Folk metal bands

This list of Folk metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Folk metal.

Folk metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal developed in Europe during the 1990s. Folk metal genre is a fusion of heavy metal with traditional folk music. This includes the widespread use of folk instruments and, to a lesser extent, traditional singing styles. The first folk metal band was the English band Skyclad. Their debut album The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth was released in 1990. It was not until 1994 and 1995 that other early contributors in the genre began to emerge from different regions of Europe.

The music of folk metal is characterised by its diversity with bands known to perform different styles of both heavy metal music and folk music. A large variety of folk instruments are used in the genre with many bands consequently featuring six or more members in their regular line-ups. A few bands are also known to rely on keyboards to simulate the sound of folk instruments. Lyrics in the genre commonly deal with paganism, nature, fantasy, mythology and history.

Folk metal bands – list of Folk metal bands a-z


Ad Plenitatem Lunae (Italy)
Adorned Brood (Germany)
Aeternam (Canada)
Alator (Italy)
Alestorm (United Kingdom)
Aljahilia (Morocco)
Alkonost (Russia)
Ally The Fiddle (Germany)
Almora (Turkey)
Amber Tears (Russia)
Anabioz (Russia)
Ancient Reign (Canada)
Ancient Rites (Belgium)
Angeli Di Pietra (Belgium)
Arafel (Israel)
Arkonian (Macedonia)
Arvinger (Norway)
Ascension of the Watchers (United States)
Ashen Light (Russia)
Ashtar (Brazil)
Askival (United Kingdom)
Ásmegin (Norway)
Ataraxia (Italy)
Avven (Slovenia)


Bak De Syv Fjell (Norway)
Baldrs Draumar (Netherlands)
Battlesoul (Canada)
Beer Bear (Russia)
Bellfast (Japan)
Blackguard (Canada)
Blackwatch (United States)
Blaze of Sorrow (Italy)
Brezno (Slovenia)
Brîselas (Chile)
Brymir (Finland)
Bucium (Romania)
Bucovina (Romania)


Caladmor (Switzerland)
Caravanheart (Indonesia)
Carved in Stone (Germany)
Catuvolcus (Canada)
Cave Growl (France)
Celtic Legacy (Ireland)
Cnoc An Tursa (United Kingdom)
Conorach (Netherlands)
Cormorant (United States)
Cruadalach (Czech Republic)


Dalriada (Hungary)
Dead Raven Choir (Poland)
Defender Of Tanelorn (Georgia)
Delenda Arcana (Brazil)
Dibbukim Yiddish (Sweden)
Dolmen (Argentina)
Dormant (United States)
Drakum (Spain)
Drapsnatt (Sweden)
Dur Dabla (France)
Dyrathor (Germany)


Eklyps (France)
Eldensky (Canada)
Elderich (Germany)
Elexorien (Netherlands)
Eljudner (Norway)
Eluveitie (Switzerland)
Empylver (China)
Encorion (Netherlands)
Equilibrium (Germany)
Esfinge de Gizeh (Venezuela)
Eskhata (Serbia)
Evol (Italy)
Excelsis (Switzerland)


Fejd (Sweden)
Finnentum (Finland)
Finntroll Humppa (Finland)
Finsterforst (Germany)
Fjoergyn (Germany)
Fjörd (Canada)
Folk Stone (Italy)
Folkearth (Sweden)
Folkodia (Lithuania)
Furor Gallico (Italy)


Gallowbraid (United States)
Grimm (Netherlands)
Grivf (Denmark)
Guahaihoque Extreme (Colombia)
Guthrum (United Kingdom)


Hagalaz’ Runedance (Norway)
Hagen (Sweden)
Hardingrock (Norway)
Harmoniks (Switzerland)
Harptallica (United States)
Harvestman (United States)
Heart (United States)
Heidevolk (Netherlands)
Helengard (Russia)
Heljareyga (Faroe Islands)
Hiverna (Canada)
Hok-key (Belarus)
Holy Blood (Ukraine)


Ignis Fatuu (Germany)
In Extremo (Germany)
Isengard (Norway)
Ithilien (Belgium)
Izmoroz (Russia)


Jaldaboath (United Kingdom)


Kalevala (Russia)
Kauan (Russia)
KerecsenSólyom (Hungary)
Kivimetsän Druidi (Finland)
Klamm (Germany)
Kopjafa Heathen (Hungary)
Korpiklaani (Finland)
Kramola (Russia)
Krampus (Italy)
Kultasiipi (Germany)


L’Ordre du Temple (Italy)
Lándevir (Spain)
Leaves’ Eyes (Germany)
Lemuria (Belgium)
Litvintroll (Belarus)
Liv Kristine (Germany)
Lönndom (Sweden)
Lord Wind (Poland)
Lothlöryen (Brazil)
Lou Quinse (Italy)
Lumsk (Norway)
Lustkind (Germany)
Lyriel (Germany)


Magica (Romania)
Mago De Oz (Spain)
Maleficio (Sweden)
Malnatt (Italy)
Marțolea (Romania)
Memento Nostri (Malta)
Metsatöll (Estonia)
Midgaard (Russia)
Minhyriath (Switzerland)
Minos (United States)
Mistur (Norway)
Mondvolland (Netherlands)
Moonlyght (Canada)
Moonsorrow (Finland)
Moradin (Canada)
Myrkgrav (Norway)
Myrkraverk (Norway)
Myrkvar (Netherlands)


Naastrand (France)
Nachtgeschrei (Germany)
Nachtreich (Germany)
Naervaer (Norway)
Nazgul (Italy)
Negură Bunget (Romania)
Nekrogoblikon (United States)
Nerthus (Austria)
Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine)
Northland (Spain)
Nucleus Torn (Switzerland)


Oak Roots (Italy)
October Falls (Finland)
Odroerir (Germany)
Of the Wand and the Moon (Denmark)
Olam Ein Sof (Brazil)
Omela (Russia)
Orden Ogan (Germany)
Orphaned Land (Israel)
OTYG (Sweden)


Pagan Glory (Germany)
Pagan Reign (Russia)
Paghania (Chile)
Perunwit (Poland)
Pleroms Gate Extreme (Poland)
Powerless (Croatia)
Protokult (Canada)


Queen Angels (Indonesia)


Ravenage (United Kingdom)
Raventhrone (Canada)
Razor Heart (United States)
Rivendell (Austria)
Runic (Spain)
Rusich (Ukraine)


Sacra Arcana (Hungary)
Saltatio Mortis (Germany)
Saurom (Spain)
Schandmaul (Germany)
Scott Kelly (United States)
Scythia (Canada)
Shambless (Bulgaria)
Shangren Asian Australia
Shieldwall (United Kingdom)
Skyclad (United Kingdom)
Solgrav (Finland)
Sorgsvart (Netherlands)
Spellblast (Italy)
Stonehaven (United States)
Stormheit (Finland)
Subway to Sally (Germany)
Sunnudagr (Germany)
Svartby (Russia)
Svartsot (Denmark)


Temnozor (Russia)
Templario (Spain)
Tengwar (Argentina)
Tevana (Finland)
The Crying of Memories (El Salvador)
The Marsu (Indonesia)
The Mist and the Morning Dew (Finland)
Thronar (Netherlands)
Thunderkraft (Ukraine)
Tier Ensaam (Mexico)
Trollband (Canada)
Trollfest (Norway)
Tumulus (Russia)
Turisas (Finland)
Týr Progressive (Faroe Islands)


Uaral (Chile)


Vali (Norway)
Velnias (United States)
Vinlanders (Canada)
Virrasztók (Hungary)
Viter (Ukraine)
Vo Skorbyah (Russia)
Voodoo Kungfu Extreme (China)


Waldwind (Germany)
Wardruna (Norway)
Warknight (Argentina)
Wheels of Poseidon (Ireland)
Windir (Norway)
Windrider (United Kingdom)
Wojnar (Poland)
Wolfhorde (Finland)
Wolfkhan (Poland)
Wolfmare (Russia)
Wölfölk (Brazil)
Wolfsangel (Russia)
Wongraven (Norway)


Xerion (Spain)


Yana Raymi (Peru)
Yggdrasil (Sweden)
Yonder Realm (United States)