Gothic metal bands

This list of Gothic metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Gothic metal.

Gothic metal or goth metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music that combines the aggression of doom metal with the dark melancholy of gothic rock. The music of gothic metal is diverse with bands known to adopt the gothic approach to different styles of heavy metal music. The genre originated during the early 1990s in Europe originally as an outgrowth of doom/death, a fusion of death metal and doom metal. Lyrics are generally melodramatic and mournful with inspiration from gothic fiction as well as personal experiences.

Pioneers of gothic metal include Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema, all from the north of England. Other pioneers from the first half of the 1990s include Type O Negative from the United States, Tiamat from Sweden, and The Gathering from the Netherlands. Norwegian band Theatre of Tragedy developed the “beauty and the beast” aesthetic of combining aggressive male vocals with clean female vocals, a contrast that has since been adopted by many gothic metal groups.

Gothic metal bands – list of gothic metal bands a-z

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Gothic metal bands: 0–9

4order (Finland)

Gothic metal bands: A

A Dark Performance (Bolivia)
A Dream Of Poe (Portugal)
A New Dawn (Netherlands)
Aava (Brazil)
Ab Aeterno (Argentina)
Abadoom (Colombia)
Abraxas (Poland)
Abysmal Grief (Italy)
Accid Reign (Germany)
Adastreia (United Kingdom)
Adversus (Germany)
Aeternitas (Germany)
Agate (Norway)
Aimless (Germany)
Aion (Poland)
Akentra (France)
Akoma (Denmark)
Akphaezya (France)
Alexandria (United States)
Alight (Italy)
All Shall End (United States)
Amaranthys (France)
Amatris (Germany)
Amederia (Russia)
Amorticure (Germany)
Anaphora (France)
Angel (Netherlands)
Angel of Fire (Croatia)
Angeldark (Spain)
Angelical Tears (United States)
Angercure (Bulgaria)
Ankhagram (Russia)
Annatar (Netherlands)
Annisa Wulandari (Indonesia)
Ansoticca (Germany)
Antichrisis (Germany)
Antonamasia (Australia)
Anubiz (Germany)
Aperion (Slovenia)
Arcane Dimension (United States)
Armaga (Russia)
Artrosis (Poland)
Asgaard (Poland)
Ashes You Leave (Croatia)
Atanab (Colombia)
Atargatis (Germany)
Atoll Nerat (Russia)
Atrox (Norway)
Auto-de-Fe (Russia)
Autumn (Netherlands)
Autumn Rain Melancholy (Russia)
Autumnblaze (Germany)
Ava Inferi (Portugal)
Avariel (United States)
Azylya (Belgium)

Gothic metal bands: B

Beseech (Sweden)
Beyond the Dream (Finland)
Black Comedy (Norway)
Black Elegy (Germany)
Black Knight Symfonia (Monaco)
Black Orchid (Australia)
Blinded Rain (Finland)
Bloodflowerz (Germany)
Bloodparade (Argentina)
By Blood Alone (United States)

Gothic metal bands: C

Cadaveria (Italy)
Canaan Dark Ambient (Italy)
Cardamon (Netherlands)
Cassandra Syndrome (United States)
Catafalque (Turkey)
Cathis Ord (United Kingdom)
Céphée Lyra (France)
Chalice (Australia)
Charon (Finland)
Children of Tragedy (Canada)
Chrysalis (United States)
Cinderella Effect (Germany)
Clair de Lune Morte (Chile)
Consummatum Est (Italy)
Coronatus (Germany)
Creation’s Tears (United Kingdom)
Crimson Tears (Finland)
Cult of Dionysis (United States)
Cultus Sanguine (Italy)
Cybele (Norway)
Cyber Cross (Italy)

Gothic metal bands: D

Daarchlea (Malaysia)
Dakrya (Greece)
Dark Princess (Russia)
Dark Sanctuary (France)
Dark Whisper (Argentina)
Darknezz Morte (Malaysia)
Darkseed (Germany)
Darkwell (Austria)
Dawn of Solace (Finland)
Daylight Torn (Austria)
Dead Emotions (Germany)
Deathstars (Sweden)
Decrepit Spectre (France)
Delight (Poland)
Demether (Serbia)
Demonic Symphony (Germany)
Denun (Chile)
Diabulus in Musica (Spain)
Diluvium (Serbia)
Distorted (Israel)
Divercia (Finland)
Do Not Dream (Germany)
Domina Noctis (Italy)
Down In A Hole (Korea)
Downscarred (Germany)
Draconian (Sweden)
DrammaGothica (Italy)
Drawn (Norway)
Dreams Of Sanity (Austria)

Gothic metal bands: E

Ebonylake (United Kingdom)
Echoes of Eternity (United States)
Eden weint im Grab (Germany)
Eilera (France)
Eisheilig (Germany)
El Cuervo de Poe (Mexico)
Elysion (Greece)
End Of You (Finland)
Enoria (Switzerland)
Ensoph (Italy)
Enter Twilight (Australia)
Entwine (Finland)
Enuma Elish (Spain)
Epica (Netherlands)
Equinoxem (Argentina)
Erben der Schöpfung (Liechtenstein)
Erynies (France)
Estatic Fear (Austria)
Eternity Stands Still (Italy)
Even Vast (Italy)
EvenMore (Spain)
Evenoire (Italy)
Evereve (Germany)
Evig Natt (Norway)
Evoke Thy Lords (Russia)
Ex Libris (Netherlands)
Exaudi (Germany)
Exegesis (Colombia)
Extasy (Russia)
Eyes of Eden (Germany)

Gothic metal bands: F

Faderay (Slovenia)
Fading Bliss (Belgium)
Fall Of The Leafe (Finland)
Farmer Boys (Germany)
Filthy Teens (Italy)
Fleurety (Norway)
Flood of Dissonance (United States)
Flowing Tears (Germany)
For My Pain (Finland)
For My Pain… (Finland)
Forever Slave (Spain)
Forgive-Me-Not (Russia)
Forgotten Souls (Poland)
Fortaleza (Mexico)
Fractal (Russia)
Fragile Hollow (Finland)
Fright Night (Russia)
Frozen Caress (Italy)
Frozen Dusk (Romania)
Funeral (Norway)

Gothic metal bands: G

Gaia (Korea)
Gate of Sorrow (Czech Republic)
Gnais (Belgium)
Goatron (Finland)
Godyva (Italy)
Golden Dawn (Austria)
Gothic Sky (Russia)
Grayscale (Finland)
Greedy Invalid (Czech Republic)
Green Carnation (Norway)
Grimfaith (Ukraine)
Grinning Shadows (Italy)
Guaho (Russia)
Gyöngyvér (Hungary)

Gothic metal bands: H

Heaven Grey (Latvia)
Heavenlust (Italy)
Heavenwood (Portugal)
Hellimunan (Malaysia)
HIM (Finland)
How Like a Winter (Italy)
Howling Syn (Canada)
Human Drama (United Kingdom)
Human Eve (Mexico)
Hydria (Brazil)

Gothic metal bands: I

Illuminandi (Poland)
Iluminato (Brazil)
Imperia (Netherlands)
Indica (Finland)
Infernalis Auditorium (France)
Inhepsie (France)
Inner Shrine (Italy)
Ismini (Greece)

Gothic metal bands: J

Jennie Tebler’s Out of Oblivion (Sweden)

Gothic metal bands: K

Katanga (Germany)
Katra (Finland)
KeyDragon (United States)
Khael (Spain)
Krypteria (Germany)

Gothic metal bands: L

L’ Âme Immortelle (Austria)
La-Ventura (Netherlands)
Lacrimas Profundere (Germany)
Lacrimosa (Germany)
Lacuna Coil (Italy)
Lake of Tears (Sweden)
Laments of Silence (Spain)
Lands of Past (France)
Landscape Of Souls (Poland)
Lanewin (Russia)
Lapis Fons (Korea)
Layment (Germany)
Leviathane (Switzerland)
Lightless Moor (Italy)
Lilitu (United States)
Liquid Sky (United Kingdom)
Lord Agheros (Italy)
Lullacry (Finland)
Luna Aeterna (Russia)
Lunar Path (Finland)
Lunatica (Switzerland)

Gothic metal bands: M

Madder Mortem (Norway)
Madrigal (Sweden)
Magion (Netherlands)
Magnifiqat (Italy)
Maledia (Italy)
Malinconia (Ukraine)
Mandragora Scream (Italy)
Mandrake (Germany)
Marc Broude (United States)
Maria Escarlata (Mexico)
Marienbad (Germany)
Markize (France)
Meltgsnow (Singapore)
Mely (Austria)
Mena Brinno (United States)
Mercury Eye (Italy)
Midnattsol (Norway)
Mindfield (Germany)
Mizantropia (Ukraine)
Moi dix Mois (Japan)
Monoblock (Germany)
Moonlight (Poland)
Moonshine (Korea)
Moonspell (Portugal)
Morbydia (Brazil)
Morphium (Spain)
Mortal Love (Norway)
Mortemia (Norway)
My Black Light (Italy)
My Dying Bride (United Kingdom)
My Inner Burning (Germany)
My Severance (France)
My Silent Wake (United Kingdom)
My Sixth Shadow (Italy)
My Tide (Germany)

Gothic metal bands: N

Naos Symphonic (France)
Nataly Kruger (Colombia)
Nebelstille (Germany)
Nemesea (Netherlands)
Neronoia (Italy)
Never Comes Silence (Germany)
Nevetherym (Australia)
No Love Lost (United Kingdom)
Nocturnal Dominium (Ukraine)
Non Mortis (Mexico)
Nostra Morte (Mexico)
Nota Profana (Venezuela)
Notre Dame (Sweden)
Noturna (Brazil)
Nox Mortis (Germany)

Gothic metal bands: O

Obsidian Shell (Hungary)
Ocean of Sorrow (Russia)
Octavia Sperati (Norway)
Odes of Ecstasy (Greece)
Offertorium (Moldova)
Olvido (Spain)
Ommatidia (France)
On the Edge of the NetherRealm (Russia)
One Without (Sweden)
Opticollide (United States)
Orestea (United Kingdom)
Öröm (Hungary)
Orphanage (Netherlands)

Gothic metal bands: P

Paragon Of Beauty (Germany)
Penumbra (France)
Perpteuate (Canada)
Poisonblack (Finland)
Pursuing the End (Italy)

Gothic metal bands: R

R.D.S.K. (France)
Rain Paint (Finland)
Rainfall (Italy)
RandomWalk (Greece)
Ravendusk (Poland)
Ravenscry (Italy)
RawkFist (Germany)
Red Queen Theory (United States)
Reflexion Modern (Finland)
Regardless of Me (Italy)
ReVamp (Netherlands)
Rhevan (Brazil)

Gothic metal bands: S

Sacramento (Chile)
Sad Alice Said (Ukraine)
SadDolls (Greece)
Salem Death (Israel)
Sammsara (France)
Samsas Traum (Germany)
Sarah Jezebel Deva (United Kingdom)
SaraLee (Finland)
Sarcastic (Portugal)
Satyrian (Finland)
Sea of Despair (Russia)
Season of Mourning (United States)
Semblant (Brazil)
Sengir (Belgium)
Sentenced (Finland)
Septem Voices (Russia)
Seven Dark Eyes (Italy)
Shades of Nowhere (Finland)
Shadowgarden (Sweden)
Shadows Dance (Greece)
Shadows’ Grey (Austria)
Shardless (Germany)
Shield of Wings (United States)
Siegfried (Austria)
Silent Cry (Brazil)
Silent Hill (Czech Republic)
Silent Opera (France)
Silent Resentment (China)
Silentium (Finland)
Sin of Kain (Hungary)
Sinamore (Finland)
Sinphonia (Denmark)
Sins in Vain (Sweden)
Sirenia (Norway)
Skeptical Minds (Belgium)
Skydancer (Spain)
Sorg (Norway)
Soror Dolorosa (France)
Sorrowful Angels (Greece)
Sorrowseed (United States)
Soulgrind (Finland)
Souls of Diotima (Italy)
Sylver Myst (Netherlands)
SyStr (France)

Gothic metal bands: T

T.H.E. Sacrament (Russia)
Tainted Grace (United Kingdom)
Tarja (Finland)
TBC (Austria)
Tears of Magdalena (Finland)
Tears of Mankind (Russia)
Tellurian (Brazil)
Tempting Tragedy (Canada)
Tetriconia (Mexico)
Tharsys (Germany)
The Aerium (Russia)
The Arcane (Lebanon)
The Black League (Denmark)
The Bronx Casket Co. (United States)
The Crest (Norway)
The Dogma (Italy)
The Eternal (Australia)
The Foreshadowing (Italy)
The Gathering (Netherlands)
The Lust (Russia)
The Man-Eating Tree (Finland)
The Murder of My Sweet (Sweden)
The Myth of Autumn (Finland)
The Provenance (Sweden)
The Red King (United States)
The Sins Of Thy Beloved (Norway)
The Sun of Weakness (Italy)
The Sundial (Russia)
The SymphOnyx (Portugal)
The Unborn (Argentina)
The Vision Bleak (Germany)
The Void (Italy)
Theatre of Tragedy (Norway)
Theatres des Vampires (Italy)
Thin Line (Italy)
This Empty Flow Ambient (Finland)
Thora (Germany)
Tiarra (Romania)
To Cast a Shadow (Norway)
ToDieFor (Finland)
Todesbonden (United States)
Toreador (China)
Total Tragedy (Indonesia)
Tower (Poland)
Tragodia (Italy)
Trail Of Tears (Norway)
Tristania (Norway)
Tular (Italy)
Tunes of Dawn (Germany)
Two (United Kingdom)
Type O Negative (United States)
Tystnaden (Italy)

Gothic metal bands: U

Unshine (Finland)
UnSun (Poland)
Unto Ashes (United States)
Urn (United States)

Gothic metal bands: V

Vagrant God (Norway)
Vasaria (United States)
Vega (Germany)
Veil of Mist (France)
Velvet Seal (Hungary)
Venin Noir (Brazil)
VItaly (Italy)
Vizant (Montenegro)
Von Branden (Germany)

Gothic metal bands: W

We Are The Fallen (United States)
Wedding In Hades (France)
Wedingoth (France)
Weeping Silence Malta
Where Angels Fall (Norway)
Whispers of Fate (Italy)
Winter In Eden (United Kingdom)
Winter Storm (United Kingdom)
Wintercold (Sweden)
Wintermond (Germany)
Witchcraft (Russia)
Within Temptation (Netherlands)
Without Face (Hungary)
Wykked Wytch (United States)

Gothic metal bands: X

Xandria (Germany)

Gothic metal bands: Z

Zelestial (Ecuador)