Brutal death metal bands

This list of Brutal death metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Brutal death metal.

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Brutal death metal bands – list of brutal death metal bands a-z

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Brutal death metal bands: !–9

13 Rituals (Romania)
40 Gradi (Croatia)

Brutal death metal bands: A

A Good Day for Killing (Thailand)
Abacinate (United States)
Abdicate (United States)
Abhorred Despiser (Indonesia)
Abitabyss (Canada)
Abnormal (Russia)
Abnormyndeffect (Moldova)
Abominable Putridity (Russia)
Aborted Fetus (Russia)
Abrasive (Germany)
Abrupt (France)
Absemia (Argentina)
Absolute Defiance (Indonesia)
Abuse (Canada)
Abysmal Torment (Malta)
Acephala (Ukraine)
Act Of God (Russia)
Agony Conscience (Czech Republic)
Al Azred (France)
Alert (Belarus)
Alienation Mental (Czech Republic)
Amputated (United Kingdom)
Amputated Genitals (Colombia)
Amputation Spree (United States)
Anal Bleeding (Canada)
Analdicktion (Singapore)
Anarkhon (Brazil)
Anatomy (Italy)
Ancient Necropsy (Colombia)
Andromorphus Rexalia (United States)
Angel’s Decay (Slovakia)
Angerpath (Poland)
Anguish (Malaysia)
Animals Killing People (United States)
Annihilation (Portugal)
Anomalous (United States)
Anopsy (Brazil)
Anoxia (United States)
Antagony (United States)
Antraks (Indonesia)
Antropofago (France)
Antropofagus (Italy)
Aposepsy (Russia)
Apostles of Perversion (Spain)
Arsebreed (Netherlands)
Artery Eruption (United States)
Ascended (Finland)
Askaris (France)
Asphyxiate (Indonesia)
Atrocious Abnormality (United States)
Attack Of Rage (Slovakia)
Auticed (Indonesia)
Autonomy (United States)
Avulsion (United States)
Axon (Mexico)

Brutal death metal bands: B

Balatonizer (Italy)
Bane (United States)
Bane Of Existence (United States)
Banishment (United States)
Barbarity (Russia)
Basement Torture Killings (United Kingdom)
Bastard Saints (Italy)
Beautiful Cafillery (Czech Republic)
Begging For Incest (Germany)
Being Killed (United States)
Beheaded (Malta)
Benighted (France)
Beneath the Massacre (Canada)
Besieged (United States)
Beyond Fatal (United States)
Bile of Man (South Africa)
Biolich (United States)
Biosick (Switzerland)
Black The Sky (United States)
Blasphemer (Italy)
Blastomycosis (Canada)
Blaze Inside (Colombia)
Bleeding Display (Portugal)
Blood Reaping (Mexico)
Blood Vomit (United States)
Bloodboil (Netherlands)
Bloodchurn (United States)
Bloodshed (France)
Bloodsoaked (United States)
Bloody Gore (Indonesia)
Blustery Caveat (Greece)
Bodysnatch (Switzerland)
Bohemian Grove (United States)
Born Headless (Australia)
Bound And Gagged (United States)
Bound By Blasphemy (United States)
Bowel Stew (Italy)
Bowels Out (United States)
Brainwash (Spain)
Brodequin (United States)
Broken Hope (United States)
Brutal Murder (Italy)
Brutal Rebirth (France)
Brutal Unrest (Germany)
Butcher ABC (Japan)

Brutal death metal bands: C

Cadaver Mutilator (Italy)
Cadaveric Crematorium (Italy)
Caedere (Netherlands)
Caligvla (United States)
Candero (Germany)
Cankered Corpse (China)
Cannibal Corpse (United States)
Carignan (Austria)
Carnagia (Colombia)
Carnal Lust (France)
Carnal (Colombia)
Carnal Disfigurement (Czech Republic)
Carnivore Diprosopus (Colombia)
Catafalc (Estonia)
Catatonic Atrocity (United States)
Cease Of Breeding (Greece)
Cemetery (Indonesia)
Cemetery Rapist (United States)
Cenotaph (Turkey)
Cephalectomy (Canada)
Cephalotripsy (United States)
Cephalic Impurity (Russia)
Cerebral Effusion (Spain)
Cerebral Engorgement (United States)
Cerebral Hemorrhage (United States)
Cerebral Incubation (United States)
Cesspool Of Vermin (United States)
Choked By Own Vomits (Czech Republic)
Christ Denied (Spain)
Cicatrix (Poland)
Cinerary (United States)
Ciribus (United States)
Claws (Finland)
Clearwater Deathblow (Canada)
Cleaver (Italy)
Clitoridus Invaginatus (Italy)
Coathanger Abortion (United States)
Code Of Lies (Australia)
Coffin Syrup (United States)
Cohort (Germany)
Collapse (Canada)
Collapse Within (Italy)
Colonize the Rotting (United States)
Commit Suicide (United States)
Condemned (United States)
Condemned (Ireland)
Condemned Remains (United States)
Connate Exasperation (Iran)
Consume (Turkey)
Copremesis (United States)
Coprobaptized Cunthunter (Russia)
Coprophagia (Japan)
Corporal Raid (Italy)
Corporectomy (Germany)
Corprophemia (Canada)
Corpse Carving (Australia)
Corpsefucking Art (Italy)
Cosmoloco (France)
Crackwhore (Canada)
Cranial Incisored (Indonesia)
Cranial Osteotomy (Russia)
Craniotomy (Slovakia)
Crawling Death (Poland)
Created To Kill (United States)
Cremated Lives (Russia)
Criminal Element (United States)
Cropment (Switzerland)
Crucifix (Denmark)
Cryogenic Implosion (Ukraine)
Crypt Infection (United States)
Cumbeast Groovy (Finland)
Cumchrist (United States)
Cutterred Flesh (Czech Republic)
Cutting Embryo (Czech Republic)
Cyanosis (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: D

Damnable (Poland)
Dark Disciple (United States)
Dark Legion (Poland)
Datura (Ukraine)
Days Of Betrayal (Belgium)
Dead Flesh (United States)
Dead For Days (United States)
Dead For Ten Weeks (United States)
Dead Meat (Portugal)
Dead Theory (Indonesia)
Deadbodieseverywhere (United States)
Death du Jour (Finland)
Death on Demand (United Kingdom)
Death Reality (Germany)
Death Sound (Indonesia)
Death Vomit (Indonesia)
Deathfinest (United States)
Deathguy Gore- (Thailand)
Debodified (United States)
Decapitated (Philippines)
Decaying Purity (Turkey)
Decomposed (United States)
Decrepidemic (Portugal)
Decrepit Artery (Spain)
Decrepit Cadaver (Chile)
Decryptory (Malaysia)
Deeds of Flesh (United States)
Deep In Hate (France)
Deepred (Finland)
Defacing (Chile)
Defiled (Japan)
Defilement (Serbia)
Defilementory (Denmark)
Defleshuary (United States)
Defloration (Germany)
Deformed (Poland)
Deformity (Brazil)
Degrade (Sweden)
Dehumanized (United States)
Deicide (United States)
Demented (Spain)
Dementor (Slovakia)
Deny The Urge (Germany)
Deprecated (United States)
Depression (Germany)
Desecration (United Kingdom)
Desensitised (Netherlands)
Despise (Czech Republic)
Despoilment (United States)
Despondency (Germany)
Destroying Divinity (Czech Republic)
Detrimentum (United Kingdom)
Deterioration (United States)
Devastation Inc. (United States)
Deviant (Sweden)
Devilium (France)
Devoured Decapitation (Colombia)
Devourment (United States)
Die (Denmark)
Die You (Spain)
Difenacum (Spain)
Difteria Radical (Indonesia)
Diftery (Slovakia)
Digested Flesh (United States)
Diluvian (France)
Diminished (United States)
Dirty Infamous (Indonesia)
Disarticulating Extinguishment (Russia)
Disaster (France)
Disastrous (Philippines)
Disavowed (Netherlands)
Discharge By Death (United States)
Disciples Of Berkowitz (United States)
Disembowel (Greece)
Disembowled Corpse (United States)
Disentomb (Australia)
Disgorge (Mexico)
Disgorge (Sweden)
Disgorge (United States)
Disgust (Canada)
Disinfect (Germany)
Disinterment (United States)
Dislimb (United States)
Dissenter (Poland)
Distorted Impalement (Austria)
Ditchcreeper (United Kingdom)
Divine Pustulence (United States)
Divultion (Ukraine)
Doom Syndicate (United States)
Down from the Wound (Philippines)
Drain Of Impurity (Turkey)
Dripping Experimental (United States)
Drown Retarded Children (United States)
Drowning In Phemaldehyde (United States)
Dyscrasia (United States)
Dysentery (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: E

Eardelete (Czech Republic)
Ebanath (Ukraine)
Ebony Tears (Sweden)
Eden Beast (Italy)
Effect Murder (Poland)
Egemony (Italy)
Embalmed (United States)
Embalmer (United States)
Embedded (Germany)
Embryonic Depravity (United Kingdom)
Embryotomy Macedonia
Emeth (Belgium)
Encoffination (United States)
Endless Gloom (Russia)
Engaged In Mutilating (United States)
Engorriment (Spain)
Enmity (United States)
Entety (United States)
Enthrallment Bulgaria
Entorturement (United States)
Entropia (Spain)
Eradykate (France)
Eternal Madness (Indonesia)
Eternal Ruin (United States)
Evil Darkness (Colombia)
Evil Entourage (Mexico)
Eviscerated (United States)
Eviscerated (United States)
Eviscium (United States)
Exaltation (Germany)
Excarnated (Australia)
Excruciate (Australia)
Execrator (Chile)
Exhortation (Switzerland)
Exhumace (Czech Republic)
Exhumer (Italy)
Exquisite Pus (Spain)
Extermination Dismemberment (Belarus)
Exterminatorium (Brazil)
Exterminio (Argentina)
Extirpated (Sweden)
Extirpating The Infected (Spain)
Extreme Vaginal (Indonesia)
Extreme Violence (Greece)
Extremely Rotten (United States)
Extremely Rotten Flesh (Colombia)
Exulcerate (United States)
Ezophagothomia (Ukraine)

Brutal death metal bands: F

F (Finland)
Fate Experimental (France)
Feast Of Corpses (Canada)
Fate Of Icarus (United States)
Fecal Corpse (United States)
Feeble Minded (Czech Republic)
Female Nose Breaker (Switzerland)
Fermento (Spain)
Fetal Decay (Russia)
Feto In Fetus (Poland)
Fitcage (Russia)
Fledgling Death (United States)
Flaying (Latvia)
Flesh Consumed (United States)
Flesh Feast (Canada)
Fleshart (Greece)
Fleshbomb (Russia)
Fleshgore (Ukraine)
Fleshgrind (United States)
Fleshrot (United Kingdom)
Fleshtized (United States)
Foetopsy (United States)
Force Fed Human Shit (United Kingdom)
Forceps (Brazil)
Forensick (Spain)
Formalin (Russia)
Fornicator (United States)
Foul Stench (United States)
Fractured Insanity (Belgium)
From Beyond Death (United States)
Fumes of Decay (Netherlands)
Funeral Inception (Indonesia)

Brutal death metal bands: G

G.O.R.E. (Czech Republic)
Gaius (United States)
Garbage Disposal (Czech Republic)
Garroter (Poland)
Gastrorrexis (Ecuador)
Gathering Darkness (Spain)
Gelgamesh (Indonesia)
Genital Grinder (France)
Ghouls (Italy)
Glut! (Spain)
God Among Insects (Sweden)
Gods Of Emptiness (Germany)
Gomorrha (Germany)
Gone Postal (Iceland)
Gonorrhoea (Indonesia)
Goratory (United States)
Gore Sanctum (United Kingdom)
Goreality (United States)
Gorefuck (Italy)
Goreinhaled (Spain)
Goreobscenity (Colombia)
Goreopsy (Slovakia)
Gorepot (Taiwan)
Gorerotted (United Kingdom)
Goretorture (Finland)
Goretrade (Colombia)
Gorevent (Japan)
Gorezone (Germany)
Gorgasm (United States)
Gortuary (United States)
Gory Delivery (Spain)
Grimness 69 (Italy)
Grog (Portugal)
Grotesque Formation (United States)
Guillotined (Philippines)
Gurkkhas (France)
Gutted Mind (Russia)
Gutted Out (United States)
Gutted With Broken Glass (United States)
Guttural Decay (Russia)
Guttural Engorgement (United States)
Guttural Secrete (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: H

Haemophagia (Spain)
Hallows Die (Canada)
Halo Of Gunfire (United States)
Happy Face (France)
Harmony Dies (Germany)
Hate Beyond (Japan)
Hatestroke (Indonesia)
Hatred For All (United States)
Headmeat (Belgium)
Heaps Of Dead (Canada)
Heatenic Noiz Architect (Poland)
Heaving Earth (Czech Republic)
Hedor (Colombia)
Heinous Killings (United States)
Hellbeyond (Indonesia)
Her Virgin Womb (United States)
Heretic Soul (Turkey)
Hideous Deformity (Norway)
Hindrance (Spain)
Hiss From The Moat (Italy)
Homo Iratus (Greece)
Horde Casket (United States)
Horror Blast (Brazil)
Hour of Penance (Italy)
Houwitser (Netherlands)
Human Artifacts (United States)
Human Carnage (Canada)
Human Effluence (United States)
Human Excoriation (United States)
Human Filleted (United States)
Human Mastication (Philippines)
Human Mincer (Spain)
Human Parasite (France)
Human Rejection (Greece)
Human Repugnance (United States)
Humanity Is Overrated (Brazil)
Humiliation (Malaysia)
Hybrid Viscery (Belgium)
Hydrocephalic (United States)
Hydrophobia (Japan)

Brutal death metal bands: I

I Built The Cross (United States)
I Chaos (Netherlands)
Ichor (Germany)
Ignivomous (Australia)
Ignorance (Canada)
Images Of Violence (United States)
Immured (Germany)
Imperator (United Kingdom)
Imperial Sodomy (France)
Impetuous Rage (Brazil)
Imposer (Italy)
Imprecatory (Indonesia)
Impure (Germany)
Impure (Spain)
Impureza (France)
Impurity (United States)
In Articulo Mortis (Czech Republic)
In Torment (Brazil)
Inbreeding Sick (Colombia)
Incesticide (Germany)
Incestuous (United States)
Incinerate (United States)
Incinerating Prophecies (Colombia)
Incinerator (Belarus)
Indecent Excision (Italy)
Infantiphagia (United States)
Infected Brain (Germany)
Infected Flesh (Spain)
Infected Malignity (Japan)
Infection (Germany)
Infectious Catheter Therapy (Russia)
Infernal Dominion (United States)
Infernal Hate (Spain)
Infernal Revulsion (Japan)
Infernal Torment (Denmark)
Infertile Surrogacy (Spain)
Infested (Germany)
Infested Blood (Brazil)
Infinite Defilement (Australia)
Infinited Hate (Netherlands)
Infliction (United States)
Ingested (United Kingdom)
Ingurgitate (United States)
Ingurgitating (Germany)
Inhabit (United States)
Inherit Disease (United States)
Inhume (Netherlands)
Iniquitous (United States)
Inner War (United States)
Insidious Decrepancy (United States)
Insidious Torture (Australia)
Insision (Sweden)
Intense Hammer Rage (Australia)
Internal Bleeding (United States)
Internecine Excoriation (Australia)
Intestinal Alien Reflux (United States)
Intestinal Infection (Germany)
Intestinal Strangulation (United States)
Into The Gore (Greece)
Intracranial Butchery (United States)
Intricated (Thailand)
Introrectalgestation (United Kingdom)
Inzest (Austria)
Ivebeenshot (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: J

Jagal (Indonesia)
Jihad (Indonesia)

Brutal death metal bands: K

K.A. (France)
Kadavar (Italy)
Kalibas (United States)
Katalepsy (Russia)
Kevlar Skin (Spain)
Kill By Numbers (United Kingdom)
Killing Addiction (United States)
King Conquer (United States)
King Stench (United States)
Koldborn (Denmark)
Koreopsis (Switzerland)
Kraanium (Norway)
Krisiun (Brazil)
Kronos (France)
Ktinodia (Malta)
Kuru (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: L

L6B6T6MY (Argentina)
Lab Eleven (Italy)
Laboratory Of Mortuary (United States)
Lacerate (Thailand)
Lamaw (Philippines)
Laniena Mentis (Czech Republic)
Lapidate (Canada)
Legacy Of Pain (United States)
Leishmaniasis (Colombia)
Leprasy (Belgium)
Leptotrichia (Belgium)
Letum Ascensus (United States)
Leukorrhea (United States)
Level Above Human (Sweden)
Life At Zero (United States)
Limb From Limb (Austria)
Liturgy (United States)
Lividity (United States)
Lord Fuck (United States)
Lust Of Decay (United States)
Lypektomy (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: M

M.S.I. (Australia)
Macabre Demise (Germany)
Magwi (Korea)
Malamor (United States)
Malodorous (United States)
Mangled (Netherlands)
Maruta (United States)
Mass Murder Messiah (United States)
Massmurder (Netherlands)
Mastabah (Poland)
Masturbation (Colombia)
Mausoleia (Germany)
Meathook (United States)
Melting Flesh (Colombia)
Membro Genitali Befurcator (Russia)
Mental Apraxia (Colombia)
Mental Demise (Ukraine)
Mild Mannered Misogyny (United States)
Milking the Goatmachine (Germany)
Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay (Czech Republic)
Mind Holocaust (Spain)
Mind Snare (Italy)
Miscreation (Australia)
Mithras Experimental (United Kingdom)
Mockery Brutal Death (Spain)
Modus Delicti (Italy)
Molested Senses (United States)
Monigo (Spain)
Moonfog (Slovakia)
Morbid Funeral (Costa Rica)
Morbid Savouring (Finland)
Morbopraxis (Ecuador)
Morgue Supplier (United States)
Morgue’s Child (Russia)
Morphosis (Ireland)
Morrah (Russia)
Morsgatt (Germany)
Mortalized (Russia)
Mortal Agony (Germany)
Mortal Decay (United States)
Mortal Possession (Germany)
Mortally Infected (Slovakia)
Mortem (Russia)
Mortician (United States)
Mortify (Canada)
Mourn Code (Mexico)
Mourning (United States)
Mucopus (United States)
Mumakil (Switzerland)
Mummification (United States)
Murder Intentions (Belgium)
Murk Exorbitance (Russia)
Mutilated (United States)
Mutilation Of The Flesh (Germany)
My Plague (Colombia)

Brutal death metal bands: N

N.J.D.O.T.S. (United States)
Nafrat (Singapore)
Nailed (United Kingdom)
Nailshitter (United States)
Nasty Pig Dick (Mexico)
Necrocest (United Kingdom)
Necrogrind (Russia)
Necrology (Netherlands)
Necropsy (France)
Necroptic (Denmark)
Necrotic (Mexico)
Necrotic Chaos (Malaysia)
Necrotic Disgorgement (United States)
Necrotic Flesh (Germany)
Necrotorture (United States)
Necrovile (Romania)
Nefastus Dies (Canada)
Nekroholocaust (Philippines)
Neoandertals (Estonia)
New Blood (Australia)
Nihil Obstat (Colombia)
Nomenmortis (Slovakia)
Not Under Sin (El Salvador)

Brutal death metal bands: O

Oath To Vanquish (Lebanon)
Odious Sanction (United States)
Offalmincer (Russia)
Offending (France)
Okosu (United States)
Opitz (Czech Republic)
Ophiolatry (Brazil)
Opium (Indonesia)
OrateGod (Chile)
Orchidectomy (Canada)
Organ Harvest (France)
Ouroboros (France)
Outcast (Belgium)

Brutal death metal bands: P

Paediatrician (Hungary)
Painful Defloration (Ukraine)
Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis (Mexico)
Parasitic Extirpation (United States)
Paroxysm (Canada)
Paroxysmal Butchering (United States)
Parricide (Poland)
Pathology (United States)
Pencil Lead Syringe (United States)
Pentagoria (United States)
Perfidy Biblical (Italy)
Perverse (Poland)
Perverse Dependence (Russia)
Perverse Molestation (Philippines)
Perversity (Slovakia)
Peshmerga (United States)
Phalogore (Colombia)
Pighead (Germany)
Pigsty (Czech Republic)
Plague Angel (Sweden)
Plasmoptysis (Indonesia)
Polterchrist (United States)
Poolside At The Flamingo (United States)
Poppy Seed Grinder (Czech Republic)
Porkfarm (United Kingdom)
Primitive Brutality (United States)
Prion (Argentina)
Profanation (Germany)
Proletar (Indonesia)
Prophecy (United States)
Prosthetic Cunt (United States)
Prostitute Disfigurement (Netherlands)
Provocation (Germany)
Psicovomitosis Sadinecrootitis (Mexico)
Psychobolia (France)
Psychomancer (United States)
Psychotic Homicidal Dismemberment (United States)
Pukelization (Japan)
Pulmonary Fibrosis (France)
Pulverizer (Indonesia)
Purulent (Colombia)
Purulent Infection (United States)
Purulent Jacuzzi (Russia)
Pus Vomit (Philippines)
Pustulated (United States)
Putrefied Beauty (Italy)
Putrefukation (United States)
Putrefy (Ireland)
Putrefying Cadaverment (United States)
Putrevore (Spain)
Putrid Inbred (Belgium)
Putrid Mastication (Netherlands)
Putrid Pile (United States)
Putridity (Italy)
Putridity (Poland)
Putrilage (United States)
Pyaemia (Netherlands)
Pyrexia (United States)


Brutal death metal bands: R

Raices Torcidas (El Salvador)
Ravager (Mexico)
RazorRape (Sweden)
Recueil Morbide (France)
Reek Of Shits (Czech Republic)
Refawn Technical (Russia)
Regicide (China)
Regurgitate Life (United Kingdom)
Regurgitation (United States)
Reinfection (Poland)
Remnants of Flesh (Greece)
RenChei (China)
Reprobation (United States)
Repudilation (United States)
Repulsive Dissection (Ukraine)
Resection (Germany)
Rest in Gore (Japan)
Resurrected (Germany)
Retch (United States)
Revenance (United States)
Rigor Mortis (Russia)
Rose Funeral (United States)
Rotten Minds (Spain)
Rotten Penetration (Brazil)
Rottenness (Mexico)
Rotting (Canada)
Rotting Cock (Estonia)
Rottrevore (United States)
Rune Metal (United States)
Rupture Christ (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: S

Sabbatic Feast (United States)
Sacrificio (Puerto Rico)
Sadis Euphoria (United States)
Sadistic Mutilation (Colombia)
Sanatorium (Slovakia)
Sanguineous (Australia)
Sapremia (United States)
Saproffago (Colombia)
Saprogenic (United States)
Saprophagous (United States)
Scarab (Egypt)
Scattered Remains (United States)
Scattered Remnants (United States)
Scid (Germany)
Scorner (Brazil)
Screaming Afterbirth (United States)
Seance (Sweden)
Seborrhea (Latvia)
Sect Of Execration (United States)
Seed (Korea)
Seeking Obscure (United States)
Sepsism (United States)
Sepsis (Czech Republic)
Septicaemia (China)
Septycal Gorge (Italy)
Serial Butcher (Belgium)
Severe Torture (Netherlands)
Severed Head (United States)
Severed Remains (United States)
Severed Savior (United States)
Sexcrement (United States)
Sexual Disfunction (Switzerland)
Shaman (Korea)
Shatter It All (Canada)
Shattered Eyes (United States)
Shival Vah (Mexico)
Short Bus Pile Up (United States)
Shredded Corpse (United States)
Sick Society (Malaysia)
Sickcunt (Russia)
Sickmath (Indonesia)
Sickning (Italy)
Sikfuk (United States)
Sikramp (Russia)
Siksakubur (Indonesia)
Sintury (United States)
Skeleton Of God (United States)
Skew (United States)
Skinless (United States)
Skinned (United States)
Skull Collector (Belgium)
Slamentation (Switzerland)
Slaughter Brute (Ukraine)
Slaughtered Remains (United States)
Slavebreed (Greece)
Smashed Face (Czech Republic)
Social Shit (Argentina)
Soils of Fate (Sweden)
Solidification (United States)
Sons Of Slaughter (United Kingdom)
Sordid Clot (Russia)
Soulless (Brazil)
Spasm (Czech Republic)
Spawn (Germany)
Spermbloodshit (Italy)
Spinecast (United States)
Spineless Fuckers (Czech Republic)
Splattered Cadaver (United States)
Splattered Mermaids (Sweden)
Splatterhouse (United States)
Stabwound (Sweden)
Stench Of Dismemberment (Italy)
Stickoxydal (Belarus)
Suffer In Silence (Italy)
Sufferatory (Russia)
Suffocate Bastard (Germany)
Suffocation (United States)
Suffokate (United States)
Supplication (United States)
Suppuration (Colombia)
Surgical Dissection (Slovakia)
Syphilic (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: T

Tard (Canada)
Tears Of Decay (Germany)
Temple Of Amon (United States)
Tennessee Murder Club (United States)
Tension Prophecy (Iran)
Teratism (United States)
Teratoma (Spain)
The Dark Prison Massacre (China)
The Empty Tomb (United States)
The Growl Family Uruguay
The Kuntautcult (Netherlands)
The Massacre Must Begin (Mexico)
The Monolith Deathcult (Netherlands)
The Mung (Australia)
The Murder Industry (Spain)
The Partisan Turbine (United States)
The Sickening (Norway)
Thirst of Revenge (Spain)
Three Victims (Australia)
Timecode (Chile)
Tools Of Torture (Italy)
Torsofuck (Finland)
Torture Killer (Finland)
Torture Krypt (United States)
Torturous Inception (United States)
Total Rusak (Indonesia)
Totten Korps (Chile)
Tremor (Russia)
Trifixion (United Kingdom)
Turbidity (Indonesia)
Typhoid (Slovakia)

Brutal death metal bands: U

Ulcerate (New Zealand)
Ulceration (United States)
Uncleansed (United States)
Uncreation (Spain)
Underdark (Poland)
Unfathomable Ruination (United Kingdom)
Unmerciful (United States)

Brutal death metal bands: V

Vaginal Chicken (France)
Vehemence (United States)
Velocidad Absurda (Spain)
Venduzor (Indonesia)
Vacant Coffin (Finland)
Venereal Messiah (United States)
Vermis Antecessor (Spain)
Very Wicked (Germany)
Vile (United States)
Violent Devoties (Austria)
Virulent Blessing (Finland)
Viscera Infest (Japan)
Viscera Trail (Israel)
Visceral (Chile)
Visceral Damage (Spain)
Visceral Disgorge (United States)
Visceral Grinder (Mexico)
Vitality (United States)
Vladimir Brutal Deathcore (Malaysia)
Vomepotro (Brazil)
Vomit Remnants (Japan)
Vomit the Soul (Italy)
Vomitous (Sweden)
Vomitous Rectum (United States)
Vulgar Pigeons (United States)
Vulvathrone (Slovenia)
Vulvectomy (Italy)

Brutal death metal bands: W

Waco Jesus (United States)
Wafat (Indonesia)
Waking The Cadaver (United States)
War Torn (United States)
Wargore (Italy)
Warmblood (Italy)
Warpath (Ireland)
Wasteform (United States)
Weak Aside (Germany)
Weeping Birth (Switzerland)
Welkin (Belgium)
Whore (United States)
Whorrid (United States)
Wicked Innocence (United States)
With Dead Hands Rising (United States)
Wormeaten (Colombia)
Wormed (Spain)
Writhing Afterbirth (United States)


Brutal death metal bands: Y

Yogth-Sothoth (Colombia)
Ysun (France)
Yyrkoon (France)

Brutal death metal bands: Z

Zoebeast (Russia)
Zombie Death Stench (United States)
Zombie Hate Brigade (United States)
Zombified (Ireland)
Zora (Italy)
Zubrowska (France)
Zuckuss (Canada)