Melodic death metal bands

This list of Melodic death metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Melodic death metal.

Melodic death metal, melodeath or MDM is a heavy metal music style which brings together components from the new Wave of British Heavy Metal along with elements of death metal. The MDM style has been created during the earlier and mid 1990s, mainly in England and Scandinavia. Scandinavia in particular did a lot to popularize the style, that shortly focused in Gothenburg, Sweden, and inspired the creation of a regional music scene known as Gothenburg metal. This “Gothenburg” style consequently influenced numerous bands in the Usa, which led to a growing movement in States.

Key bands in the definition of melodic death metal were: In Flames, At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity.

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Melodic death metal bands – list of Melodic death metal bands a-z

0–9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Melodic death metal bands: 0–9

1 Kill Embrace (Hungary)
13th Melody (Canada)
5 Star Grave (Italy)

Melodic death metal bands: A

A.N.A.E.L. (France)
A Body Falls (United States)
Aborda (Turkey)
A Canorous Quintet (Sweden)
A Hill to Die Upon (United States)
A Motive Inhumane (Cyprus)
A Shattered Reflection (United States)
A Sleepless Malice (United States)
A Traitor Like Judas (Germany)
Abdomen Canvas (United States)
Abinchova (Switzerland)
Ablaze In Hatred (Finland)
Ablaze My Sorrow (Sweden)
Abrogation (Germany)
Absence Of The Sun (United States)
Acephalus (United States)
Across The Sun (United States)
Adora (United States)
Advent of Bedlam (Costa Rica)
Aegis (Germany)
Aeveron (Germany)
After the Burial (United States)
Afterlife Testimony (Croatia)
Agamendon (Germany)
Against the Plagues (United States)
Agmen (Czech Republic)
Agnosys (France)
Agrimonia (Sweden)
Akrea (Germany)
Aletheian (United States)
All Day Hatred (Mexico)
All Hell (Sweden)
All That Remains (United States)
Allegaeon (United States)
Almost Is Nothing (United States)
Amaranthe (Sweden)
Amon Amarth (Sweden)
Among the Mortals (Finland)
Amarah (Malaysia)
Anachronaeon (Sweden)
Ancestral Stigmata (Italy)
And Hell Followed With (United States)
Angels and Enemies (Germany)
Anger Cell (Finland)
Anima (Bolivia)
An Infinite Dream Sequence (Sweden)
Ann-Tennath (Russia)
Anorma (Indonesia)
Anvil Of Doom (Spain)
Anterior (United Kingdom)
Anxiety (Netherlands)
Aphotic Excess (Austria)
Apostisy (United States)
Appalling Spawn (Czech Republic)
Arcana Imperia (Russia)
Arcane Deception (India)
Arcanum Sanctum (Russia)
Arch Enemy (Sweden)
Arch Of Hell (Czech Republic)
Archaios Ophis (Finland)
Archeon (Poland)
Archons (Canada)
Arise in Stability (Japan)
Arise and Ruin (Canada)
Arkangel (Belgium)
Arkan (France)
Art Of The Flesh (United States)
As Eden Burns (United States)
As I Lay Dying (United States)
As Likely As Not (Italy)
As They Burn Alive (United States)
As They Sleep (United States)
Ashes of Eden (Canada)
Assault (Singapore)
At Odds with God (United States)
At the Gates (Sweden)
At The Throne Of Judgment (United States)
Atra Hora (Russia)
Attila (United States)
Autumn Verses (Finland)
Awaiting the Apocalypse (United States)
Axamenta (Belgium)

Melodic death metal bands: B

Baptized in Blood (Canada)
Barren Earth (Finland)
Be’lakor (Australia)
Becoming The Archetype (United States)
Before the Dawn (Finland)
Behind The Scenery (Germany)
BerserkerfoX (Australia)
Beyond Dishonor (United States)
Beyond the Horizon (Macedonia)
Bhelliom (Singapore)
Black Territory (Malaysia)
Blackguard (Canada)
Bleeding Through (United States)
Bleed From Within (United Kingdom)
Blind Horizon (Italy)
Blind Stare (Finland)
Blinded Colony (Sweden)
Blood Stain Child (Japan)
Boltdown (United Kingdom)
Born From The Ashes (Australia)
Breath of Purity (Germany)
Brimstone (Sweden)
Burden Of Grief (Germany)
Burden Of Life (Germany)
Buried Dreams (Mexico)
Burning Earth (United Kingdom)

Melodic death metal bands: C

Cadacross (Finland)
Callenish Circle (Netherlands)
Calmsite (Finland)
Candle Serenade (Portugal)
Carcass Grindcore (United Kingdom)
Carnal Forge (Sweden)
Carnal Grief (Sweden)
Casketgarden (Hungary)
Cassandra (Malaysia)
Cast in Silence (Germany)
Catamenia (Finland)
Cenotaph (Mexico)
Ceremonial Oath (Sweden)
Ceremonial Perfection (Estonia)
Chain Collector (Norway)
Chastisement (Sweden)
Childrain (Spain)
Children of Bodom (Finland)
Chronic Xorn (India)
Cidesphere (Turkey)
Cipher System (Sweden)
Circle the Sky (Australia)
Claim The Throne (Australia)
Coldseed (Sweden)
Collapse (Russia)
Collapse 7 (Austria)
Compos Mentis (Denmark)
Conducting from the Grave (United States)
Coram Deo (Ukraine)
Council of the Fallen (United States)
Crocell (Denmark)
Crimson Death (Peru)
Crimson Frost (Germany)
Crossfaith Industrial (Japan)
Crown Of Thorns (Sweden)
Cruor Deum (Finland)
Cryal (Finland)
Cryptic Voice (Switzerland)
Cursed by the Fallen (Austria)

Melodic death metal bands: D

Damnation Defaced (Germany)
Damascus (Canada)
Dark Carnage (India)
Dark Flood (Finland)
Dark Haven (United States)
Dark Lunacy (Italy)
Dark Salvation (Liechtenstein)
Dark Tranquillity (Sweden)
Darkened Souls (Finland)
Darkest Hour (United States)
Darkness Ablaze (Germany)
Dawn Of Dreams (Austria)
Dawn Of Tears (Spain)
Daylight Dies (United States)
Dead in the Water (Finland)
Dead To Fall (United States)
Deadend in Venice (Germany)
Deadlock (Germany)
Deadsea (United States)
Deadsoil (Germany)
Deals Death (Sweden)
Death Maze (Sweden)
Deathening (Sweden)
Decades of Despair (France)
Degradead (Sweden)
Dementia (Germany)
Demise of Itylus (United States)
DemonsQuest (Colombia)
Descend Into Nothingness (Canada)
Descending (Greece)
Despite (Sweden)
Destroy Destroy Destroy (United States)
dethklok (United States)
Detonation (Netherlands)
Deuteronomium (Finland)
Devastating Enemy (Austria)
Deviant Syndrome (Russia)
Deviated Presence (Germany)
DevilDriver (United States)
Devoid of Fate (Finland)
Dies Irae (Mexico)
Disease Illusion (Italy)
Dimension Zero (Sweden)
Disillusion (Germany)
Dispatched (Sweden)
Distress of Ruin (Finland)
Divine Souls (Sweden)
Divinity (Canada)
Dominator (Malaysia)
Dragonwind (United States)
Dramatvm (Mexico)
Dreamshade (Switzerland)
Dulcamara (Spain)

Melodic death metal bands: E

Each of the Days (Japan)
Echovirus (United Kingdom)
Edge of Anger (Netherlands)
Edge Of Sanity (Sweden)
Ego Fall (China)
Elenium (Finland)
Elivagar (Germany)
Elysium (Poland)
Embers (Hungary)
Embrace Eternity (Australia)
Enemy Logic (Ireland)
Enforsaken (United States)
Engel (Sweden)
Engraved Disillusion (United Kingdom)
Ensemble of Silence (Malaysia)
Enter My Silence (Finland)
Epoch Of Unlight (United States)
Era Decay (Romania)
Escutcheon (Germany)
Eskhata (Serbia)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (Finland)
Ethelyn (Poland)
Eucharist (Sweden)
Euphoreon (New Zealand)
Evemaster (Finland)
Eventide (Sweden)
Everlost (Russia)
Evocation (Sweden)
Excess of Cruelty (Belgium)
Excrecor (United States)
Excurses (Canada)
Exhumation (Russia)
Exodikon (Hungary)
Exsecratus (Finland)
Eyeconoclast (Italy)
Eyecult (Sweden)

Melodic death metal bands: F

Faktor Straha (Russia)
Falchion (Finland)
Fall Of Eden (United States)
Fallen Angels (Sweden)
Fallen Within (Greece)
Falling Leaves (Jordan)
Fangorn (Germany)
Fatal Fear (Korea)
Fear My Thoughts (Germany)
Fission (Sweden)
Fleshless (Czech Republic)
Flying (Ukraine)
Followbane (Japan)
For Ruin (Ireland)
For Today (United States)
Forever In Terror (United States)
Forgotten Tears (Italy)
Forporgent (Germany)
Fortytwo (Norway)
Fragments Of Unbecoming (Germany)
Fractal Gates (France)
Frantic Amber (Sweden)
From Exile (United States)
From The Shallows (United States)
Frosttide (Finland)
Frosty Eve (China)
Fuelblooded (Netherlands)
Funeral of August (Korea)

Melodic death metal bands: G

Gardenian (Sweden)
Garden of Shadows (United States)
Gates of Ishtar (Sweden)
Gholes (Italy)
Ghost Brigade (Finland)
Godgory (Sweden)
Godless Crusade (Italy)
Grendel (Finland)
Grey Heaven Fall (Russia)
Grey Skies Fallen (United States)
Grievers (Italy)
Grimlock (Australia)

Melodic death metal bands: H

Halo Of Shadows (Finland)
Harpia Deiis (Austria)
Hatecraft (Russia)
HDK (Netherlands)
Heathen Foray (Austria)
Heaven Ablaze (Canada)
Heaven Shall Burn (Germany)
Hearse (Sweden)
Hecate Enthroned (United Kingdom)
Heldrasil (Malaysia)
Here I Come Falling (United States)
Herriot (Malaysia)
Hidden Silence (Malaysia)
Himsa (United States)
Hollowtone (Belgium)
Holymarsh (Korea)
Human Error (Australia)
Hypocrisy (Sweden)

Melodic death metal bands: I

Igneous Human (Sweden)
Ignominious Incarceration (United Kingdom)
Immortal Souls (Finland)
Impedigon (Sweden)
Imperanon (Finland)
Imperial Domain (Sweden)
In Arkadia (France)
In Blackest Velvet (Germany)
In Flames Melodic (Sweden)
In Mourning (Sweden)
In Slumber (Austria)
In the Midst Of Lions (United States)
In Thy Dreams (Sweden)
In Trails Metal (France)
In Twilight’s Embrace (Poland)
Inactive Messiah (Greece)
Incarnia (Canada)
Incubus Dreams (Germany)
Inexist (Russia)
Inexistent (Germany)
Infernaeon (United States)
Infernal Chaos (Korea)
Infernal Tenebra (Croatia)
Inhaled (Canada)
Inner Aggression (Germany)
Inner Sanctum (Germany)
Inreign (Ireland)
Insomnium (Finland)
Inspiramentum Aeoli (Russia)
Into Eternity (Canada)

Melodic death metal bands: J

Jean Grey (United States)

Melodic death metal bands: K

Kabbal (Maldives)
Keep of Kalessin (Norway)
Kiana (Finland)
Kill the Romance (Finland)
Kissing the Mirror (Japan)
Krepuskul (Romania)

Melodic death metal bands: L

L.O.S.T. (Romania)
La Bestia Negra (Czech Republic)
Lapsus Dei (Chile)
Last Deception (Spain)
Lay Down Rotten (Germany)
Lefthander (Russia)
Light Silent Death (Italy)
Light This City (United States)
Liprosys (Malaysia)
Locracy (Austria)
Lost Dreams (Austria)
Lost Eden (Japan)
Lost Regrets (Belarus)
Loudblast (France)
Lovecraaft (France)
Lunarsea (Italy)
Lunarsphere (Germany)

Melodic death metal bands: M

Machinemade God (Germany)
Made of Hate (Poland)
Madrigal (Sweden)
Malefice (United Kingdom)
Maleficio (Sweden)
Mandragora (Lithuania)
Mar De Grises (Chile)
Marionette (Sweden)
Martriden (United States)
Massive Slavery (Canada)
Matriarch (Puerto Rico)
Meaning Beside (Russia)
Medicated (Finland)
Medicine Death (Brazil)
Mendeed (United Kingdom)
Mephistopheles (Germany)
Mercenary (Denmark)
Mesmerized (Poland)
Mind Assault (South Africa)
Misanthrope (France)
Miseration (Finland)
Misery Inc. (Finland)
Misery Speaks (Germany)
MistyFate (Colombia)
Moonrise (Italy)
Moredhel (Australia)
Morrigu (Belgium)
Mors Principium Est (Finland)
Mors Subita (Finland)
Mortifilia (Czech Republic)
Morzgul (Venezuela)
Mourning Caress (Germany)
Mourning Lenore (Portugal)
My Elegy (Germany)
MyGrain (Finland)
Mythological Cold Towers (Brazil)

Melodic death metal bands: N

Nail Within (Israel)
Naildown (Finland)
Nailed to Obscurity (Germany)
Nation Despair (Finland)
Nattaravnur (Germany)
Naumachia (Poland)
Nebucadnezzer (Canada)
Necroart (Italy)
Neptune (Italy)
Nettlethrone (Turkey)
Nevolution (Iceland)
Night in Gales (Germany)
Nightrage (Sweden)
Nightshade (Sweden)
Nimphaion (Russia)
Noctiferia (Slovenia)
Nonexist (Sweden)
Norther (Finland)
Nosce Teipsum (Australia)
Nothung (Sweden)
Noumena (Finland)
Nox Aurea (Sweden)

Melodic death metal bands: O

Oathean (Korea)
Obscurant (Finland)
Omnispawn (Sweden)
Omnium Gatherum (Finland)
Onward to Olympas (United States)
Orphan Hate (Germany)
Orpheus (Australia)
Ossastorium (Lithuania)
Otkroveniya Dozhdya (Russia)
Out Of Yesteryear (Belarus)
Overgarven (Greece)

Melodic death metal bands: P

Painful Existence (Germany)
Pandemonium (Sweden)
Path of Denial (Sweden)
Path of Mine (Finland)
Paul Wardingham (Australia)
Peligro (Philippines)
Persefone (Andorra)
Phantom Pain (Finland)
Pictures of Pain (Norway)
Pitch Black (Denmark)
Plastic Earth (Japan)
Porfyria (Slovakia)
Preternatural (Latvia)
Prey for Nothing (Israel)
Process (Denmark)


Melodic death metal bands: R

Raintime (Italy)
Rapture (Finland)
Ravenage (United Kingdom)
Remnants of the Fallen (Korea)
Reprisal Scars (Finland)
Requiem Aeternam (Uruguay)
Requiem Laus (Portugal)
Revenant (United States)
Ritual of Rebirth (Italy)
Riverain (Russia)
RoutaSielu (Finland)
Ruthless Order (Russia)

Melodic death metal bands: S

Sa-da-ko (United Kingdom)
Saattue (Finland)
Sacramentum (Sweden)
Saeculum Obscurum (Germany)
Sagaris (Slovenia)
Salt the Wound (United States)
Sandbridge (Slovakia)
Santuario Argentina
Saruman (Germany)
Satariel (Sweden)
Saturnus (Denmark)
Satyros (Germany)
Scar Symmetry (Sweden)
Scarlet Garden (Japan)
Scarscythe (Portugal)
Sculptured (United States)
Searing Meadow (Finland)
Season of Anger (Austria)
Seith (Finland)
September Murder (Germany)
Septic Cemetery (Austria)
Serpent (Japan)
Shade Empire (Finland)
Shades of Dusk (Canada)
Shadows Fall (United States)
Shadowsphere (Portugal)
Shatter Silence (Japan)
She Said Destroy (Norway)
Sight of Emptiness (Costa Rica)
Silence the Messenger (United States)
Silent Civilian (United States)
Silent Descent (United Kingdom)
Sincarnate (Romania)
Sins of Omission (Sweden)
Sklepmaster (Czech Republic)
Skyfire (Sweden)
Smash The Brain (Japan)
Smaxone (Denmark)
Soilwork (Sweden)
Solution .45 (Sweden)
Solemn (Taiwan)
Somnae (United States)
Sonic Syndicate (Sweden)
Sons Of Azrael (United States)
Sorrow of Tranquility (Japan)
Soul Demise (Germany)
Souldrainer (Sweden)
Soulfallen (Finland)
Soulhavoc (Finland)
Soulless (United States)
State:Chaos (Netherlands)
Stone Wings (Australia)
Storm of Sorrows (Germany)
Straight Land (Belarus)
Succubus (Germany)
Summer Dying (United States)
Syconaut (Sweden)
Sylosis (United Kingdom)
Symbolic (Germany)
Synestesia (Finland)
System Divide (United States)
System Shock (Sweden)

Melodic death metal bands: T

Tank (France)
Taste of Desolation (Germany)
Tear It Down (Czech Republic)
Terror by the Lake (United States)
Terrormight (Korea)
The Absence (United States)
The Agonist (Canada)
The Agony Scene (United States)
The Arcane Order (Denmark)
The Autumn Offering (United States)
The Bereaved (Sweden)
The Black Dahlia Murder (United States)
The Blinded (Sweden)
The Breathing Process (United States)
The Cold Existence (Sweden)
The Crescents (Korea)
The Duskfall (Sweden)
The Elysian Fields (Greece)
The Fading (Israel)
The Few Against Many (Sweden)
The Forsaken (Sweden)
The Funeral Pyre (United States)
The Last Hangmen (Germany)
The Last Tempest (United States)
The Mark of Man (New Zealand)
The Morningside (Russia)
The Morphean (Austria)
The Scourger (Finland)
The Seventh (Belgium)
The Sorrow (Austria)
The Spektrum (Portugal)
The Unguided (Sweden)
The Vala (United States)
The Very End (Germany)
The Wake (Finland)
The Way of Purity (Sweden)
The Year of Our Lord (United States)
Theophagy (United States)
Thine Eyes Bleed (Canada)
Third Moon (Austria)
Threat Signal (Canada)
Through Your Silence (Italy)
Thy Bleeding Skies (Germany)
Thyateira (United States)
Tirania (Croatia)
To Resist Fatality (Germany)
Tracedawn (Finland)
Tyrant Lord (El Salvador)

Melodic death metal bands: U

Unanimated (Sweden)
Unbelief (Denmark)
Uncreation (Germany)
Undead Corporation (Japan)
Universum (Australia)
Unreal Overflows (Spain)
Until Dawn (Canada)
Unto Acheron (United States)
Urkraft (Denmark)

Melodic death metal bands: V

Vargavinter (Netherlands)
Verjnuarmu (Finland)
Verses (India)
Vespers Descent (Australia)
Violent Eve (Spain)
Vira (Denmark)
Vociferation Eternity (Malaysia)

Melodic death metal bands: W

Waldheim (Spain)
Warbreed Argentina
Warland (El Salvador)
When You Scream (Germany)
Whispered (Finland)
Whispering Gallery (Netherlands)
Wintersun (Finland)
With Passion (United States)
Withering (Finland)
Withering Surface (Denmark)
Within Y (Sweden)
Without Grief (Sweden)
Woe of Tyrants (United States)
Wolfheart (Finland)
World Under Blood (United States)
Wretched (United States)
Wulfgar (Sweden)
Wynterborne (United States)

Melodic death metal bands: X

Melodic death metal bands: Y

Your Chance to Die (United States)
Your Last Wish (Canada)

Melodic death metal bands: Z

Zenithrash (Japan)
Zero Degrees Freedom (Australia)
Zonaria (Sweden)