Heavy metal bands

This list of Heavy metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Heavy metal.

Heavy metal bands – Heavy metal genre

Heavy metal is a genre of rock music developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in the United Kingdom and the United States. Heavy metal is traditionally characterized by loud distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms, dense bass-and-drum sound, and vigorous vocals. The rhythm in metal songs is emphatic, with deliberate stresses. The wide array of sonic effects available to metal drummers enables the rhythmic pattern to take on a complexity within its elemental drive and insistency. In many heavy metal songs, the main groove is characterized by short, two-note or three-note rhythmic figures—generally made up of 8th or 16th notes.

The term heavy metal was popularized in the Steppenwolf hit “Born to be wild” which includes the phrase “heavy metal thunder”. The new genre was distind from rock music not only musically but in its lyrical themes. Throughout the 1970s groups such as Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest had much lucrative success as heavy metal bands.

In the 1980s and into the 1990s new heavy metal bands came along, and new technologies made the heavy metal sound still darker, fiercer, more abrasive. Iron Maiden produced songs that were often broodingly introspective as well as songs based on myths and legends. Metallica and Megadeth developed a startlingly dark and energetic sound, and they used it to convey gloomy lyrical themes of religious and political hypocrisy, alienation, and existential emptiness.

heavy metal bands

Heavy metal bands list – list of Heavy metal bands a-z

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Heavy metal bands:0–9

$ilverdollar (Sweden)
037 (Spain)
2112 (Argentina)
5 Stihii (Russia)
69 Chambers (Switzerland)

Heavy metal bands: A

A Band Called Pain (United States)
A Love Ends Suicide (United States)
A Sound of Thunder (United States)
A Tortured Soul (United States)
A+ (Czech Republic)
A.D.D. (United States)
Ababil (Malaysia)
Abaddon (Mexico)
Abadon (Ecuador)
ABBand (Czech Republic)
Abraxas (Mexico)
Accept (Germany)
Achilleus (Sweden)
Acis (Sweden)
Acrid (Switzerland)
Adamantivm (Spain)
Adrana (France)
Adrian Barilari (Argentina)
After Therapy (United States)
Aftermath (Sweden)
Agincourt (United Kingdom)
Agonizer (Finland)
Ahard (Czech Republic)
Airborn (Italy)
Airged L’amh (Greece)
Ajedra (Russia)
Alas Negras (Puerto Rico)
Alcatrazz (United States)
Alexis Birds of Prey (Chile)
Alhambra (Japan)
Alianza (Argentina)
Aliy Rassvet (Russia)
Allen-Lande (Sweden)
Almost Saint (Hungary)
Amadeüs (Spain)
Amalgama (Russia)
Amazon (Brazil)
Ambehr (Algeria)
Amulance (United States)
Anarion (Australia)
Ancara (Finland)
Ancient Wolves (United States)
Andi Deris (Germany)
Andre Matos (Brazil)
Andres Alvarez (Colombia)
Angel Blake (Sweden)
Angel Eyes (Korea)
Angeles del Infierno (Spain)
Angels of Babylon (United States)
Angelus (El Salvador)
Ani (Japan)
Ani USA (United States)
Anthem (Japan)
Anthenora (Italy)
Anvil (Canada)
Apocalypse (United Kingdom)
Apocalyptica (Finland)
Apocrypha (United States)
Arcanum (Switzerland)
Arch Demon Choir (United States)
Arctic Spirits (Greenland)
Arge (Chile)
Aria (Russia)
Arise Within (United States)
Arkhasis (France)
Arktida (Russia)
Armadura (Bolivia)
Armageddon (Korea)
Armed Forces (United States)
Armored Saint (United States)
Armour (Finland)
Arpeghy (Argentina)
Ars Magna (Guatemala)
Artirilium (Germany)
Artizan (United States)
Arturia (Bolivia)
Asgard (Germany)
Asgard Legionnaires (Qatar)
Asiana (Korea)
Asmodee (France)
Asomvel (United Kingdom)
Asperity (Sweden)
Astral Doors (Sweden)
Atalaya (Spain)
Atlantean Kodex (Germany)
Attacker (United States)
Attick Demons (Portugal)
Au Revoir (Malaysia)
Audio Blossom (Korea)
Auroch (France)
Avenged Sevenfold (United States)
Average Savage (Norway)
Axehammer (United States)
Axevyper (Italy)
Azken Garrasia (Spain)

Heavy metal bands: B

B’ (El Salvador)
Backstabbing Bastard (Finland)
Bad Good (United States)
Bad News (United States)
Baekdoosan (Korea)
Barilari (Argentina)
Barkhouse (Korea)
Baron Rojo (Spain)
Basca (Ecuador)
Bashful (United States)
Battle Beast (Finland)
Battlecry (Belgium)
BattleHeart (Netherlands)
Battlezone (United Kingdom)
Beast (Germany)
Bellzlleb (Japan)
Benedictum (United Kingdom)
Bestila (Czech Republic)
Beyond Fear (United States)
Beyond the Dark (Germany)
Beyond the Labyrinth (Belgium)
Big Panzer (Indonesia)
Billy Goat (Spain)
Bi (El Salvador)
Bishop (United States)
Bitch (Switzerland)
Bitch (United States)
Black Afghan (Austria)
Black Diamond Romania
Black Hole (Korea)
Black Knight (Canada)
Black Sabbath (United Kingdom)
Black See (Japan)
Black Steel (Australia)
Black Sword Thunder Attack (Greece)
Black Syndrome (Korea)
Black Tide (United States)
Blackened (Germany)
Blacksmith (Mexico)
Blacksmith (Russia)
Blackstar Halo (Finland)
Blaspheme (France)
Blaze Bayley (United Kingdom)
Blazing Guns (Sweden)
BlewVein (United States)
Blitzkrieg (United Kingdom)
Bloden-Wedd (Chile)
Blood Ceremony (Canada)
Blood Thirsty Demons (Italy)
Bloodbound (Sweden)
Bloody Six (Switzerland)
Blue Murder (United Kingdom)
Blueberryhill (Finland)
Bokor (Sweden)
Bomb And Scary (United States)
Bonfire (Germany)
Borgoth (Macedonia)
Boss Tweed (United States)
Brainfever (Germany)
Brainstorm (Germany)
Brazen Abbot (Brazil)
Breed of Darkness (Japan)
Briton Rites (United States)
Briton Rites (United States)
Brocas Helm (United States)
Broken Arrow (Italy)
Broken Sword (Croatia)
Bronce (Spain)
Bruce Dickinson (United Kingdom)
Buc Tuong Vietnam
Bullet (Sweden)
Bulletwolf (United States)
Burning Buses (Germany)
Burning Shadows (United States)
Butcher (United States)
Byron Nemeth (United States)

Heavy metal bands: C

Cacophony (United States)
Calibre (Brazil)
Calibre Zero (Spain)
Callisto (Russia)
Calvário (Brazil)
Candlemass (Sweden)
Cans (Sweden)
CaoTika (El Salvador)
Captain Kill (Italy)
Carnivora (Norway)
Cassle (United States)
Catch (United States)
CATS IN BOOTS Sleaze (United States)
Cauchemar (Canada)
Cauldron (Canada)
Caustic Felon (United States)
Centinela (Spain)
Centr Tyazhesti (Russia)
Cesare Sannino (Italy)
CETI (Poland)
Chainfist (Denmark)
Chainsaw (Poland)
Charisma (Korea)
Chastain (United States)
Children of the New Sun (United States)
Chrome Division (Norway)
Ciment Folk (Czech Republic)
Cirith Ungol (United States)
Citron (Czech Republic)
CJSS (United States)
Cloven Hoof (United Kingdom)
Cobra (Peru)
Cold Evocation (Colombia)
ColdSpell (Sweden)
Color of Darkness (United States)
Convict (Canada)
Cozy Powell (United Kingdom)
Crashdïet (Sweden)
Crawler (Italy)
Crescent Shield (United States)
Creyden (Czech Republic)
Crimson Glory (United States)
Crucified Barbara (Sweden)
Cruel Adicción (Argentina)
Crush (Greece)
CRUX (Korea)
Crying Machine (Japan)
Crystal Knight (Denmark)
Crystal Viper (Poland)
Crystallion (Germany)
Cutty Sark (Germany)

Heavy metal bands: D

D-Wall (Germany)
Dagorlad (Uruguay)
Damageplan (United States)
Danger Zone (Italy)
Danzig (United States)
Daon Life (Japan)
Dark Age (United States)
Dark Design (Sweden)
Dark Elf (Spain)
Dark Empire (United States)
Dark Forest (United Kingdom)
Dark Nightmare (Greece)
Dark Quarterer Prog (Italy)
Dark Side of the Spoon (Poland)
Dark Wizard (Netherlands)
Darkest Era Celtic (United Kingdom)
David Clerest Project (United States)
David Feinstein (United States)
Dawn of Silence (Sweden)
Dead Eyed Spider (Japan)
Deaf Dealer (Canada)
Death Dealer (Canada)
Deceptor (Greece)
Deep Purple (United Kingdom)
Demise of Sanity (United States)
Demon (United Kingdom)
Demons Gate (Australia)
Destiny (Sweden)
Destiny’s End (United States)
Destroyers (Poland)
Devastation Run (United States)
Dezperadoz Southern (Germany)
Di’anno (United Kingdom)
Diabolo (Portugal)
Die Knappen (Germany)
Digger (Germany)
Dio (United States)
Dionysus (Korea)
Disdain (Sweden)
Doctor Butcher (United States)
Dogpound (Sweden)
Dokken (Germany)
Doogie White (United Kingdom)
Doro (Germany)
Double Dealer (Japan)
Downfire (United States)
Downhell (Korea)
Dr. Mastermind (United States)
Dragonfly (Spain)
Dragonsfire (Germany)
Dream Evil (Sweden)
Dream Master (Argentina)
Dream of Illusion (Italy)
Dreamhunter (Italy)
Driving Force (Switzerland)
Drýsill (Iceland)

Heavy metal bands: E

Early Man (United States)
East (Malaysia)
Echoterra (United States)
Ecliptica (Uruguay)
Ecliptyka (Brazil)
Eden (Korea)
Eden (United States)
Eden Myrrh Shred (Canada)
Edge of Forever (Italy)
EH (United States)
Ekho (Israel)
Elephant (United States)
Eliminator (United Kingdom)
Eloriam (Peru)
Emerald (Switzerland)
Emerald Aisles (Japan)
Eminence (Brazil)
Empire (Germany)
En Memoria (El Salvador)
Enforcer (Sweden)
Era de Miseria (El Salvador)
Era Nova (France)
Esfinge de Gizeh (Venezuela)
Etrusgrave (Italy)
Evening Star (Costa Rica)
Evil Masquerade (Denmark)
Evil Survives (Canada)
Exciter (Canada)
Exkalibur (El Salvador)
Éxodo (Spain)

Heavy metal bands: F

Faraon (Argentina)
Fatal Array (United States)
Fatal Smile (Sweden)
Feinstein (United States)
Fight (United States)
Filii Nigrantium Infernalium (Portugal)
Final Axe (United States)
Final Stand (Germany)
Firasah (Malaysia)
FireForce (Belgium)
Firstryke (United States)
Flying (Ukraine)
Food (United States)
Forever Storm Serbia
Fozzy (United States)
Fratello lo (Italy)
Free Key Bit-Chess (Germany)
Frequency (Sweden)
Fretless (Sweden)
Frozen Eyes (Sweden)
Fury (United Kingdom)

Heavy metal bands: G

Gaia (El Salvador)
Galahad (El Salvador)
Gallows End (Sweden)
Gallows Pole (Austria)
Gamma (Malaysia)
Garden of Worm (Finland)
Gates of Winter (Canada)
Gauchos de Acero (Argentina)
Geezer Butler (United Kingdom)
Geisha (Denmark)
Genocide (Japan)
Ghandi (Germany)
Gianny (Colombia)
Giftdwarf (Germany)
Gillman (Venezuela)
Gillmore (Finland)
Girlschool (United Kingdom)
Giuntini Project (Italy)
Glenn Tipton (United Kingdom)
Godiva (Switzerland)
Golden Resurrection (Sweden)
Gonzalo Paz (Bolivia)
Goria (El Salvador)
Gost Wind (Korea)
Gostwind (Korea)
Gotham City (Sweden)
Grand Master (Canada)
Grave Digger (Germany)
Gravemachine Blackened (Norway)
Grim Reaper (United Kingdom)
Gun Barrel (Germany)

Heavy metal bands: H

HO (Korea)
Hades (United States)
Hagalma (Colombia)
Halford (United Kingdom)
Halloween (United States)
Hammerfall (Sweden)
Hammeron (United States)
Hammerschmitt (Germany)
Handy Black (Malaysia)
Harakiri (Spain)
Hardcore Superstar (Sweden)
Headquakes (Italy)
Hear ‘n Aid (United States)
Heart of Cygnus (United States)
Heathen Hoof (Finland)
Heathendom (Greece)
Heaven ‘N’ Hell (Finland)
Heaven and Hell (United Kingdom)
Heel (Sweden)
Heimdall (Colombia)
Heir Apparent (United States)
Helangår (Germany)
Held Under (United States)
Hell in the Club (Italy)
Hellhound (Japan)
HellXHere (France)
Helstar (United States)
Helvetets Port (Sweden)
Hemisferium (El Salvador)
Hemoragy (France)
Her Whisper (Sweden)
Herman Frank (Germany)
Hevisaurus (Finland)
Hideous Sun Demons (Netherlands)
High Council (United States)
High Power (France)
Highland Queen (France)
Highway Killer (Germany)
Hollister Fracus (United States)
Holy Cross (Brazil)
Holy Dragons Kazakhstan
Holy Grail (United States)
Holy Smoke (Poland)
Honey for Christ (United Kingdom)
Horacle (Belgium)
Horizon (Netherlands)
House of Heavy (Sweden)
Human Cometh (Sweden)
Hunter (Germany)
Hunters (Russia)
Hwal (Korea)
Hydrogyn (United States)
Hyperboria (Spain)
Hypersonic (Italy)
Hyubris (Portugal)

Heavy metal bands: I

Ibéria (Portugal)
Icarus Witch (United States)
Idea (Korea)
Igor Belsky (Russia)
Iiwanajulma (Finland)
Illuminatus (United Kingdom)
Impellitteri (United States)
In Solitude (Sweden)
In the Machine (United States)
Infernorama (Netherlands)
Infinita Symphonia (Italy)
Influence (Spain)
Inner Axis (Germany)
Innerload (Italy)
Inntrance (Spain)
Invader (Germany)
Iommi (United Kingdom)
Ion Vein (United States)
Ipsilon (Spain)
Iron Clad (Belgium)
Iron Fang (Macedonia)
Iron Maiden (United Kingdom)
Ironica (Finland)
Isäntä Meidän (Finland)

Heavy metal bands: J

Jack Frost (United States)
Jag Panzer (United States)
Jeff Martin (United States)
Joe Stump (United States)
John West (United States)
Jorn (Norway)
Joshua (United States)
Judas Priest (United Kingdom)
Julian’s Lullaby (Greece)

Heavy metal bands: K

Kabala (El Salvador)
Kaira (Belarus)
Kara (Finland)
Karma to Burn (United States)
Katagory V (United States)
Katana (Sweden)
Katjuscha (Austria)
Kelthuzzar (Poland)
Kemper (United States)
Killers (United Kingdom)
Kim Kyung Ho (Korea)
King Diamond (Denmark)
Kinrick (United States)
Kipelov (Russia)
Kiske & Somerville (Germany)
Kissin’ Dynamite (Germany)
Klootzak (France)
Knights of Round (Japan)
Kotiteollisuus (Finland)
Kraken (Canada)
Kraken (Colombia)
Krilya (Ukraine)
Kriver (Brazil)
Krokus (Switzerland)
Krome (United States)
Kronos (Costa Rica)
Kross (Russia)
Krusader (Brazil)
Kryptos (India)

Heavy metal bands: L

La Dama Oscura (Spain)
Land of Tales (Finland)
Landsemk (Venezuela)
Lanfear (Germany)
Last Warrior (Poland)
Laudamus Christian (Sweden)
Leather (United States)
Lechery (Sweden)
Lethal Halo (Canada)
Leverage (Finland)
Liar Symphony (Brazil)
Light Among Shadows (Spain)
Lionsheart (United Kingdom)
Living Colour (United States)
Liza (Spain)
Lizzy Borden (United States)
Logos (Argentina)
Lonewolf (France)
Longings Past (United States)
Lord of Darkness (Croatia)
Lordi (Finland)
Lords of the Crimson Alliance (United States)
Lords of the Trident (United States)
Lou Siffer & the Howling Demons (Sweden)
Loudness (Japan)
Lovechild (Liechtenstein)
Lucifer’s Friend (Germany)
Lujuria (Spain)
Lullacry (Finland)
Luzbel (Mexico)
Lyraka Opera (United States)

Heavy metal bands: M

M.A.R.S. (United States)
M.A.S.A.C.R.E. (Peru)
Machine Men (Finland)
Machines Of Grace (United States)
Mad Butcher (Germany)
Madam X (United States)
Madd Hatter (United States)
Magistr (Russia)
Majesty (Germany)
Majister (Australia)
Malice (United States)
Malicious (United States)
Malison Rogue (Sweden)
Manditory (United States)
Maniac (Austria)
Maniac Saint (Austria)
Manowar (United States)
Mantas (United Kingdom)
Manthica (Ecuador)
Many Things Untold (United Kingdom)
Mark I (Argentina)
Mark Wood (United States)
Massacration (Brazil)
Masterstroke (Finland)
McAuley Schenker Group (Germany)
MD. (United States)
Mechanical Poet (Russia)
Medallion (United States)
Megadeth (United States)
Megahera (Italy)
Megaton Blonde (United States)
Meliah Rage (United States)
Mercy (Sweden)
Mercyful Fate (Denmark)
Metakix (India)
Michael Angelo Batio (United States)
Michael Schenker (Germany)
Michael Schenker Group (Germany)
Midnight Chaser (United States)
Midnight Priest (Portugal)
Midnight Vice (Canada)
Mindless Sinner (Sweden)
Mir (Korea)
Misery Inc. Gothic Death (Finland)
Misfit (United States)
Missió (Hungary)
Moby Dick (Korea)
Moon Doc (Germany)
Morian (Finland)
Motörhead (United Kingdom)
Mountain Throne (Germany)
Mox Nix (United States)
Murderdolls Horror (United States)
Mustasch (Sweden)
Mysterika (Spain)
Mystery (Korea)
Mystical End (Brazil)

Heavy metal bands: N

Narita (Denmark)
Nasty Tendency (Italy)
Naughty Naughty (United States)
Negative One (United States)
Nether Regions Psychedelic (United States)
Neverland (Brazil)
Newk (Korea)
Nightmare (France)
Non-Fiction (United States)
Nuclear Strikes (Malaysia)

Heavy metal bands: O

Occitania (Spain)
Odin (United States)
Oleg Mishin (Russia)
Oliver Weers (Denmark)
Oracle (United States)
Oracle (United Kingdom)
Osiris (Canada)
Ostrogoth (Belgium)
Outworld (United States)
Overdrive (Sweden)
Overmars (France)
OverMaster Heavy (Italy)
Overtures (Italy)
OZ (Finland)
Ozzy Osbourne (United Kingdom)

Heavy metal bands: P

Painside (Brazil)
Pegazus (Australia)
Phantom Blue (United States)
Piel de Serpiente (Spain)
Piligrimas Lithuania
Planet Storm (Germany)
Platinum (United States)
Portrait (Sweden)
Powercrue (Greece)
Powergod (Germany)
Pretty Maids (Denmark)
Probot (United States)
Proceed (Switzerland)
Profetica (Guatemala)
Progresor (Uruguay)
Project in (Korea)
Pussylovers Liechtenstein

Heavy metal bands: Q

Quartz (United Kingdom)
Queensrÿche (United States)
Question of Madness (United States)
Quiet Riot (United States)

Heavy metal bands: R

Racer X (United States)
Rage (Germany)
RAM (Sweden)
Randy (Denmark)
Rata Blanca (Argentina)
Raven (United Kingdom)
Rawhead Rexx (Germany)
Razorhoof (United States)
Realmbuilder (United States)
Renacer (Argentina)
Renegade (Germany)
Renegado (El Salvador)
Reo (Spain)
Revengia (Sweden)
Reverb Gun (Mexico)
Rhyme (Italy)
Rick Renstrom (United States)
Riot (United States)
Ripper (United States)
Rise To Addiction (United Kingdom)
Road to Ruin (Sweden)
Rob (United States)
Rogue Male (United Kingdom)
Roland Grapow (Germany)
Rosemary’s Billygoat (United States)
Ross the Boss (Germany)
Roxx Regime (United States)
Running Wild (Germany)
Rusty Cooley Virtuosic (United States)

Heavy metal bands: S

Saber Tiger (Japan)
Sacred Blade (Canada)
Sacred Dawn (United States)
Sad Iron (Netherlands)
Saint Deamon (Sweden)
Salvus (Hungary)
Samsara (Germany)
Samson (United Kingdom)
Sanctuary (United States)
Sanz (France)
Saracen (United Kingdom)
Saratoga (Spain)
Satan’s Satyrs (United States)
SauruXet (Finland)
Savage Crow (Germany)
Savage Rage (Brazil)
Savatage (United States)
Saviours (United States)
Saxon (United Kingdom)
Scanner (Germany)
Scavanger (Germany)
Scavenger (Ireland)
Scorpions (Germany)
Sebastian Bach & Friends (United States)
Segabathor (Spain)
Serpent’s Knight (United States)
Seven Witches (United States)
Sex Love & Money (United States)
Shadows Past (Sweden)
Shadowside (Brazil)
Shadow’s Mignon (Germany)
Shakin’ Street (France)
Shakra (Switzerland)
Shewolves (Malaysia)
Shining Fear (Italy)
Shok Paris (United States)
Sigma (Uruguay)
Sign of the Jackal (Italy)
Sil Khannaz (Malaysia)
Silver Mountain (Sweden)
Sinner (Germany)
Sister Sin (Sweden)
Skellington (Sweden)
Skid Row (United States)
Skull and Bones (Brazil)
Skull Fist (Canada)
Skullview (United States)
Slander (United Kingdom)
Smokescreen (United Kingdom)
Sniper (Japan)
Solitude (United States)
Song My (France)
Sonic Prophecy (United States)
Sons of Liberty (United States)
Sortilège (France)
Soundgarden (United States)
Southpaw (Sweden)
Spectral Incursion (United States)
Speed Limit (Austria)
Sperantus (Peru)
Spider and the Fly (United States)
Spit (Brazil)
Split Heaven (Mexico)
Sprint (Argentina)
Stainless Steel (Germany)
Stargazery (Finland)
Steel Assassin (United States)
Steel Crown (Italy)
Steel Panther (United States)
Steeler (United States)
Steelheart (United States)
Steelpreacher (Germany)
Steelwing (Sweden)
Steve Cone (United States)
Steve Do Kyoon Kim (Korea)
Still Life Remains (Brazil)
Stone Soul Foundation (United States)
StoneLake (Sweden)
Stonewall (Italy)
Stormrider (Italy)
Stranger (Korea)
Stryper (United States)
Sturm Und Drang (Finland)
Sunday (Korea)
Symbolic (El Salvador)

Heavy metal bands: T

Taking Dawn (United States)
Taletellers (Germany)
Tarantula (Portugal)
Tarchon Fist (Italy)
Tears Of Anger (Sweden)
Terrarium (Russia)
Tester (United States)
The Beast (United States)
The Cursed Groove (United States)
The Hobbits (El Salvador)
The Last of Days (United States)
The Lord Weird Slough Feg (United States)
The Mystery (Germany)
The Old Ones (Czech Republic)
The Poodles (Sweden)
The Rods (United States)
Thor (Canada)
er (United States)
Throne of Vengeance (Canada)
Thunder Rider (Canada)
Thunderbolt (Norway)
Thunderfist (United States)
Tierra Santa (Spain)
Tim Ripper Owens (United States)
Torch (Sweden)
Toy (Czech Republic)
Tramontane (United States)
Trash (Sweden)
Triaxis (United Kingdom)
Tributo al Cielo (Spain)
Tricky Means (Finland)
Trouble (Sweden)
TT Quick (United States)
Turbo (Poland)
Turbocharged (Sweden)
Tygers Of Pan Tang (United Kingdom)
Tyran’ Pace (Germany)
Tyrant (United States)
Tytan (United Kingdom)

Heavy metal bands: U

U.D.O. (Germany)
Un Tipo De Langostino (Germany)
Unius (Korea)
Unknown (Peru)
Urban Tales (Portugal)

Heavy metal bands: V

V (Argentina)
Vainglory (United States)
Valiance (Italy)
Valkyrie (United States)
Vampyr (Germany)
Van Helsing’s Curse (United States)
Vanadium (Italy)
Vanderhoof (United States)
Vanexa (Italy)
Vault (Netherlands)
Velvet Spider (Japan)
Vengeance (Netherlands)
Venia (Finland)
Vertigo (El Salvador)
Vice (United States)
Vicious Rumors (United States)
Victor Smolski (Belarus)
Viking Skull (United Kingdom)
Vikingo (Argentina)
Villain (United States)
Vinder (Germany)
Viperia (Sweden)
Virgin Steele (United States)
Visigoth (United States)
Voices of Destiny (Germany)
Volbeat (Denmark)
Volnaya Staya (Russia)
Volture (United States)
Voodooshock (Germany)
Voraz (Uruguay)
Vortex (Netherlands)
Vow Wow (Japan)

Heavy metal bands: W

W.A.S.P. (United States)
Walter Giardino Temple (Argentina)
War Cry (United States)
Warcry (Germany)
WarCry (Spain)
Warheart (Peru)
Warlock (Germany)
Warrior (United States)
Waste Head (United States)
Waves Aeris (Italy)
When the Empire Falls (Finland)
White Wizzard (United States)
White Wolf (Canada)
Whitesnake (United Kingdom)
Why Out (Italy)
Winterborn (Finland)
Winters Bane (United States)
Wisdom (Hungary)
Wish (Greece)
Witch (United States)
Witch Hammer (Czech Republic)
Witchfynde (United Kingdom)
Witchtiger (Finland)
Wizard (Uruguay)
Wizz (Sweden)
Wolf (Sweden)
WolfeBlitzer (United States)
Won (Korea)
Wotan (Italy)
Wrathchild America (United States)

Heavy metal bands: X

X (Japan) (Japan)
X-Wild (Germany)
Xinr (United States)
Xipe (Italy)
XPDC (Malaysia)

Heavy metal bands: Y

Yakamashii Singapore

Heavy metal bands: Z

Zandelle (United States)
Zanister (United States)
Zeelion (Sweden)
Zenith (Germany)
Zero G (Korea)
Zett (Korea)
Zone Off (Brazil)