Death metal bands

This list of Death metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of death metal or one of its sub or fusion genres.

Death Metal bands – Death metal sub-genre

Death metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal that evolved out of thrash metal in the early 1980’s. It largely retains the speed, intensity, strength, and often the complexity of thrash metal, but takes a much more morbid turn in its lyrics, which usually feature grisly, macabre themes of suffering and violence.
Death metal emerged and was popularized in the mid-1980s, and was pioneered by such British and American acts as Napalm Death and Possessed, with the latter being among the first to use the term on their song “Death Metal,” which was featured on their 1984 demo, itself entitled Death Metal

The phrase soon caught on as a way to describe the genre, which, although it sometimes used occult imagery, concentrated more on shocking and graphic descriptions of violence, degradation, torture, and slaughter of the innocents.

Musically, it features heavily de-tuned guitars, fast and challenging rhythm riffs, and rapid drum riffs, with plenty of virtuosic double bass-drum figures. While the music typically comes on like a brutal wall of noise, it can often be quite atmospheric at the same time. As the musical genre grew, the use of the Cookie Monster vocal style-long guttural growls instead of actually singing, became more and more common. One of the key death metal bands was Cannibal Corpse, who have pushed the envelope since their emergence in the early 1990s more than most with their graphic album cover art and lyric imagery. While the genre peaked in the early 1990s with the relative commercial success of such death metal bands as Morbid and Cannibal Corpse, it remains an influential and popular sub-genre of heavy metal.

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Death metal bands list – list of death metal bands a-z

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Death metal bands:0–9

…and Here I Lie (United States)
1 Shot Kill (Australia)
100 Suns (United States)
1917 (Argentina)
3,14… (Armenia)
8 Foot Sativa (New Zealand)
9 (Argentina)
9th (Chile)
???? (France)

Death metal bands: A

A Band of Orcs (United States)
A Deathwish (Bolivia)
A Mind Confused (Sweden)
A Red Dawn (Australia)
A Walk With the Wicked (South Africa)
A-Bomb (Sweden)
AAAAARGH! Bloody -Handed Chainaxe Blow (France)
Aabsinthe (France)
Abacinate (United States)
Abducted Child (Colombia)
Aberrance (United States)
Abhorred (United Arab Emirates)
Abhorrence (Finland)
Abiura (Italy)
Abnormality (United States)
Abominant (United States)
Abomination (United States)
Aborted (Belgium)
Abortification (Finland)
Abramelin (Australia)
Abraxas (United States)
Abrekadaver (Chile)
Abscess (United States)
Absconder (United States)
Absentation (Syria)
Absu (United States)
Absurd Universe (Netherlands)
Absynthium (Brazil)
Abuse (United States)
Abused Majesty (Poland)
Abysmal Dawn (United States)
Abyss of Pain (Italy)
Abyssal Throne (Canada)
Acephalix (United States)
Acheron (United States)
Achokarlos (Spain)
Acid Death (Greece)
Acrybia (Poland)
Act of Creation (Germany)
Actions to Onslaught (United Kingdom)
Adorior (United Kingdom)
Adramelech (Finland)
Aeternitas (Australia)
Afgrund (Sweden)
After the Fallout (United States)
Age of War (Mexico)
Aggressor (Poland)
Ágona (Brazil)
Agorhy (Brazil)
Agretator (Sweden)
Airlines of Terror (Italy)
Akarid (France)
Aktarma Suicide (Philippines)
Aktiv Dödshjälp (Sweden)
Alfa Eridano Akhernar (Mexico)
Alfred’s Violin (Hungary)
Algol (Norway)
Algophobia (Italy)
Alighieri (United States)
Allegiance (Sweden)
Altered Existence (United States)
Amagortis (Switzerland)
Ambivalence (Ukraine)
Amon (United States)
Amorphead (Italy)
Anaemia (Netherlands)
Analizator (Serbia)
Ancient Existence (Germany)
Angel of Disease Georgia
Anhedonist (United States)
Animosity (United States)
Annotations Of An Autopsy (United Kingdom)
Anonima Sequestri (Italy)
Anonymous Hate (Brazil)
Anoxia (United Kingdom)
Antagonized (Panama)
Any Face (Italy)
Aphasia (Canada)
Apolhocaust (Italy)
Apoplexy (United States)
Arcane (El Salvador)
Arcanjjo (Brazil)
Archaic Winter (United States)
Archgoat (Finland)
Architecture Of Aggression (South Africa)
Arcosolium (Sweden)
Arghoslent (United States)
Argile (France)
Arise (Sweden)
Arkhum (United States)
Armagedon (Poland)
Armed (Greece)
Arsames (Iran)
Arsonists Get All the Girls (United States)
Artists of War (United States)
Arvest (Russia)
As Autumn Calls (Canada)
As Blood Runs Black (United States)
As Divine Grace (Finland)
As Light Dies (Spain)
As You Drown (Sweden)
Asaroth (Mexico)
Asesino (United States)
Asgaia (Germany)
Asgaut (Israel)
Asmodina (Germany)
Asphyx (Netherlands)
Assassin (Korea)
Assassinate The Following (Canada)
Assorted Heap (Germany)
Atem (Finland)
Atheist (United States)
Atomicide (Chile)
Atretic Intestine (Finland)
Atrocity (Germany)
Augury (Canada)
Autaric (Canada)
Autopsy (United States)
Autumnia (Ukraine)
Avatar (Sweden)
Aversion To Life (United States)
Avoidant (Peru)
Avulsed (Spain)
Awaiting The Autopsy (Germany)
Axcutor (Korea)
Azrath (Italy)
Azure Emote (United States)

Death metal bands: B

Babylon Sad (Switzerland)
Backyard Burial (New Zealand)
Bajo Zero (Venezuela)
Baphomet (United States)
Bazzah (Malaysia)
Beeline (China)
Before the Rain (Portugal)
Belphegor (Austria)
Benea Reach (Norway)
Beneath (Iceland)
Beneath the Frozen Soil (Sweden)
Benediction (United Kingdom)
Bentara (Malaysia)
Bereaved (Japan)
Beyond Creation (Canada)
Beyond Hell (United States)
Beyond the Pain (France)
Big Chocolate (Spain)
Bilocate (Jordan)
Birds of Prey (United States)
Bitter Dissection (El Salvador)
Bitterness (Germany)
Black Hammer (Portugal)
Black Sun Aeon (Finland)
Blackthorn (Mexico)
Blasphemous Noise Torment (Italy)
Blaspherian (United States)
Bled to Death (United States)
Bleeding Mascara (Malaysia)
Blessed Offal (United States)
Blessed Sickness (United States)
Blood Edition (Italy)
Blood Freak (United States)
Blood Mortized (Sweden)
Blood Of The Gods (United States)
Blood Red Throne (Norway)
Blood Revolt (Canada)
Blood To Dust (United States)
Bloodbath (Sweden)
Bloodfeast (Austria)
Bloodshot Dawn (United States)
Bloody Anatomies (Malaysia)
Bode Preto (Brazil)
Boiler (Germany)
Bokrug (Argentina)
Bolt Thrower (United Kingdom)
Bonesaw (United Kingdom)
Book of Black Earth (United States)
Born of Osiris (United States)
Brain Dead (Malaysia)
Brainstorm (Bulgaria)
Break the Silence (Malaysia)
Breviarium (United States)
Bring Me The Horizon (United Kingdom)
Brujeria (Mexico)
Brutus (Netherlands)
Bucket of Trouble (Australia)
Burden Rage (Argentina)
Burgerkill (Indonesia)
Burial (United States)
Burialmound (Finland)
Burials (United States)
Burn My Shadows (Germany)
Burning Hatred (Netherlands)
Byblis (Germany)

Death metal bands: C

Cadaveric Spasm (United States)
Cadaverous Condition (Austria)
Cadaverous Incarnate (Chile)
Caducity (Belgium)
Calciferum (France)
Calcined (Switzerland)
Calliophis (Germany)
Calm Hatchery (Poland)
Cancer (United Kingdom)
Cancer Spreading (Italy)
Cancerous Womb (United Kingdom)
Cannibal Corpse (United States)
Canopy (Sweden)
Canserberia (Mexico)
Carbonized (Sweden)
Cardiac Arrest (United States)
Cardiac Necropsy (Singapore)
Carnage (Sweden)
Carnage (Brazil)
Carnal Decay Grind (Switzerland)
Carnal Diafragma (Czech Republic)
Carnival Torment (Indonesia)
Casage (Czech Republic)
Catarrhal (Belgium)
Catarsis (El Salvador)
Catasexual Urge Motivation Goregrind (Japan)
Catastrophic (United States)
Cattle Decapitation core (United States)
Cauterization (Brazil)
Cemetary (Finland)
Cemetery Urn (Australia)
Centinex (Sweden)
Centurian (Netherlands)
Cerebral Bore (United Kingdom)
Cerebral Turbulency (Czech Republic)
Ceremonium (United States)
Chaos Inception (United States)
Chaosbreed (Finland)
Chaosreign (Austria)
Chaossworn (Sweden)
Charnier (France)
Children Of Sodom (Germany)
Chiraw (Netherlands)
Chronic Torment (Sweden)
Circle of Dead Children (United States)
Claustrofobia (Brazil)
Climatic Terra (Argentina)
Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire (United States)
Coalition (Belgium)
Codeon (Finland)
Coercion (Sweden)
Cold Tomb (Sweden)
Coldworker (Sweden)
Commander (Germany)
Como Muertos (France)
Compulsive Slaughter (Germany)
Conceived by Hate (El Salvador)
Conflagration (Norway)
Conquest Icon (Poland)
Consolation (Netherlands)
Conspirator (Germany)
Construcdead (Sweden)
Consumado (El Salvador)
Contamination (Germany)
Continuo Renacer (Spain)
Convulse (Finland)
Coprofago (Chile)
Coprostasis (Bulgaria)
Corporation (Sweden)
Corpsevomit (United States)
Corpsing (United Kingdom)
Cosmic Atrophy (United States)
Course Death (Germany)
Crack Up (Germany)
Crackdust Botswana
Cradle of Filth (United Kingdom)
Creepmime (Netherlands)
Crematory (Sweden)
Crikey (Germany)
Criminal (Chile)
Criminal Vagina (Indonesia)
Crionics (Poland)
Cross My Blessed Hands (Suriname)
Crotchduster (United States)
Crown ov Horns (Malaysia)
Cruciform (Australia)
Cryptic (Poland)
Cryptic Malediction (Malaysia)
Cryptic Remains (Hungary)
Cryptic Tales (Poland)
Crypticus (United States)
Crystalic (Finland)
Cuff core (Canada)
Cumgun (Canada)
Cyness (Germany)
Cynic (United States)

Death metal bands: D

D.A.M.N. (Germany)
Dååth (United States)
Daemon Thrash Metal (Denmark)
Daemonicus (Sweden)
DãM (United Kingdom)
Damngod (Finland)
Dan Swano (Sweden)
Dance Club Massacre (United States)
Dark Half (Mexico)
Dark Nation (United States)
Dark Reality (Germany)
Dark Union (United States)
Darkane (Sweden)
Darkified (Sweden)
Darkness Remains (United States)
Darkthrone (Norway)
Dauntless (Finland)
Dawn (Sweden)
Dawn of Azazel (New Zealand)
Dawn of Demise (Denmark)
Dawn of Disease (Germany)
Dawnbringer (United States)
De Lirium’s Order (Finland)
Dead (Germany)
Dead Alone (Germany)
Dead Congregation (Greece)
Dead Eyed Sleeper (Germany)
Dead Horse (United States)
Dead Point (Korea)
Deadborn (Germany)
Deaden (United States)
Deadly Carrion (Belarus)
Deadly Spawn (Japan)
Deadpoint (Korea)
Death (United States)
Death Breath (Sweden)
Death Strike (United States)
Death Vomit (Russia)
Death Yell (Chile)
Deathawaits (France)
DeathBlow (United States)
Deathbound (Finland)
Deathbringer (Belarus)
Deathchain (Finland)
Deathcon (Norway)
Deathevokation (United States)
Deathincarnation (Ukraine)
Debauchery (Germany)
Decayed Existence (United States)
Decaying (Finland)
Deceased (United States)
Deceivegod (Chile)
December Wolves (United States)
Deception (Poland)
Decius (Austria)
Decius Symphonic (United States)
Decrepid (United Kingdom)
Decrepitaph (United States)
Defecation (United States)
Deforming Torture (Malaysia)
Deformity (Belgium)
Dehydrated Goat Latvia
Delirium (Netherlands)
Delta Cepheid (Germany)
Demented Retarded (Czech Republic)
Demented Ted (United States)
Demigod (Finland)
Demiurg (Sweden)
Demogorgon (Poland)
Demonic Resurrection (India)
Demonical (Sweden)
Demonoid (Sweden)
Denet (Czech Republic)
Denial Fiend (United States)
Deona Cart Deluna (Malaysia)
Depravity (Finland)
Depresy (Slovakia)
Depths of Misery (United States)
Deranged (Sweden)
Derb Forgaill (France)
Descending (Greece)
Desecrator (United Kingdom)
Desgraceria (Brazil)
Desire (Portugal)
Despised Icon (Canada)
Destroy the Opposition (United States)
Desultory (Sweden)
Deteriorot (United States)
Detestor (Italy)
Dethroned Emperor (United States)
Detriktuss (Colombia)
Devastation (United States)
Devian (Sweden)
Devil’s Whorehouse Death rock (Sweden)
Devilate (Austria)
Devilyn (Poland)
Dezember Thailand
Dia De Los Muertos (United States)
Diablo (Finland)
Diabolic (United States)
Diabolical (Sweden)
Diabolical North Klanum (Russia)
Diadem (United States)
Diamanthian (United Kingdom)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (Germany)
Dimentianon (United States)
Dira Mortis (Poland)
Disarmonia Mundi (Italy)
Disbelief (United States)
Disciples of Mockery (United States)
Disfigured (United States)
Disgorge (Norway)
Disgorge (Australia)
Disgorgement of Intestinal Lymphatic Sup (France)
Disgruntled (United States)
Disharmonic Orchestra (Austria)
Dished (Poland)
Disincarnate (United States)
Disinter (United States)
Dislocation Oriental Latvia
Disloyal (Poland)
Disma (United States)
Dismata (Canada)
Dismember (Sweden)
Disorder (El Salvador)
Disrepute (Germany)
Dissimulated (United States)
Divine Empire (United States)
Divine Noise Attack core (Germany)
Divine Rapture (United States)
Dominance (Italy)
Domination Through Impurity Technical (United States)
Dominia Symphonic (Russia)
Dominium (Poland)
Dormant Inferno (India)
Down Factor (United States)
Downthroat (Portugal)
Dragged into Sunlight Blackened (United Kingdom)
Drakum (Spain)
Drawn and Quartered (United States)
Dreamlore (El Salvador)
Dripback (United Kingdom)
Drive-By Bukkake (United States)
Drowned In Blood (Mexico)
Druid Lord (United States)
Drunk Vision (Brazil)
Dusk Metal Pakistan
Dusk Chapel (Ukraine)
Dying Fetus Grind Hardcore (United States)
Dying Humanity (Germany)
Dylath-Leen (France)
Dysthymia (Italy)

Death metal bands: E

Echidna (Portugal)
Echoes of Devastation (Germany)
Ecliptica (Belgium)
Ekklesiast (Russia)
El Patron (Korea)
Eldereon (Spain)
Elegy Of Suffering (Canada)
Embryonic Devourment (United States)
Empyrean (Australia)
Empyrean Sky (United States)
Enchantment (United Kingdom)
Ender (United States)
Ending Quest (Sweden)
Endless River (Hungary)
Enemy Is Us (Sweden)
Engines of Torture (Brazil)
Engraved in Bone (United States)
Enthrope (Finland)
Entombed (Sweden)
Entrenched (United States)
Envyra (Italy)
Ephemeral Promise (Morocco)
Epidemic (United States)
Epidemic Scorn (Germany)
Epitaph (Sweden)
Epod (United States)
Eradikal Insane (France)
Escarnium (Brazil)
Et Moriemur (Czech Republic)
Eternal Devastation (Brazil)
Eternal Gray (Israel)
Eternal Lord (United Kingdom)
Eternal Mystery (United States)
Eternal Oath (Sweden)
Eternal Solstice (Netherlands)
Eternal Suffering (United States)
Ethereal Blue (Greece)
Evangelist (United States)
Everfailed (Greece)
Eversin (Italy)
Excavated (Belgium)
Excruciate (Sweden)
Exhumation (India)
Exhumed (United States)
Exhumer (France)
Exile (Colombia)
Exit Strategy (Canada)
Exmortem (Denmark)
Exmortis (United States)
Expiation (Chile)
Exterminance (United States)
Extirpation (Spain)
Extol Rock (Norway)
Extreme Deformity (Hungary)

Death metal bands: F

Face Down Death Post-Thrash Metal (Sweden)
Face the Fact (Netherlands)
Facehugger (Germany)
Facetumor (Brazil)
Fallen Man (United States)
Fallen Sentinel (Spain)
Farasu (Malaysia)
Farmakon (Finland)
Fatal (United States)
Fate (United States)
Faust (Italy)
Fear of Domination (Finland)
Feral (Sweden)
Festival of Mutilation (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Filtheater (United States)
Final Stage Vietnam
Finally Deceased (Germany)
Fires of Gomorrah (United States)
Fit For An Autopsy (United States)
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation (Japan)
Flesh (Sweden)
Fleshcrawl (Germany)
Fleshcut (Sweden)
Fleshwrought (United States)
Fondlecorpse (Netherlands)
Forgotten Silence (Czech Republic)
Foul Body Autopsy (United Kingdom)
Fractured (Malaysia)
Frightmare (United States)
Fuck (United States)
Fuck You and Die (Germany)
Fumigation (Canada)
Funebrarum (United States)
Funebre (Finland)
Funeral Rape (Italy)
Funeral Whore (Netherlands)
Funerus (United States)
Fungus (Portugal)
Futility (Australia)

Death metal bands: G

Gadget (Sweden)
General Surgeri (Malaysia)
General Surgery (Sweden)
Generichrist (United States)
Genocide (United States)
Ghamorean (Sweden)
Ghoul (United States)
Ghoul Patrol (Finland)
Gigan (United States)
Gladiator (Slovakia)
Goat Semen (Peru)
Goat The Head (Norway)
Goathorns (Poland)
God Defamer (Slovakia)
God Dethroned (Netherlands)
God Macabre (Sweden)
Godagainst (Chile)
Godless Rising (United States)
Godphobia (Sweden)
Gojira (France)
Golem (Germany)
Golgotha (Poland)
Gollum (United States)
Gore Sluts (Malaysia)
Goreaphobia (United States)
Gored (United States)
Gorefest (Netherlands)
Gorelord (Norway)
Gorematory (United States)
Gorement (Sweden)
Gorephilia (Finland)
Grave (Sweden)
Grave Desecrator (Brazil)
Grave Forsaken (Australia)
Grave Ritual (United States)
Graven Image (Netherlands)
Graves of Valor (United States)
Graveyard (Spain)
Gravil (United Kingdom)
Grecco (Costa Rica)
Grind Inc. (Germany)
Grotesque (Sweden)
Grunt (Portugal)
Guidance Of Sin (Sweden)
Guided Cradle (United States)
Gurthang (Poland)
Gutalax (Czech Republic)
Gutted (United States)
Gutted (Hungary)
Gwynbleidd (United States)

Death metal bands: H

Hacavitz (Mexico)
Hackneyed (Germany)
Hacride (France)
Hail of Bullets (Netherlands)
Halun (Malaysia)
Hanging Garden (Finland)
Hate (Poland)
Hate Devastation (Brazil)
Hate Division (Canada)
Hate Eternal (United States)
Hate Supremacy (France)
Hatebeak (United States)
Hatecore (United States)
Hateform (Finland)
Hatesphere (Denmark)
Hathor (Romania)
Havok (Sweden)
Helcaraxë (United States)
Hellforce (Germany)
Hemdale (United States)
Heresies Groove (El Salvador)
Heretic Angels Thailand
Herfst (Belgium)
Hetsheads (Sweden)
Hexxed (United Kingdom)
Hokum (Germany)
Holdem (Chile)
Hollenthon Symphonic (Austria)
Holocausto Canibal Goregrind (Portugal)
Holocaustum (United States)
Holy Cannibalism (United States)
Hooded Menace (Finland)
Horizon Ablaze (Norway)
Horrid (United States)
Horrid (Italy)
Horrorment (Sweden)
Human Infection (United States)
Humangled (Italy)
Humanity Falls (United States)
Hymir (Netherlands)

Death metal bands: I

I Am the Messenger (United States)
Ikuinen Kaamos (Finland)
Illdisposed (Denmark)
Ilsa (United States)
Imbrue (Spain)
Imindain (United Kingdom)
Immolation (United States)
Impaled Uruguay
Impending Christian (United States)
Impending (Germany)
Impetigo core (United States)
Impetuous Ritual (Australia)
Impiety Thrash Metal (Singapore)
Impious (Sweden)
In Battle (Sweden)
In Death I Become (United States)
In Somnis (Belgium)
In Vain (Norway)
In-quest (Belgium)
Incantation (United States)
Incarnator (Russia)
Incinerador (Brazil)
Incrost (Finland)
Incubator (Germany)
Inevitable End core (Sweden)
Infamous Glory (Brazil)
Inferis (Chile)
Infernal (Brazil)
Infernal Deathcrusher (Brazil)
Infernal Gates (Sweden)
Infernal Poetry (Italy)
Infest (Serbia)
Infestation (Sweden)
Infester (United States)
Inlansis (Italy)
InnerHate (Colombia)
Inquisitor (Netherlands)
Insain (France)
Insanity (United States)
Insidious Disease (Norway)
Insistence (Turkey)
Insult (Sweden)
Interment (Sweden)
Internal Healing Industrial Faroe Islands
Invictus (Indonesia)
Iperyt Industrial (Poland)
Iron Monkey (United Kingdom)
Irritate (Finland)
Island (Germany)
Izegrim (Netherlands)
Izund (Egypt)

Death metal bands: J

Jane Dark (Serbia)
Jante Alu (Switzerland)
Jasad (Indonesia)
Jig-Ai core (Czech Republic)
Job for a Cowboy (United States)
John Nash (Italy)
Judecca (United States)
Jungle Rot (United States)

Death metal bands: K

Kaiju (United States)
Kali-Yuga (Germany)
Kalisia (France)
Kalmah (Finland)
Kambrium (Germany)
Kanthaka (Czech Republic)
Kapak Merah X (Indonesia)
Kartikeya (Russia)
Katafalk (Netherlands)
Katafalk (Netherlands)
Kataklysm (Canada)
Kataplexia (Finland)
Keitzer (Germany)
Kenos (Italy)
Ketum (Turkey)
Kevorkian (United States)
Khert-Neter (Finland)
Kill the Client (United States)
Kill the Parish (Sweden)
KillWhitneyDead (United States)
Kin Beneath Chorus (Greece)
Kinetic (Greece)
KOAMA (United States)
Konkhra (Denmark)
Korpius (Canada)
Korpse (United Kingdom)
Korpus (Germany)
Korrigan (Greece)
Kraner (El Salvador)
Krattera (Brazil)
Kraut Killer (Malaysia)
Kremation (Malaysia)
Krypts (Finland)
Kubur Masal (Indonesia)
Kult Shock (United States)
Kutschurft (Netherlands)

Death metal bands: L

Lacerated and Carbonized (Brazil)
Laceration Mantra (Australia)
Laconist (Brazil)
Laethora (Sweden)
Lahmia (Italy)
Laid in Ashes (Germany)
Lakupaavi (Finland)
Land of Hate (Italy)
Landmine Marathon (United States)
Larrong (Malaysia)
Lebensraum (Germany)
Lecherous Nocturne (United States)
Legacy of ity (Spain)
Legacy of Hate (Austria)
Legion (United States)
Lemming Project (Germany)
Leprosy (Mexico)
Lethal Injection (United States)
Leukemia (Sweden)
Liers in Wait (Sweden)
Liquid Graveyard Metal (Spain)
Little Dead Bertha (Russia)
Livarkahil (France)
Living by Death (Canada)
Lo-Ruhamah (United States)
LokurahHardcore (France)
Looking for an Answer (Spain)
Lord Gore (United States)
Loss (United States)
Lost Soul (Poland)
Love History (Czech Republic)
Lubricant (Finland)
Luciferion (Sweden)
Lumpur (Indonesia)
Luna Field (Germany)
Luna Obscura (Greece)
Lycanthropy (Brazil)
Lykathea Aflame (Czech Republic)

Death metal bands: M

Machetazo core (Spain)
Mael Mórdha Ireland
Magenta Harvest (Finland)
Magna Veritas (Chile)
Magnus (Poland)
Maim (Sweden)
Maithungh (Brazil)
Majestic Downfall (Mexico)
Mala Herba (Poland)
Maleficarum (Italy)
Malevolent Creation (United States)
Mandatory (Austria)
Mantas (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer’s Pride (Finland)
March to Victory (United States)
Marche Funèbre (Belgium)
Mare Tenebrarum (El Salvador)
Mass Burial (Australia)
Massacra (France)
Massacre (United States)
Massive Assault (Netherlands)
Master (United States)
Maveth (Finland)
Mayan (Netherlands)
Meathook Seed (United Kingdom)
Medecophobic (Germany)
Medeia Alternative (Finland)
Megalith (Germany)
Mehtnakriss (France)
Memories of Pain (Italy)
Mencea (Greece)
Mental Phobia (Malaysia)
Mentally Murdered (Malaysia)
Merciless (Sweden)
Merciless Death (Poland)
Merciless Terror (United Kingdom)
Mercyless (France)
Messiah (Switzerland)
Messor Vernula (United States)
Miasma (Austria)
Miasmal (Sweden)
Midian (Netherlands)
Mighty D. (Germany)
Mindpath (Chile)
Mirrorthrone (Switzerland)
Misery (Australia)
Misery Index (United States)
Miskatonic (Canada)
Mistress (Germany)
MisvaNagatA (Iran)
Mitochondrion (Canada)
Mixomatosis (United States)
Mnemic (Denmark)
Moker (Belgium)
Mold BreakerHardcore (United States)
Molotov Solution (United States)
Monstrosity (United States)
Moondark (Sweden)
Morbid (Sweden)
Morbid Angel (United States)
Morbid Devourment (Indonesia)
Morbid Flesh (Spain)
MorbidDust (Indonesia)
Morbider (Czech Republic)
Morcegos (Brazil)
Mordicus (Finland)
Morgion (United States)
Morgoth (Germany)
Morgue (United States)
Morgue (France)
Morpheus Descends (United States)
Morphia (Netherlands)
Morta Skuld (United States)
Mortem (Norway)
Mortis Dei (Poland)
Mortuary (Mexico)
Mortuary Ancestor (Malaysia)
Mother of Worms (Germany)
Mountain Grave (United States)
Mr Death (Sweden)
Muerte Villa (United States)
Murder (Colombia)
Murder One (United Kingdom)
Mutala (Italy)
Mutiny Within (United States)
My Darkest Hate (Germany)
My Funeral (Finland)
My Own Grave (Sweden)
Myopia (Canada)
Mythic (United States)
Mythos (Finland)

Death metal bands: N

Nader Sadek (United Kingdom)
Nahemah (Spain)
Nahrayan Sludge (Spain)
Nahu (Korea)
Narakam (China)
Nauseous Surgery (Brazil)
Neaera (Germany)
Near Death Condition (Switzerland)
Near Death Experiment (United Kingdom)
Necroabortion (Argentina)
Necrobastard (Chile)
Necrocurse (Sweden)
Necroid (Germany)
Necronomicon (Canada)
Necrophagia (United States)
Necrophiliac (Spain)
Necrophobic (Sweden)
Necropsy (France)
Necrosanct (United Kingdom)
Necrovation (Sweden)
Necrovore (United States)
Necrovorous (Greece)
Nefarious Azarak (Malaysia)
Negativa (Canada)
NekrofilthCrossover (United States)
Neraia (Greece)
Nervecell (United Arab Emirates)
Nervochaos (Brazil)
Nethilith (United Kingdom)
Neuromist Moldova
Never (Poland)
Nex (Sweden)
Nexilva (United Kingdom)
Nicole (Finland)
Nihilist (Sweden)
Nihilistikrypt Estonia
No (Germany)
No Pride (Austria)
No Souls Lost (United Kingdom)
Nobody Lives Forever (United States)
Noctem (Spain)
Nocturnal Damnation (Korea)
Nocturnal Rites (Sweden)
Nocturnal Vomit (Greece)
Nomad (Poland)
Nominon (Sweden)
Noneuclid (Germany)
Norse (Australia)
Novembers (United States)
Nowen (Finland)
Nü Jakk Citie (Austria)
Nuclear (Korea)
Null Dynamo (United States)
Num Skull (United States)
Nunslaughter (United States)

Death metal bands: O

Oak (United States)
Obduktion (Greece)
Obituary (United States)
Obliteration (Norway)
Oblyvion (Italy)
Obscenity (Germany)
Obscure Infinity (Germany)
Obsecration (Greece)
Obsidian (United Kingdom)
Obsidian (Netherlands)
Obsolete Tomorrow (United Kingdom)
Obtenebris (Canada)
Obtruncation (Netherlands)
Oceano (United States)
Odes of Ecstasy (Greece)
Offerings (Iceland)
Officium Triste (Netherlands)
Okera (Australia)
Oksennus (Finland)
Old Funeral (Norway)
Omision (Mexico)
Omophagia (Switzerland)
On Thorns I Lay (Greece)
One Man Army and the Undead Quartet (Sweden)
Ophis (Germany)
Opposite Sides (Italy)
Opprobrium (United States)
Orator Bangladesh
Orb of Torture (Belgium)
Ordinance (United States)
Orifice (Italy)
Origin of Zed (Germany)
Orthodox (Ukraine)
ostittO Bangladesh
Out of My Flame (Germany)
Overthrow (Canada)
Owl (Germany)
Oxus (Mexico)

Death metal bands: P

Paganizer (Sweden)
Pandemia (Czech Republic)
Pandemic Genocide (Poland)
Panic Disorder (Indonesia)
Pantokrator (Sweden)
Panzerchrist (Denmark)
Paramaecium (Australia)
Parental Advisory (Austria)
Path of Debris (Germany)
Pathogen (Philippines)
Paths of Possession (United States)
Pentacle (Netherlands)
Pentagram (Chile)
Pentsign (Russia)
Perihelion (United States)
Persuaded (Turkey)
Perversion (United States)
Perversor Blackened (Chile)
Pessimist (United States)
Pestilence (Netherlands)
PHANTASMA (Slovakia)
Phazm (France)
Pheretrum Uruguay
Phyrexia (United Kingdom)
Pigsty (Mexico)
Plague Bringer (United States)
Pleurisy (Netherlands)
Poseydon (Belgium)
Postumo Lumbre (Chile)
Power Gates (Japan)
Praetorian Symphonic (United States)
Prejudice (Belgium)
Pressure Points (Finland)
Pretty Little Flower core (United States)
Prevail (United States)
Prime Object (Turkey)
Process of Guilt (Portugal)
Profanal (Italy)
Protector (Germany)
Psalm (Belgium)
Psilocybin (Canada)
Psycho (Singapore)
Psychopathic Terror (Finland)
Psychopathology Orchestra (France)
Psychotic Despair (Czech Republic)
Psypheria (United States)
Pubic Ministry (Chile)
PunahRanah (Malaysia)
Punishment (Philippines)
Pure Evil (Finland)
Purgatory (Germany)
Purgatory (Indonesia)
Purtenance (Finland)
Puteraeon (Sweden)
Putred Flesh (Brazil)
Putrefied (Netherlands)

>Death metal bands: Q

Death metal bands: R

R.A.V.A.G.E. (United States)
Rainroom (Finland)
Ramesses (United Kingdom)
Rampancy Taiwan
Rape on Mind (Poland)
Ravens Creed (United Kingdom)
Raydead (Austria)
Rebaelliun (Brazil)
Reckless Manslaughter (Germany)
Regicide Decease (Poland)
Rellik (United States)
Remasculate (Sweden)
Repugnant (Sweden)
Repuked (Sweden)
Requiem (Switzerland)
Resist the Thought (Australia)
Resurrection (United States)
Retaliation (Germany)
Revelation of (Poland)
Revilement Taiwan
Revolting (Sweden)
Ribspreader (Sweden)
Rigor Mortis (United States)
Rippikoulu (Finland)
Ripping Corpse (United States)
Rising Moon (Italy)
Rootless (Austria)
Rosa Antica Alternative (Italy)
Royal Anguish (United States)
Rudra (Singapore)
Ruina (Ukraine)
Ruins of an Empire (Australia)
Runemagick (Sweden)

Death metal bands: S

Sacred Crucifix (Finland)
Sacrificium (Germany)
Sadhu (Korea)
Sadist (Italy)
Sadistic Grimness (Sweden)
Sadus (United States)
Salem (Israel)
Samhain (Poland)
Sanctification (Sweden)
Sanctifier (Brazil)
Santeria core (El Salvador)
Sargon (Panama)
Saros (United States)
Sarpanitum (United Kingdom)
Satanic Saucepans (Australia)
Savage Annihilation (France)
Scaphism (United States)
Scars of Destruction (Costa Rica)
Scent Of Flesh (Finland)
Scerra (Hungary)
ScharbockHardcore (Germany)
Scorch (Switzerland)
Scrapmetal (United States)
Scythe (Germany)
Scythian (United Kingdom)
Season of Suffering (United States)
Sectioned (United Kingdom)
Sedative (France)
Seeds Of Sorrow (Austria)
Seita (Netherlands)
Sekhmet (Belgium)
Semen (Mexico)
Sentence (France)
Septic Broiler (Sweden)
Septic Flesh (Greece)
Sepulchre (Canada)
Sepultura (Brazil)
Serdce (Belarus)
Serenades (Italy)
Serpens Aeon (United States)
Serpentary (Russia)
Servorum (Philippines)
Severance (United States)
Sex (Brazil)
Sexton’s Orchids (Spain)
Shadow (Japan)
Shambless (Bulgaria)
Shitty Fucker (United States)
Shroud Of Bereavement (United States)
Shturm (Russia)
Shub-Niggurath (Mexico)
Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement (United States)
Sic Faroe Islands
Sickening (Italy)
Sideblast (France)
Sideris Noctem (Ukraine)
Sightless (Finland)
Sil Khannaz (Malaysia)
Silent Death (Malaysia)
Silent Scream (United States)
Sin (Philippines)
Sinister (Netherlands)
Sirrah (Poland)
Six Feet Under (United States)
Six Reasons to Kill (Germany)
Skymning (Sweden)
Slaughter (Canada)
Slaughter Slashing (Canada)
Slaughter Strike (Canada)
Sleep Terror (United States)
Sludge (Switzerland)
Slugathor (Finland)
Slutted by a meat mallet (Bolivia)
Sodoma (Brazil)
Soilent GreenSludge (United States)
Sonne Adam (Israel)
Soomdrag (El Salvador)
Sorcery (Sweden)
Sordid (Sweden)
Sore (Germany)
Soreption (Sweden)
Sororicide (Iceland)
Sotajumala (Finland)
Soul Devour (Singapore)
Soul in Pain (Chile)
Soul’s Dying Path (El Salvador)
Soulreaper (Sweden)
Soulthreat (Germany)
South Bronx Paradise (United States)
Spectral (Romania)
Sphere (Poland)
Spider Soup (United States)
Spire (United States)
Splatter Whore (United States)
Spontaneous Human Combustion (El Salvador)
Squash Bowels (Poland)
Stench of Decay (Finland)
Stigma (Italy)
Stockholm Syndrom (Austria)
Stratuz (Venezuela)
Striguli (Slovakia)
String of Ares (Canada)
Strings Of Ares (Canada)
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition Hyperspeed (France)
Subliminal Code Industrial (Venezuela)
Subterfuge Carver (Germany)
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky (United States)
Suffer (Sweden)
Sufferage (Germany)
Suffercation (Malaysia)
Suffocate with Your Vomitus (Czech Republic)
Suggestive Thud (Germany)
Suicide Silence (United States)
Superbia (Italy)
Supreme pain (Netherlands)
Survival Is Suicide (Spain)
Suture (United States)
Swamp (France)
Symbolyc (Italy)
Symbyosis (France)
Symphony In Acrimony (United States)
Synergism of Humanity (Russia)
Synesis Absorption (Serbia)
Syrach (Norway)

Death metal bands: T

Talanas (United Kingdom)
Tangaroa (United Kingdom)
Tartharia (Finland)
Tehom (Sweden)
Teitanblood (Spain)
Telic (United States)
Temple Below (Chile)
Tenebrarum (Colombia)
Tengkorak (Indonesia)
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost (United States)
Terror Bleeding (Indonesia)
Terrordrome (Greece)
Thanatos (Netherlands)
The Aging Harbor (United States)
The Amenta (Australia)
The Baptism (United States)
The Batallion (Norway)
The Berzerker (Australia)
The Binary Code (United States)
The Boy Will Drown Technical (United Kingdom)
The Bridal Procession (France)
The Chasm (Mexico)
The Cleansing (Denmark)
The Crimson Armada (United States)
The Crown (Sweden)
The Crowned Virgin (United States)
The Daemon Project (United States)
The Dead (Australia)
The Deep (United States)
The Downspiral To Hell (Spain)
The Embraced (Norway)
The Everdawn (Sweden)
The Everscathed (United States)
The Famine (United States)
The Gloominous (United States)
The Grotesquery (Sweden)
The Guns of Vengeance (United States)
The Lurking Corpses (United States)
The Now (Germany)
The Obscene (United Kingdom)
The Path (United States)
The Pear of Anguish (United States)
The Project Hate MCMXCIX (Sweden)
The Ransack (Portugal)
The Rotted (United Kingdom)
The Senseless (Australia)
The Shotgun Suicides (United States)
The Skeletal (United States)
The Slow Death (Australia)
The Wakedead Gathering (United States)
The Wretched End (Norway)
The Yellow Sign (United States)
The Ziggurat (United States)
Theoktony (United Kingdom)
Therion (Sweden)
These Are They (United States)
They:Swarm (Israel)
Thorium (Denmark)
Thoron (Sweden)
Those Who Bring the Torture (Sweden)
Thou Shalt Suffer (Norway)
Thrashgressor (El Salvador)
Three Days in Darkness (Sweden)
Through The Eyes Of The Dead (United States)
Thulcandra (Germany)
Thurisaz (Belgium)
Thy Disease (Poland)
Thy Flesh Consumed (Canada)
Thy Only Forgotten (Mexico)
Timeghoul (United States)
To Separate the Flesh from the Bones (Finland)
Torchbearer (Sweden)
Torment (Belgium)
Torn (Finland)
Torn Apart (Sweden)
Torture Division (Sweden)
Torture Garden (United Kingdom)
Torture Pulse (Finland)
Torturer (Chile)
Total Devastation (Finland)
Total Devastation (Finland)
Totem (Poland)
Totenmond (Germany)
Towers of Flesh and Blood (United States)
Toxocara (Netherlands)
Tragedy Kereta Jenazah (Indonesia)
Trap Them (United States)
Traumatic Voyage (Germany)
Treblinka (Sweden)
Tribulation (Sweden)
Trident (Sweden)
Trigger the Bloodshed (United Kingdom)
Tristwood Industrial (Austria)
Triton Enigma (Sweden)
Turbid North (United States)

Death metal bands: U

Ubiquity Is the Answer (France)
Ulcer (Poland)
Umbah (United Kingdom)
Unborn Suffer (Poland)
UnbornGeneration (Finland)
Unbounded Terror (Spain)
Uncanny (Sweden)
Unconventional Disruption (Italy)
Undecayed (Sweden)
Under Moonlight Sadness (Mexico)
Undercroft (Chile)
Undergang (Denmark)
Undivine (Sweden)
Unearthly (Brazil)
Unfallen (Canada)
Unfit Ass. (Hungary)
Unhallowed (Austria)
Unhumanity (Bulgaria)
Unleashed (Sweden)
Unmoored (Sweden)
Unsu (France)
Upcoming of Devastation (Spain)
Upon a Burning Body (United States)
Utumno (Sweden)

Death metal bands: V

Vader (Poland)
Valborg (Germany)
Vanhelgd (Sweden)
Vasaeleth (United States)
Vastum (United States)
Vengeful (Canada)
Vex (United States)
Vicious Art (Sweden)
Vicious Circle (United States)
Victimizer (Netherlands)
Villains (United States)
Violence Unleashed (Germany)
Viral Load (United States)
Virginia Clemm (El Salvador)
Vital Remains (United States)
Voice Of Revenge (Germany)
Volturyon (Sweden)
Vomitory (Sweden)
Vulture Lord Blackened (Norway)
Vulvulator (Ukraine)

Death metal bands: W

W.A.K.O. (Portugal)
Warrior Soul Band (Colombia)
Warspite (Germany)
Watchmaker (United States)
We All Have Day Jobs (United States)
We Are the Damned Crust (Portugal)
When All Life Ends (Netherlands)
Whitechapel (United States)
Whore (Sweden)
Whourkr (France)
Windbreed (United States)
Winds of Plague (United States)
Wine from Tears (Russia)
Winter (United States)
Winterthrall (United States)
Witches’ Sabbath (Spain)
Witchrist (New Zealand)
With Blood Comes Cleansing (United States)
Withered (United States)
Without Remorse (United States)
Wombbath (Sweden)
Wormfood (France)
Wrath and Rapture (United States)
Wrust Botswana

Death metal bands: X

Xenomorph (United States)
Xenos (Australia)
Xtrunk (France)
Xyphos (Canada)

Death metal bands: Y

Youkai (United States)
Your Kid’s on Fire (United States)

Death metal bands: Z

Zarra (Indonesia)
Zeus (United Kingdom)
Zoofilia (Argentina)
Zuriarts (Malaysia)
Zx Spectrum Latvia
Zyklon (Norway)
Zymotic Disease (Norway)