Veil (Italy)
Funeral War (France)
Funeral Winds (Netherlands)
Funerarium (Luxembourg)
Funerary Bell (Finland)
Funereal Moon (Mexico)
Funereal Presence (United States)
Funereus (Mexico)
Funestia (France)
Furia (Poland)
Furze (Norway)
Fyrdsman (United Kingdom)

Black metal bands: G

G.U.T. Electronica (Norway)
Gadereel (Chile)
Galgeras (Netherlands)
Gallagoth (United States)
Gallhammer Black (Japan)
Garden of Grief (Austria)
Gargara (Hungary)
Gehenna (Norway)
Geimhre (Canada)
Ge?st (Germany)
Gemini (Italy)
Genocide (Germany)
Genocide Kommando (France)
Gergovia (France)
Gestapo 666 (France)
Ghamorean Death (Sweden)
Ghast (United Kingdom)
Ghäst Drone (Canada)
Ghost Kommando (Switzerland)
Ghostrider (Italy)
Gladsheim (France)
Glaurung (Slovakia)
Gloomy Embody Abysmal (France)
Gloomy Grim (Finland)
Gloria Diaboli (Canada)
Glorior Belli (France)
Gnaw Their Tongues Noise (Netherlands)
Gnome (Japan)
Goat Evil (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Goat Ov Hell Black (Germany)
Goat Perversör (Belgium)
Goat Sacrificer (Italy)
Goat Synagogue (Greece)
Goat Thron (Poland)
Goatchrist666 (Thailand)
Goatfago (Denmark)
Goatholocaust (Belgium)
Goatmoon (Finland)
Goatoimpurity (Chile)
GoatPenis (Brazil)
Goats of Doom (Finland)
Goatwhore (United States)
God Dethroned (Netherlands)
Godkiller Electronic Monaco
Godless Cruelty (Germany)
Godless North (Canada)
Godslaying Hellblast (Turkey)
Goetia (Poland)
Gohr Al Krohn (France)
Gorath (Belgium)
Gorgoroth (Norway)
Gormantatinus (Korea)
Gort (Hungary)
Gorthaur’s Wrath (Croatia)
Gorugoth (Italy)
Gosforth (Italy)
Gospel of the Horns (Australia)
Gottlos (Greece)
Gower (United States)
Grab (Greece)
Grabak (Germany)
Grabfinsternis (Germany)
Grabnebelfursten (Norway)
Gräfenstein (Germany)
Grafvolluth (United States)
Grand Belial’s Key (United States)
Grand Demise of Civilization (United States)
Grauen Pestanz (United States)
Graupel (Germany)
Gravdal (Norway)
Grave Desecrator (Brazil)
Grave Malefice (Chile)
Gravehill (United States)
Graven (Germany)
Gravenveld IX (Netherlands)
Gravsorg (Denmark)
Great Vast Forest (Norway)
Grenade (Australia)
Grey (France)
Grief Of Emerald (Sweden)
Grigori (New Zealand)
Grim Landscape (France)
Grima Morstua (Argentina)
Grimfaug (Belgium)
Grimlair (France)
Grimm (Norway)
Grimne (Norway)
Grimness (Italy)
Grimnisse (Norway)
Grimuack (Spain)
Grimwald with Elements (Italy)
Gris (Canada)
Grom (Russia)
Gromkult (United States)
Grond (Germany)
Gronde (France)
Grondhaat (Czech Republic)
Grotesque Death (Sweden)
Guerra Total Speed (Colombia)
Guillotine Syria
Gurut (United States)

Black metal bands: H

H.E.W.D.A.T. (Russia)
Hades (Norway)
Hades Almighty (Norway)
Hades Archer (Chile)
Haeiresis (Lithuania)
Haemoth (France)
Haereticus (France)
Hagal (Germany)
Hagl (Russia)
Hak-Ed Damm (Canada)
Hakenkreuz Nocturna (Italy)
Halla (Iran)
Hammer (Finland)
Hämys (Finland)
Hanging Garden (United States)
Happy Days (United States)
Haradwaith (Germany)
Hargonath (Brazil)
Haron (Bulgaria)
Harvest (Australia)
Harvist (United States)
Hasserben (France)
Hasskrieg with Acoustic (Switzerland)
Hat (Norway)
Hate Death with influences (Poland)
Hate Forest (Ukraine)
Hate Profile (Italy)
Hate Them All (Poland)
Hatecraft (Italy)
Hatestorm (Russia)
Hathor Romania
Havoc Unit Meta (Finland)
Havohej (United States)
Hawkmoon (France)
Hayras (France)
Hazeroth (Brazil)
Heathens (South Africa)
Hecatombe Drone (France)
Hegemon (France)
Heidenwelt (France)
Heimdalls Horn (Australia)
Heimdalls Wacht (Germany)
Heirdrain (Canada)
Hekatomb (Portugal)
Helcaraxe (Argentina)
Helheim (Norway)
Hell Gods (Indonesia)
Hell Icon (Netherlands)
Hell Militia (France)
Hell poemer (Greece)
Hellacaust (Canada)
Hellhammer (Switzerland)
Hellsaw (Austria)
Hellstorm (Malaysia)
Hellvetron (United States)
Helrunar (Germany)
Helvetespine (Norway)
Hemnur (Norway)
Heresi (Sweden)
Heresiarch (New Zealand)
Heresiarh (Latvia)
Heretic (Netherlands)
Heretoir (Germany)
Hes(Peru)s Dimension (Poland)
Hetroertzen (Chile)
Hex Nihilo (France)
Hic Iacet (Spain)
Hidden (United States)
Hidden in the Fog (Germany)
Hiems (Italy)
Hilderog (Iceland)
Hills of Sefiroth (United States)
Hinsidig (Norway)
Hirilorn (France)
Hirpus (Italy)
Hiver Noir (France)
Holdaar (Russia)
Höllenpoetik (Germany)
Holmgang (Denmark)
Holocaustia (Sweden)
Holy Cannibalism Death (United States)
Holy Death (Poland)
Holy Mary’s Blowjob (Mexico)
Honos Aquilae (France)
Horde Of Hel (Sweden)
Hordes of Hate (United States)
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse (United States)
Horizon’s Opening (Germany)
Horn (Germany)
Horna (Finland)
Horncrowned (Colombia)
Horned Almighty (Denmark)
Höstkänslor (Peru)
Howling Pain (Chile)
Hrafnbló? (United Kingdom)
Hrizg (Spain)
Hromovlad (Slovakia)
Huldrefolk (Belgium)
Humble Ontology (Korea)
Hurusoma (Japan)
Hymir Death (Netherlands)
Hymn of Furry Scream (Indonesia)
Hyperborean Desire (Czech Republic)
Hyperial (Poland)
Hypomanie (Netherlands)
Hypothermia (Sweden)
H?resiarchs of Dis (United States)

Black metal bands: I

I Heavy (Norway)
I Shalt Become (United States)
I’m in a Coffin (United States)
IC Rex (Finland)
Icedhead (Belgium)
Iconoclasm (Belgium)
Idisenfluch (Germany)
Idolater (United States)
Ikuinen Kaamos Progressive Death (Finland)
Ildhur (Mexico)
Ildjarn (Norway)
Ildra (United Kingdom)
Ilkim Oulanem (Turkey)
Illuminati (El Salvador)
Imminence (Germany)
Immortal (Norway)
Immortal Remains (Germany)
Impaled Nazarene (Finland)
Imperial (El Salvador)
Imperial Crystalline Entombment (United States)
Imperial Vengeance (United Kingdom)
Imperium Dekadenz (Germany)
Impious Havoc (Finland)
Imprecation (United States)
Impure Domain (Italy)
In Aeternum (Sweden)
In Memorium (United States)
In My Shiver (Italy)
In Staid Grace (United States)
In tha Umbra (Portugal)
Incest (France)
Incriminated (Finland)
IneartheD (Finland)
Infaust (Germany)
Infected blood (Greece)
Infektion (Australia)
Infer (Slovakia)
Inferi (Finland)
Infernal (Colombia)
Infernal (Sweden)
Infernal Holocaust (Brazil)
Infernal Nature (Israel)
Infernal Regency (Germany)
Infernal War (Poland)
Inferno (Czech Republic)
Infernum (Poland)
Infernum (Poland)
Infernus (United States)
Infestus (Germany)
Infinitas (Germany)
Infinite Hatred (Korea)
Infinity (Netherlands)
Infuneral (Sweden)
Inhuman Hate (Germany)
Inkisitor (France)
Inmortus (Russia)
Inpestae (France)
Inquisition (Colombia)
Inquisitor (Lithuania)
Insect (Canada)
Insepulto (Chile)
Insidious Disease (Norway)
Insidious Omen (Canada)
Instinct (United Kingdom)
Insulters (Spain)
InThyFlesh (Portugal)
Into Dagorlad (France)
Introversion (Switzerland)
Inward Escape (Australia)
Irae (Portugal)
Irrlycht (Germany)
Isacaarum (Czech Republic)
Isarnheimr (Norway)
Iseghaal (Austria)
Iskra Crust (Canada)
Isolation (Germany)
Isolfur (Germany)
It (Canada)
Ithdabquth Qliphoth (Russia)
Ives (United States)
Ixion’s Wheel Epic (France)
IXXI (Sweden)
Izund (Egypt)

Black metal bands: J

Jabbar (Iran)
Jahiliyyah (Bangladesh)
Jahresringe (Germany)
Janaza Iraq
Janvs (Italy)
Jazigo (Portugal)
Jormundgand (Sweden)
Jotunn (United States)
Joyless (Norway)
Judas Iscariot (United States)
Jumalhämärä (Finland)

Black metal bands: K

Kabalah (Russia)
Kadotus (Finland)
Kaiserreich (Italy)
Kajaja Force-tek (United States)
Kalot Enbolot (Poland)
Kalpa (Korea)
Kältetod (Germany)
Kambing (Philippines)
Kaoteon (Lebanon)
Kapein (Germany)
Karna (Russia)
Karst (Hungary)
Kartikeya (Russia)
Kata Sarka (United States)
Kataxu (Poland)
Kathaaria (Germany)
Kathaarsys (Spain)
Katharsis (Germany)
Kawir (Greece)
Kay Pacha (Peru)
Kerasphorus (United States)
Kerker (Germany)
Ketzer (Germany)
Khaos Aeon (Germany)
Khaos Order (Mexico)
Khariot (Australia)
Kherow (Malaysia)
Khold (Norway)
Khors (Ukraine)
Kilatus Barbaricult (Malaysia)
Killgasm (United States)
Kilte (Belgium)
Kinstrife (Australia)
Kirkkopalovaroitus (Finland)
Kladovest (Ukraine)
Klage (Germany)
Kliwon (Indonesia)
Kludde (Belgium)
Kneel Before Me (United States)
Koester (Belgium)
Kolac (Serbia)
Koldbrann (Norway)
Korium (Slovakia)
Korova (Austria)
Korovakill (Austria)
Kosa (Ukraine)
Kosmokrater (United States)
Kraden (Germany)
Krallice (United States)
Krater (Germany)
Krattera Death (Brazil)
Kreation Kodex (Slovenia)
Kreuzweg Ost (Austria)
Krieg (United States)
Krohm (United States)
Krv (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Krvavá Práce (Czech Republic)
Krypt (Norway)
Krypthall (Mexico)
Kult (Italy)
Kult ov Azazel (United States)
Kvasta (United States)
Kvelertak (Norway)
Kvell (Korea)
Kvist (Norway)
Kyprian’s Circle (Finland)
Kythrone (Chile)

Black metal bands: L

L’Ombre du Saccage (France)
Labatut (Brazil)
Lacrimae Mortalium (Canada)
Lamentos Ancestrales (El Salvador)
Lamentu (Italy)
Lance of Longinus (United States)
Langsuyr (Malaysia)
Lantern (Finland)
Lantlôs (Germany)
Lapageria Rosea (Chile)
Lapida (Ecuador)
Lapis Niger (Italy)
Lascowiec (United States)
Lash (Russia)
Lathspell (Finland)
LatroDectus (France)
Legio Mortis (Germany)
Legion Of Darkness (Italy)
Legion of Doom (Greece)
Legiones (Norway)
Legions of Astaroth (United States)
Legionz ov Hell Speedcore (Sweden)
Leichenbrand (Germany)
Leichengott (Poland)
Lengsel (Norway)
Lenhador (Brazil)
Leper Lord (United States)
Les Fleurs du Mal (Austria)
Les Fleurs du Mal (Germany)
Leucosis (United States)
Leukaemia (China)
Leviathan (United States)
Leviathan (Sweden)
Líam Shoegaze (Germany)
Liar Liar Cross on Fire (Netherlands)
Liar of Golgotha (Netherlands)
Licht Erlischt… Funeral Doom (Germany)
Lidande (United States)
Life Illusion (Sweden)
Life is Pain (Czech Republic)
Lifelover (Sweden)
Ligf?rd (Denmark)
Lihosvet (Russia)
LIK (Sweden)
Lilyum (Italy)
Lindisfarne (Russia)
Liturgy (United States)
Livercage (Canada)
Livor Mortis (Belgium)
Livsnekad (Sweden)
Lj? (Norway)
Lobotomy (United Kingdom)
Locus Mortis (Italy)
Lömska Planer (Sweden)
Lonely Weeping Moon (United Kingdom)
Lord (France)
Lord Belial (Sweden)
Lord Foul (United States)
Lord Foul (Brazil)
Lord Themgoroth (France)
Lorde Of All Desires (United States)
Lorn (Italy)
Lost in the Shadows (Mexico)
Lost Life (Germany)
Love Lies Bleeding (France)
Lucera (Colombia)
Luci Tristis (France)
Lucifugum (Ukraine)
Ludicra (United States)
Lugburz (Poland)
Luger (France)
Luggaldimerankia (United Kingdom)
Lugubrum (Belgium)
Luna Field (Germany)
Lunar Aurora (Germany)
Lunaris (Norway)
Lurker of Chalice (United States)
Luror (Germany)
Lustre (Sweden)
Lutemkrat (Brazil)
Lutomysl (Ukraine)
Lux Ferre Fast (Portugal)
Lux Inferium (Brazil)
Lux Maesta (Italy)
Lycanthropy (Russia)
Lycanthropy’s Spell (Belgium)
Lych (Canada)
Lykankult (United Kingdom)
Lykauges (Greece)
Lyrinx (United Kingdom)
Lyrthas (United States)
Lys (United States)

Black metal bands: M

Macabre Manifest (Brazil)
Macabre Omen (Greece)
Mactätus (Norway)
Magane (Japan)
Magog (Germany)
Majestic Horns (United States)
Malcuidant (France)
Maldoror (Italy)
Male Misandria (Italy)
Malediction (France)
Maledictvs (Mexico)
Malefic Mist (Italy)
Maleficarum Incestum (El Salvador)
Maleficia (Finland)
Maleventum (Colombia)
Malevolentia (France)
Malfeitor (Norway)
Malfeitor (Italy)
Malicious Secrets (France)
Malignant Wizard (El Salvador)
Malleus (Portugal)
Malleus Maleficarum (France)
Malmort (France)
Malsain (Norway)
Malus (Germany)
Malus Peior Pessimus Corvus (United Kingdom)
Mamaleek (United States)
Managarm (United States)
Manatark (Estonia)
Manetheren (United States)
Mania (United States)
Maniac Butcher (Czech Republic)
Manierisme (Japan)
Manzer (France)
Mara Drone (United States)
Marblebog (Hungary)
Mardröm (Germany)
Marduk (Sweden)
Mare (Norway)
Mareritt (Norway)
Margg (Iran)
Marks of the Masochist (United States)
Marnamai (Netherlands)
Martyrium (Germany)
Masochist (United States)
Masokismi (Finland)
Massemord (Poland)
Massemord (Norway)
Massenmord (Switzerland)
Master’s Hammer (Czech Republic)
Masteriis (Norway)
Mastiphal (Poland)
Matar (Finland)
Mathyr (Germany)
Matricide (Sweden)
Mayhem (Norway)
Me(China) (United States)
Medico Peste (Poland)
Medievil (Belarus)
Medo (Portugal)
Megiddo (Canada)
Mehemeloth Noise (Netherlands)
Melencolia Estatica (Italy)
Menace Ruine Drone (Canada)
Menschenbrand (Germany)
Mental Transformation (Finland)
Merciless Crucifixion (Greece)
Mercyful Fate (Denmark)
Merrimack (France)
Mescalin Massacre (Germany)
Mezzerschmitt ized (Norway)
Mg-34 (Malaysia)
Mgla (Poland)
Mictlantecuhtli (United States)
Midnight Funeral (United States)
Midnight Odyssey (Australia)
Midvinter (Sweden)
Midwinter (China)
Midwinter (Germany)
Mind Asylum (France)
Mindpath Progressive (Chile)
Mirk (Australia)
Mirkwood (United States)
Mirrorthrone (Switzerland)
Misanthrop (Germany)
Misanthrope (Colombia)
Misanthropic (Brazil)
Misanthropic Art (Russia)
Misanthropic Nihilist (Luxembourg)
Misantropical Painforest (Finland)
Misere Nobis (Canada)
Misteltein (Sweden)
Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra (Ukraine)
Moat (United States)
Mock (Norway)
Moloch (Ukraine)
Monarchia Daemonium (France)
Monarque (Canada)
Mondstille (Austria)
Mons Veneris (Portugal)
Moon (Poland)
Moonblood (Germany)
Moonreich (France)
Moontower (Poland)
Morbid Darkness (Canada)
Morbid Fate (Chile)
Morbosidad (United States)
Mord (Norway)
Mord (United States)
Mord’A’Stigmata (Poland)
Moredhel (Germany)
Morgart (Switzerland)
Morgenroede (Norway)
Morgoth Gates (Spain)
Morgul (Norway)
Moribund Oblivion (Turkey)
Mork Gryning (Sweden)
Morkhgrat (Philippines)
Morkr (Poland)
Mormânt de Snagov (Finland)
Morose (United Kingdom)
Morowe (Poland)
Mort (Germany)
Mortal Intention (Germany)
Morte Incandescente (Portugal)
Morthirim (Sweden)
Morthond (United States)
Mortifera (France)
Morttus (Panama)
Mortualia (Finland)
Mortuary Drape (Italy)
Mortuus (Sweden)
Mortuus Infradaemoni (Germany)
Mountain Grave (United States)
Mourning Dawn (France)
Mourning Forest (France)
Movimento d’Avanguardia Ermetico (Italy)
Mrtva Gosa (Slovenia)
Muinainen Ruhtinas (Finland)
Mundzuk (France)
Murder Rape (Brazil)
Murmur (United States)
Murmuüre (France)
Music Distroyer (United States)
Mussorgski (Poland)
Must Missa (Estonia)
Musta Kappeli (Finland)
Musta Myytti (Finland)
Musta Surma (Finland)
Mustan Kuun Lapset (Finland)
Mütiilation (France)
Mutilation Rites (United States)
My Dark Sin (Italy)
Myhrding (Sweden)
Myrk (Iceland)
Myrkr (Ireland)
Myrkskog (Norway)
Myrkwid (Germany)
Myrrdin (United Kingdom)
Mysteries (Poland)
Mysterium Tremendum (United States)
Mystic Forest (France)
Mysticism (United States)
Mysticum (Norway)
Mystifier (Brazil)
Mythos (Finland)
M?rkriket (Germany)

Black metal bands: N

N.K.V.D. (France)
N.M.E. (United States)
Naastrand (Mexico)
Nabaath (Russia)
Naburus (Poland)
Nachtgeblüt (Argentina)
Nachtmerrie (Netherlands)
Nachts (Germany)
Nadiwrath (Greece)
Nae’blis (Sweden)
Naer Mataron (Greece)
Nagelfar (Germany)
Nahar (France)
Nahash (Lithuania)
Nahemoth (Greece)
Naked Whipper (Germany)
Napalm (France)
Narath (Russia)
Nargaroth (Germany)
Nasheim (Sweden)
N?strond (Sweden)
Nattefrost (Norway)
N?tts?l (Norway)
Nattvarg (France)
Natus Deprosis (France)
Nav’ (Russia)
Nazarene Decomposing (Germany)
Nazgul (Spain)
Nazxul (Australia)
Ne Obliviscaris (Australia)
Near (Italy)
Nebelgrab (Germany)
Nebelkrieg (Germany)
Nebiros (Colombia)
Nebron (Hungary)
Nechist (Russia)
Necktarium (Pakistan)
Necramyth (Korea)
Necrite Drone (United States)
Necroblood (France)
Necrodeath (Italy)
Necroholocaust (Canada)
Necromanteion (South Africa)
Necromantia (Greece)
Necromass (Italy)
Necromorph (Germany)
Necronoclast (United Kingdom)
Necros Christos (Germany)
Necroshine (Italy)
Necrosia Delectus (France)
Necrostorm (Netherlands)
Necrostrigis (Poland)
Nefandus (Sweden)
Nefarious Azarak (Malaysia)
Nefarium (Italy)
Nefastus (Slovakia)
Nefastus Dies (Canada)
Neftaraka (Malaysia)
Negathor (Poland)
Negative Plane (United States)
Negativity (Italy)
Negator (Germany)
Nehëmah (France)
Neige et Noirceur (Canada)
Neige Morte (France)
Nekrasov (Australia)
Nekro Khaos (France)
Nekrofrost (United States)
Nekroholocaust (United States)
Nekrokaos (France)
Nekrokrist SS (Finland)
Nemesis Ocvlta (Mexico)
Neo Inferno 262 (France)
Nergal (Greece)
Netherkin (Australia)
Nethescerial (Greece)
Nettlecarrier (Norway)
Nevaloth (Slovakia)
Nevelrijk (Netherlands)
Nexwomb (United States)
Niden Div. 187 (Sweden)
Nidingr (Norway)
Nifelheim (Sweden)
Niflheim (Canada)
Niflheim (Australia)
Night Conquers Day (United States)
Night Witchcraft (Brazil)
Nightbringer (United States)
Nightforest (Austria)
Nihil Nocturne (Germany)
Nihilistic Kaos (France)
Nihill (Netherlands)
Nihilum (Portugal)
Ninnixu (United States)
Ninnuam (Sweden)
Njiqahdda (United States)
No Hand Path (Greece)
Nocra (Russia)
Nocte Obducta (Germany)
Noctem (Spain)
Noctem Cursis (France)
Nocternity (Greece)
Noctiferum (Austria)
Noctum (Ecuador)
Nocturnal (Germany)
Nocturnal Blood (United States)
Nocturnal Breed (Norway)
Nocturnal Damnation (Korea)
Nocturnal Depression (France)
Nocturnal Feelings (Colombia)
Nocturnal Graves (Australia)
Nocturnal Hell (Spain)
Nocturno Culto (Brazil)
Nocturnus Suicide (United States)
Noir Macabre (Australia)
Noitébrega (Spain)
Noktiis Eterna (France)
Nokturnal Forest Syria
Nokturnal Holocaust (Mexico)
Nokturne (United States)
Nontinuum (Australia)
Nordafrost (Germany)
Nordheim (Italy)
Nordicwinter (Canada)
Nordlicht (Switzerland)
Nordreich (Germany)
Nordvrede (Norway)
North (Russia)
Northern Fog (United States)
Northern Terror (United Kingdom)
Nortt (Denmark)
Nosferatu (Colombia)
Nosophoros (Germany)
Nosvrolok (United States)
Nox Hibernus (Norway)
Nox Illunis (Italy)
Nox Inferi (Australia)
Nuclear Desecration (United States)
Nuclear Winter (Australia)
Nuit Noire (France)
Nuklearenpest (United States)
Nutr (Egypt)
Nyktalgia (Germany)
Nyseius (France)

Black metal bands: O

O (Italy)
Oaks of Bethel (United States)
Obitus (Sweden)
Obscura Monotonia Animae (Italy)
Obscuration (Norway)
Obscure Anachronism (Austria)
Obscure Lupine Quietus (United Kingdom)
Obscuro (Sweden)
Obscurus Advocam (France)
Occult (Netherlands)
Occultus (France)
Octagon (United States)
October Flame (United States)
Ocultan (Brazil)
Ocultus Sathanas (Brazil)
Oculus (Chile)
Odem Arcarum (Germany)
Odious (Egypt)
Odium (Norway)
Ofermod (Sweden)
Offerings (Iceland)
Ofryskje (Norway)
Ogen (Italy)
Ogmios (France)
Ohtar (Poland)
Oizys (Australia)
Olc Sinnsir (France)
Old Blood (Spain)
Old Bones (Sweden)
Old Forest (United Kingdom)
Old Goat (United States)
Old Ritual (Italy)
Old Wainds (Russia)
Omen (Malaysia)
Omen of Death (United States)
Omitir (Portugal)
Ondskapt (Sweden)
One Master (United States)
One Tail (Norway)
Onheil (Netherlands)
Onirik (Portugal)
oOo (France)
Opera Ix (Italy)
Ophiuchus (United States)
Ophthalamia (Sweden)
Opium Warlords (Finland)
Orakle (France)
Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)
Orcivus (Sweden)
Orcustus (Norway)
Order From Chaos (United States)
Order of Ennead (United States)
Order of the Ebon Hand (Greece)
Ordo Infandorum Rituum Occultus (Switzerland)
Ordog (Colombia)
Oremus (Poland)
Orenda (Bulgaria)
Organium (Belgium)
Original Sin (China)
Orisha Shakpana (Jamaica)
Orlog (Germany)
Ornias (Sweden)
Orthanc (France)
Osculum Infame (France)
Osculum Obscenum (Brazil)
Osirion (France)
Ossein (United States)
Otargos (France)
Ouija (Spain)
Ov Dust (United States)
Ov Hell (Norway)
Ov Hollowness (Canada)
Oxymor (France)

Black metal bands: P

Pagan (Turkey)
Pagan Fire (Poland)
Pagan Hammer (United States)
Pagan Hellfire (Canada)
Pagan Rites (Sweden)
Pagan Winter (Germany)
Palace of Worms (United States)
Pale Chalice (United States)
Panchrysia (Belgium)
Panopticon (United States)
Pantheon I (Norway)
Panzerkreutz (Germany)
Paragon Belial (Germany)
Paragon Impure (Belgium)
Paroxsihzem Black (Canada)
Partakrist (Finland)
Path of the Nocturnal Silence (Germany)
Patria (Brazil)
Paysage d’Hiver (Switzerland)
Pensées Nocturnes (France)
Perception of Darkness (Sweden)
Perdition (United States)
Perdition (Poland)
Perditor (Netherlands)
Pergal? (Lithuania)
Perisynti (Finland)
Persecutor (Poland)
Persefone (Colombia)
Perverse Monastyr (Bulgaria)
Perversor (Chile)
Pest (Germany)
Pest (Finland)
Pest (Sweden)
Peste Noire (France)
Pesticum (Spain)
Pestil?ncia (Portugal)
Pestilent Grave (United Kingdom)
Pestilent Screams (Germany)
Pestilentia (Belarus)
Pestilential Shadows (Australia)
Pestis (Germany)
Pestkult (Germany)
Pestnebel (Germany)
Phlegein (Finland)
Physiology Of Darkness (France)
Pilgrimage (Slovakia)
Pillager (United States)
Plaag Black’n Roll (Belgium)
Plaguebearer (Australia)
Plaguebringer (Thailand)
Plagued (Ireland)
Pogost (Russia)
Portal (Australia)
Postumo Lumbre (Now) (Chile)
Potentiam (Iceland)
Praeter Hominem (France)
Prayer of the Dying Malta
Preludium (Poland)
Prevalent Resistance (Finland)
Primigenium (Spain)
Primitive Graven Image (United Kingdom)
Procer Veneficus Dark Ac (United States)
Proclamation (Spain)
Profanatica (United States)
Profane Prayer (Greece)
Profanum (Poland)
Profundi (Sweden)
Profundis Tenebrarum (Spain)
Prognan (Croatia)
Promiscuity (Israel)
Prorok (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Prosanctus Inferi (United States)
Psalm (Belgium)
Pseudopaean (United States)
Psykra (Germany)
Purification Kommando (Denmark)
Puritas Virginum (France)
Putamen Insula (Canada)
Putrid (Peru)
Pyre (United States)

Black metal bands: Q

Qrujhuk (Korea)
Quintessence (France)

Black metal bands: R

Raate (Finland)
Rabenholz (Germany)
Ragnarok (Norway)
Ragnor (Spain)
Raise Hell (Sweden)
Rakshasa (Australia)
Raping Corpse to Sacrifice the Moon (China)
Raspberry Bulbs (United States)
Ravagar (Netherlands)
Raven Woods (Turkey)
Ravenclaw (Germany)
Ravencult (Greece)
Raventale (Ukraine)
Ravnesort (Denmark)
Razor of Occam (Australia)
Realm of Carnivora (Estonia)
Rebirth of Nefast (Germany)
Redeemer (United Kingdom)
Reencarnación (Colombia)
Regnum Umbra Ignis (Brazil)
Reign in Blood (Germany)
Reign Of Erebus (United Kingdom)
Religion Malediction (Thailand)
Resurrection (United States)
Retaliation (United States)
Rev 16:8 (Sweden)
Reveal (Sweden)
Revenge (Greece)
Revenge (Canada)
Reverence (France)
R?x Mündi (France)
Rhuith (Italy)
Riddle of Meander (Greece)
Ride at Dawn (Canada)
Ride for Revenge (Finland)
Rigid Horns (Finland)
Rimfrost (Sweden)
Rites of thy Degringolade (Canada)
Ritual (United States)
Riwayat (Malaysia)
Rodent Epoch (Finland)
Root (Czech Republic)
Rotten Funeral (United States)
Rotting Christ (Greece)
Rotting Heaven (Russia)
Rudra (Singapore)
Ruina (Ukraine)
Ruined Dark (Korea)
Ruines ov Abaddon (United States)
Ruins (Australia)
Runenblut (Germany)
Rutonkantaja (Finland)
Rutthna (Sweden)

Black metal bands: S

S.U.N.D.S. (Portugal)
S4R (United Kingdom)
Sabbat (Japan)
Sacrificia Mortuorum (France)
Sacrilegious Impalement (Finland)
Sacrilegious Rite (Germany)
Sacrilegium (Mexico)
Sacrilego (Mexico)
Sad (Greece)
Sadomator (Denmark)
Sael (France)
Sagaris (Turkey)
Saggoth (Canada)
Saktism (Malaysia)
Salacious Gods (Netherlands)
Sale Freux (France)
Saltus (Poland)
Salvation666 (Germany)
Samartary (Malaysia)
Sammath (Netherlands)
Sanguine Pluit (Italy)
Sanguinis (Colombia)
Saol (United Kingdom)
Sapfhier (Sweden)
Sapthuran (United States)
Sarath (Norway)
Sarcófago (Brazil)
Sarcueil (France)
Sargeist (Finland)
Sarke (Norway)
Sarkom (Norway)
Saros (United States)
Sarvari (Greece)
Satan’s Host (United States)
Satanachia (Colombia)
Satani Infernalis (United States)
Satanic Corpse (United States)
Satanic Forest (Brazil)
Satanic Funeral (United States)
Satanic Slaughter (Sweden)
Satanic Warmaster (Finland)
Satanicum Tenebrae (France)
Satanize (Portugal)
Satanochio (Romania)
Satanvolk (United States)
Satyricon (Norway)
Satyros (Germany)
Sauron (Netherlands)
Scarcross (Germany)
Schizo (Italy)
Schlaflos (Germany)
Schmerz (Germany)
Scorched (Sweden)
Screaming Forest (Ukraine)
Screaming Savior (China)
Scum (Norway)
Scurshahor (Australia)
Sear Bliss (Hungary)
Seasonal Code (United Kingdom)
Secrets of the Moon (Germany)
Secrets She Kept (United States)
Sect (Russia)
Seelenfrost (Germany)
Seelengreif (Germany)
Seges Findere (Brazil)
Seigneur Voland (France)
Selbstentleibung (Austria)
Self-Inflicted Violence (United Kingdom)
Selvhat (Norway)
Selvmorrd (Germany)
Semai (Czech Republic)
Semargl (Ukraine)
Sentimen Beltza (Spain)
Septrion (Mexico)
Sepulchral Cries (Denmark)
Sepulchre DeathCrust (Canada)
Serpent Hordes (El Salvador)
Servile Sect (United States)
Seta-Kliv (Germany)
Seth (France)
Setherial (Sweden)
Sethery (Finland)
Sevends (Austria)
Seviss (France)
Sex Messiah (Japan)
Sezarbil (Czech Republic)
Sghor (Poland)
Shadows Ground (Ukraine)
Shaidar Logoth (United States)
Shamanic Rites (Malaysia)
Shayol Ghul (United States)
She Said Destroy (Norway)
Shemhamforash (Poland)
Shining (Sweden)
Shivan (Italy)
Sholfrost (United States)
Shores of Sheol (Austria)
Shrapnel (Poland)
Shrapnel (Australia)
Shroud of Despondency (United States)
Siculicidium (Romania)
Sieghetnar (Germany)
Sierpe (Guatemala)
Sigh (Japan)
Sign of Evil (Italy)
Signum: Karg (Germany)
Silberbach (Germany)
Silence Of The Old Man (Chile)
Silencer (Sweden)
Silent Kingdom (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Silent Leges Inter Arma (Germany)
Silva Nigra (Czech Republic)
Simple Existenz (Germany)
Sinlust (France)
Sjodogg (Norway)
Skagos (Canada)
Skald (Korea)
Skaldic Curse (United Kingdom)
Skaur (Norway)
Skeletal Augury (China)
Skeletonwitch (United States)
Skiltron N.V.101 (Greece)
Skitliv (Norway)
Skogen (Poland)
Skogen (Sweden)
Skuldom New Zealand
Skymning (Sweden)
Slagmaur (Norway)
Slaktare (Germany)
Slaughter Lord (Australia)
Sleeping Peonies (United Kingdom)
Smouldering in Forgotten (Bahrain)
Snotarar (Sweden)
Sodoma (Brazil)
Sodomahorde (Brazil)
Sodomizer (Brazil)
Solar Wisdom (Poland)
Solefald (Norway)
Sombre Présage (France)
Sombres Forets (Canada)
Someone Walking on My Grave (France)
Somnolence (United States)
Sorcier Des Glaces (Canada)
Sorgeldom (Sweden)
Sorhin (Sweden)
Sorrow and Tears (Hungary)
Sorrows (United States)
Sort Vokter (Norway)
Sorts (Estonia)
Sothis (United States)
Soufferance (Canada)
Spazmosity (Sweden)
Spearhead (United Kingdom)
Spectral Lore (Greece)
Speirling (United Kingdom)
Spektr (France)
Spell Forest (Brazil)
Spetälsk (Sweden)
Spirit of the Forest (Canada)
Spiritus (United Kingdom)
Spiritus Tenebrae (United States)
Spite Extreme Wing (Italy)
Spüolus (Hungary)
Srodek (Sweden)
Stalaggh (Netherlands)
Stary Las (Poland)
Sterbenzeit (Italy)
Stigma Diabolicum (Norway)
Stillborn Black (Poland)
Stillhet (Norway)
Stíny Plamen? (Czech Republic)
Stonecrypt (Serbia)
Storm of Darkness (Colombia)
StormFrost (Italy)
Storming Darkness (Russia)
Stormlord (Italy)
Stormnatt (Austria)
Storsjön (Hungary)
Stortregn (Switzerland)
Strandhogg (Poland)
Streben (Italy)
Striborg (Australia)
Strid (Norway)
Striid (Netherlands)
Strychnos (Denmark)
Sturm (United Kingdom)
Sturmgeist (Norway)
Stutthof (Greece)
Styggelse (Sweden)
Styggmyr (Norway)
Stykkmord (Sweden)
Suamanuceadere (Switzerland)
Suavitas Imbris (Italy)
Subvertio Deus (United Kingdom)
Suffering (Norway)
Sui Caedere (Canada)
Suicidal Winds (Sweden)
Suicidemption (Slovakia)
Sulphur (Norway)
Sum Rize (Japan)
Sumeria (United States)
Summoning Epic (Austria)
Summoning Buer (United States)
Sun Devoured Earth (Latvia)
Sun of the Sleepless (Germany)
Sunoi (Korea)
Sunwheel (Poland)
Superior Enlightenment (Canada)
Superior Rage (Italy)
Surrender of Divinity (Thailand)
Surt (Slovakia)
Susperia (Norway)
Susvourtre (France)
Sutekh Hexen (United States)
Svart (Sweden)
Svart Crown (France)
Svart Hat (France)
Svartahrid (Norway)
Svartalvs (Germany)
Svartfell (France)
Svarti Loghin (Sweden)
Svartkraft (Finland)
Svartnad (Sweden)
Svartnar (Sweden)
Svartpest (Norway)
Svartrit (Sweden)
Svartsyn (Sweden)
Svartthron (Lithuania)
Svarttjern (Norway)
Svartur Dodur (Sweden)
Svest (France)
Svetovid (Canada)
Svikt (Norway)
Swine (United Kingdom)
Swordmaster (Sweden)
Sworn (Armenia)
Sylvan Realm (United States)
Sylvus (Canada)
Synnöve (Australia)
Syphilitic Vaginas (Japan)
Szron (Poland)

Black metal bands: T

Taabut (Iran)
Taake (Norway)
Taarma (Pakistan)
Tadnees (Saudi Arabia)
T?gefolket (Denmark)
Taigensis (Russia)
Tangaroa (United Kingdom)
Tantalos (Germany)
Tartaros (Norway)
Taú (Paraguay)
Tearstained (United States)
Teeth Gnashers (United States)
Teitanfyre (Russia)
Teloch (Finland)
Tempesta (Spain)
Temple Below (Chile)
Temple of Baal (France)
Temple of the Maggot (Spain)
Tenebrae in Perpetuum (Italy)
Tenebrare (France)
Tenebrosa Invidia (Russia)
Tenebrosus (Poland)
Teratism (United States)
Terdor (Netherlands)
Terem (Kazakhstan)
Terra Mortis (France)
Terra Tenebrosa (Sweden)
Terror Bleeding (Indonesia)
Terror by the Lake (United States)
Terror of the Trees (United States)
Terror Throne (United States)
Terrorama (Sweden)
Terzij de Horde (Netherlands)
Tha-Norr (Germany)
Thalarion Lati (Russia)
Thargos (Germany)
The Arrival of Satan (France)
The Austrasian Goat (France)
The Axis of Perdition (United Kingdom)
The Beast of the Apocalypse (Netherlands)
The Black (Sweden)
The Breathing (United States)
The Daemon Project (United States)
The Deviant (Norway)
The Elysian Fields (Greece)
The Esoteric Movement v6.660 (Portugal)
The Eternal Night (United States)
The Eternal Suffering (Greece)
The Everdawn (Sweden)
The Eye (France)
The Firstborn (Portugal)
The Foetal Mind (France)
The Funeral Pyre (United States)
The Great Infamy (Poland)
The Howling Wind (United States)
The Iniquity Descent (Finland)
The Last Knell (Chile)
The Last Twilight (Spain)
The Legion (Sweden)
The Meads of Asphodel (United Kingdom)
The Metaphor (China)
The Northern Ontario Preservation Society (Canada)
The One (Greece)
The Order of Apollyon (United Kingdom)
The River Runs (United States)
The Royal Arch Blaspheme (United States)
The Ruins Of Beverast (Germany)
The Sarcophagus (Turkey)
The Skaden (France)
The Stone (Serbia)
The Sun Came Up Upon The Left (United States)
The Temple of Azoth (Netherlands)
The True Frost (Germany)
The True Werwolf Death (Finland)
Thee Maldoror Kollective (Italy)
Theosophy (Russia)
Thesyre (Canada)
Thirst (Poland)
This White Mountain (United States)
Thokkian Vortex (United States)
Thorngoth (Germany)
Thornium (Sweden)
Thorns (Norway)
Thorns of Hate (Malaysia)
Thornspawn (United States)
Thorny Woods (Brazil)
Thou Art Lord (Greece)
Thou Shalt Fall (Belarus)
Thrall (Australia)
Thränenkind (Germany)
Thromdarr (Finland)
Throndt (Germany)
Throne Of Katarsis (Norway)
Throne of Malediction (United States)
Throne of Naya (Mexico)
Throneum (Poland)
Through the Pain (Germany)
Thule (Norway)
Thunderbolt (Poland)
Thurisaz Atmospheric Death (Belgium)
Thy Black Blood (Portugal)
Thy Disease (Poland)
Thy Funeral Judas (El Salvador)
Thy Legion (Malta)
Thy Primordial (Sweden)
Thy Serpent (Finland)
Thy Winter Kingdom (Italy)
Thyestean Feast (Finland)
Thyrane (Finland)
Thyruz (Norway)
Tidfall (Norway)
Tirefire (United States)
Tlacaelel (Mexico)
TOBC (Poland)
Todesfaust (United States)
Todeskult (Germany)
Todesrune (Germany)
Todessehnsucht (Germany)
Todesstoss (Germany)
Todessucht (Germany)
Todesweihe (Germany)
Todfeind (Germany)
Todtgelichter (Germany)
Toil (United States)
Tombs Atmospheric (United States)
Tomhet (Canada)
Tomhet (United States)
Torchbearer Death (Sweden)
Torgeist (France)
Tormentor (Hungary)
Törr Black (Czech Republic)
Torture Garden Death (United Kingdom)
Torturer (Ukraine)
Total Hate (Germany)
Toxic Holocaust (United States)
Trails of Anguish (Canada)
Trancelike Void (Belgium)
Transcending Bizarre? (Greece)
Trauer (Germany)
Träumend… (Germany)
Trelldom (Norway)
Trident (Sweden)
Trifixion (Austria)
Trimonium (Germany)
Triptykon (Switzerland)
Trist (Czech Republic)
Triste (United States)
Triste Sir (France)
Tristram (Sweden)
Tristwood (Austria)
Triumph (Brazil)
Trollech (Czech Republic)
Trollskogen (Austria)
Trörkrvisätänsrökrëh (France)
Truppensturm (Germany)
Tsatthoggua (Germany)
Tsjuder (Norway)
Tukaaria (United States)
Tulus (Norway)
Tuman (Hungary)
Tundra (Italy)
Tunes of Despair (Finland)
Turdus Merula (Sweden)
Twilight (United States)
Two Face Sinner Black (Peru)
Tyrann (Norway)
Tyrant (Sweden)
Tzelmoth (Colombia)
T?gefolket (Denmark)

Black metal bands: U

Udumbal (Belarus)
Ulfang (France)
Ulfhethnar (Argentina)
Ulvdalir (Russia)
Umbakrail (France)
Umbrtka (Czech Republic)
Unanimated (Sweden)
Unchrist (United States)
Uncreation’s Dawn (Finland)
Under That Spell (Germany)
Underdark (Ukraine)
Undivine (Sweden)
Unearthly (Brazil)
UnendlicheBlüt (Germany)
Ungod (Germany)
Ungodly Death (Malaysia)
Unhallowed (Austria)
Unheilvoll (Canada)
Unholy Archangel (Greece)
Unholy Cadaver (United States)
Unholy Crucifix (Norway)
Unholy Land (Italy)
Unholy Matrimony (Switzerland)
Unholyath (Ukraine)
Unhuman Disease (United States)
Unlight (Germany)
Unlight Dawn (Malaysia)
Unterwald (France)
Urfaust (Netherlands)
Urgehal (Norway)
Urheimat (Canada)
Urn (Finland)
Urna (Italy)
Urnarium (Hungary)
Urshurark (Italy)
Usurper (United States)
Utgard (Finland)
Utlagr (Canada)
Uvall (United States)

Black metal bands: V

V.A.C.K. (Canada)
V:28 (Norway)
Vaarherre (United States)
Vae Tertium (Germany)
Vagezaryavtre (France)
Vagrond (Australia)
Vahrzaw (Australia)
Valdur (United States)
Valfeanor (Austria)
Valgaldrar (Germany)
Valhalla (Russia)
Valhom (United States)
Valkynaz (United States)
Valkyrja (Sweden)
Valpurga (Italy)
Valrog (United Kingdom)
Vandöd (Sweden)
Vanmakt (Sweden)
Vanquished (Canada)
Vanyar (United Kingdom)
Varathron (Greece)
Varganocte (Germany)
Vargr (Sweden)
Vargsang (Germany)
Vargshelske (Germany)
Varulv (Austria)
Vassago Black (Sweden)
Ved Buens Ende (Norway)
Vedar Gal (Costa Rica)
Vediog Svaor (France)
Vehementer Nos (France)
Veil (United States)
Veil of Winter (Germany)
Veles (Poland)
Velonnic Sin (United States)
Velvet Cacoon (United States)
Vemod (Norway)
Vemoth (Sweden)
Veneficium (Canada)
Venom NWOBHM (United Kingdom)
Verdammnis (Germany)
Verdunkeln (Germany)
Verge (Finland)
Vermen (Portugal)
Vermeth (France)
Vermis Mysteriis (Ukraine)
Vermyapre Kommando (France)
Verwüstung Drone (United States)
Vesania (Poland)
Vetala (Portugal)
Vetrarnott (United Kingdom)
Vhernen (Faroe Islands)
Vidharr (Italy)
Viento Nokturno (United States)
Vietah (Belarus)
VII Batallón de la Muerte (Argentina)
Viking Crown (United States)
Vilkates (Germany)
Vingdar (France)
Vinterland (Sweden)
Vinterriket (Germany)
Vintersemestre (Finland)
Vinterslav (South Africa)
Visions of the Night (Canada)
Visthia (Italy)
Vit (United Arab Emirates)
Vlad (France)
Vlad Tepes (France)
VLE Dark (United States)
Vobiscum (Austria)
Vociferian (France)
Void (United Kingdom)
Volahn (United States)
VolkeinBlucht (United States)
Vomit Christ (El Salvador)
Vomit Church (Greece)
Von (United States)
Von Goat (United States)
Vondur (Sweden)
Vordr (Finland)
Vorkreist (France)
Vorkuta (Hungary)
Vorphalack (Greece)
Vow (United States)
Vredehammer (Norway)
Vreid (Norway)
Vrolok (United States)
Vulcano (Brazil)
Vulpecula (United States)
Vultos Vociferos (Brazil)
Vulture Industries (Norway)
Vulture Lord (Norway)
Vulturine (Brazil)
Vultyr (Finland)
Vulvark (Germany)
Vuohivasara (Finland)
VW (France)
Vzaeurvbtre (France)

Black metal bands: W

Waffenträger Luzifers (Germany)
Wald Geist Winter (Germany)
Walden (Canada)
Waldgeflüster (Germany)
Waldsterben (Germany)
Walknut (Russia)
Walpurgisnacht (Netherlands)
Walpurgisnacht (Germany)
Wandar (Germany)
Wanderlust (United States)
Waning (Sweden)
War Blasphemy (Portugal)
War for War (Czech Republic)
War From A Harlots Mouth (Germany)
Warage (France)
Wardaemonic (Australia)
Wargoatcult (Spain)
Warloghe (Finland)
Warlord (United States)
Warnskarpt (Venezuela)
Watain (Sweden)
Way to End (France)
Weakling (United States)
Weapon (Canada)
Wedard (Germany)
Weeping Birth (Switzerland)
Wehmut (Germany)
Weidenbaum (Germany)
Welter In Thy Blood (United States)
Weltmacht (United States)
Weltschmerz (Netherlands)
Wendess (Canada)
Wheels Within Wheels (United States)
While Sad Spirits Around Me Stroll (France)
White Funeral (United States)
White Wolves Kommando (Finland)
Widmo (Poland)
Wigrid (Germany)
Wilds Forlorn (Netherlands)
Wind Of The Black Mountains (United States)
Windrikje (Germany)
Winter Blasphemer (Poland)
Winter Forest (Brazil)
Winter Funeral (France)
Winter Night Overture (Estonia)
Winter’s Gate II (Germany)
Winterblut (Germany)
Winterdemons (Greece)
Winterfylleth (United Kingdom)
Winterlore (United States)
Wintermass (Italy)
Wintermoon (Germany)
Winterthrall (United States)
Winterus (United States)
Wisdom by Carnage (France)
Wistful (Portugal)
Witchbrew (Italy)
Witches’ Sabbath (Spain)
Witching Hour (Germany)
Witchmaster (Poland)
Witchtrap (Colombia)
Witchvomit (Sweden)
Withershin (Sweden)
Witticism (Germany)
Woccon Black and Green (United States)
Wodanaz Viking (Brazil)
Wodensthrone (United Kingdom)
Woe (United States)
Wohlfart (Sweden)
Wold Noise (Canada)
Wolf (Mexico)
Wolf Im Schafspelz (Germany)
Wolf’s Source (Russia)
Wolfdusk (Argentina)
Wolfenhords (Croatia)
Wolfhetan (Germany)
Wolfhollow (United States)
Wolfshade (France)
Wolfslair (Denmark)
Wolfsmond (Germany)
Wolfsschrei (Germany)
Wolfsthron (Germany)
Wolfswinter (Germany)
Wolves (Germany)
Wolves In The Throne Room (United States)
Wömit Angel (Finland)
Wood of Suicides (Australia)
Woods of Belial (Finland)
Woods of Desolation (Australia)
Woods of Infinity (Sweden)
Woods of Ypres (Canada)
Worms of Sabnock (United Kingdom)
Wotans Vrede (United Kingdom)
Wounds (Belgium)
Wraith (Canada)
Wraith (United States)
Wraithmaze (Finland)
Wrath (South Africa)
Wrath of the Weak (United States)
Written in Torment (United Kingdom)
Wrnlrd (United States)
Wulfgar (Germany)
Würm (Canada)
Wurm (United States)
Wyqm (United States)
Wyrd (Finland)

Black metal bands: X

Xasthur (United States)
Xenophobia (United States)
Xerbittert (Russia)
Xergath (Germany)

Black metal bands: Y

Yaotl Mictlan (Mexico)
Yaotzin (Netherlands)
Yaoyotl (Mexico)
Ygg (Ukraine)
Ymesh (Netherlands)
Yn Gizarm (China)

Black metal bands: Z

Zadkiel (Japan)
Zahrim (Denmark)
Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh (France)
Zarathustra (Germany)
Zavod’ (Ukraine)
Zavorash (Sweden)
Zebadiah Crowe (United Kingdom)
Zebulon Kosted (United States)
Zelda (France)
Zemial (Greece)
Zepharnecron (Mexico)
Zephyrous (Greece)
Zerstörer (Germany)
Zerzyan Loathe (Korea)
Zeus (United Kingdom)
Zifir (Turkey)
Zorn (Germany)
Zubirun (Malaysia)
Zuriaake (China)
Zuriarts (Malaysia)
Zwartplaag (Netherlands)
Zwenz (Germany)
Zygoatsis (Thailand)
Zyklon-B (Norway)