Metalcore bands

This list of Metalcore bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Metalcore.

Metalcore is a sub-genre of heavy metal combining various elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. The term took on its current meaning in the mid-1990s, describing bands such as Earth Crisis, Deadguy and Integrity. Metalcore is distinguished from other punk metal fusions by its emphasis on general heavy metal characteristics as well as breakdowns: slower, intense passages conducive to moshing.

Metalcore bands list – list of metalcore bands a-z

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Metalcore bands: 0–9

13 Killings (United Kingdom)

Metalcore bands: A

A Life Once Lost (United States)
A Perfect Murder (Canada)
A Plea for Purging (United States)
A Town In Fear (Singapore)
All That Remains (United States)
Animus Divine (United States)
April (Finland)
Aquila (Canada)
Architect (United States)
Arkangel (Belgium)
As I Lay Dying (United States)
As We Fight (Denmark)
AzureForJanne (Malaysia)

Metalcore bands: B

Baal (Germany)
Ballad For Layla (Malaysia)
Before the Fall (Austria)
Before the Torn (Portugal)
Beheading of a King (Canada)
Behind the Death (Malaysia)
Between the Buried and Me (United States)
Bhayanak Maut (India)
Bizharo (Malaysia)
Black Territory (Malaysia)
Black Veil Brides (United States)
Bleed The Sky (United States)
Blessed by a Broken Heart (Canada)
Blood Burns On (Brazil)
Bloodline Severed (United States)
Bloodlined Calligraphy (United States)
Bloodshoteye (Canada)
Bring Me The Horizon (United Kingdom)
Burnt By The Sun (United States)
Burst (Sweden)
Bury Your Dead (United States)
By Night (Sweden)

Metalcore bands: C

Caladrius (Malaysia)
Caliban (Germany)
Cannae (United States)
Car Bomb (United States)
Cardiac (Switzerland)
Cassius (United States)
Chaos In Paradise (Portugal)
Cursed As Angels (United Kingdom)

Metalcore bands: D

Dar Sangre (Argentina)
Darkness Dynamite (France)
Dead To Fall (United States)
Deadguy (United States)
Deadsoil (Germany)
Desecrate the Hour (United States)
Diesel Sneakers (Korea)
Divine Heresy (United States)

Metalcore bands: E

Earth Crisis (United States)
Endwell (United States)
Evergreen Terrace (United States)
Fall Of Serenity (Germany)

Metalcore bands: F

Five Days of Rain (Italy)
From A Second Story Window (United States)
Fuck the Facts (Canada)

Metalcore bands: G

Gates of Babylon (United States)
Glass Casket (United States)
Gravity (France)

Metalcore bands: H

Haste The Day (United States)
Heavy Heavy Low Low (United States)
Her Eyes Bleed (Korea)
Himsa (United States)

Metalcore bands: I

I Killed The Prom Queen (Australia)
If Hope Dies (United States)
In Fear and Faith (United States)
In This Moment (United States)
Incarnation (Malaysia)
Integrity (United States)
Interria (France)
Into The Moat (United States)
Ion Dissonance (Canada)

Metalcore bands: K

Killswitch Engage (United States)
Knockdown (Korea)

Metalcore bands: M

Maroon (Germany)
Maroon (Germany)
Martyr AD (United States)
Massacre Conspiracy (Malaysia)
Messages Via Carrier Pigeon (Canada)
Metal Safari (Japan)
Miss May I (United States)
Monster Phobia Indonesia
Mortal Treason Christian (United States)
Most Precious Blood (United States)
Myproof (Japan)

Metalcore bands: N

Nights Like These (United States)
Ninesin (Korea)

Metalcore bands: O

Of Machines (United States)
Oh, Sleeper (United States)
Orchid Ablaze (Australia)
Overcast (United States)

Metalcore bands: P

Paria (United States)
Parkway Drive (Australia)
Path (United States)
Pay No Respect (United Kingdom)
Picture Me Broken (United States)
Protest The Hero (Canada)
Pulsolatente (Colombia)

Metalcore bands: R

Rise of Fury (Spain)
Rise to Remain (United Kingdom)

Metalcore bands: S

Sea of Treachery (United States)
Serianna (United States)
Sevenfield (Norway)
Shallow Water Grave (United States)
Slowmotion Apocalypse (Italy)
Steryle (United States)
Straight Line Stitch (United States)
Survive (Brazil)

Metalcore bands: T

Taster’s Choice (Italy)
Tasters (Italy)
Tent (Russia)
The End (Canada)
The Padangs (Malaysia)
The Secret (Italy)
Through Devastation (Germany)
Throwdown (United States)
Times of Grace (United States)
To My Last Breath (Korea)
Tres Empres (Malaysia)
Trivium (United States)

Metalcore bands: U

Unearth (United States)
Unexpected Mercy Christian (Malaysia)
United (Japan)
Unleashed Anger (Korea)

Metalcore bands: V

Vassline (Korea)

Metalcore bands: W

War From A Harlots Mouth (Germany)
War of Ages (United States)
Within the Ruins (United States)

Metalcore bands: Y

Your Memorial (United States)

Metalcore bands: Z

Zao (United States)
Zero System (United States)