Power metal bands

This list of Power metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Power metal or one of its sub or fusion genres.

Power metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that combines characteristics of traditional metal with speed metal, often within symphonic context. The term refers to two different but related styles: the first pioneered and largely practiced in North America with a harder sound similar to speed metal, and a later more widespread and popular style based in Europe (especially Scandinavia, Germany, Finland, Italy), Argentina, Brazil, and Japan with a lighter, more melodic sound and frequent use of keyboards.

Power metal bands list – list of Power metal bands a-z

0–9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Power metal bands: 0–9

3 Inches Of Blood (Canada)
8-Point Rose (Sweden)

Power metal bands: A

A Tribute to the Plague (Brazil)
Abandon (United States)
Abighor (Italy)
Abordazh (Ukraine)
Abstract Symphony (Chile)
Abstrakt Algebra (Sweden)
Acendra (Spain)
Acropolis (Israel)
Acrosstorm (Chile)
Acrux (Paraguay)
Ad Lunam (Finland)
Adastra (Finland)
Adiastasia (Brazil)
Aethra (Mexico)
Aevum (Peru)
Afonía (Mexico)
AfterDreams (Argentina)
Aftermath (United States)
Afterworld (Finland)
Agarwaen Dagorlad (Mexico)
Age of Evil (United States)
Ahoora (Iran)
Aiming High (Japan)
Albatross (India)
Albatroz (Colombia)
Aldious (Japan)
Alias (United States)
Alkemyst (France)
All Eternity (Brazil)
Almah (Brazil)
Alpha Tiger (Germany)
Alquimia (Chile)
Alta Densidad (Chile)
Altaria (Finland)
Amaran (Sweden)
Amaranthe (Sweden)
Amberian Dawn (Finland)
Ambermoon (Italy)
Amethys (France)
Amoral (Finland)
Analogy (El Salvador)
Ancestral (Italy)
Ancestral (Italy)
Ancestral (Japan)
Andromeda (Peru)
Andromeda (Guatemala)
Angband (Iran)
Angelot (Ecuador)
Angeluz (Chile)
Ankhara (Spain)
Ankorjed (Chile)
Anthems of Steel (Italy)
Antithesis (United States)
Aquaria (Brazil)
Arachnes (Italy)
Aragorn (Peru)
Arakain (Czech Republic)
Arch Nemesis (Norway)
Archeon (Poland)
Area (Japan)
Ark Storm (Japan)
Arkangel (Venezuela)
Arkanot (Colombia)
Armageddon (Sweden)
Armory (United States)
Arsenal (Peru)
Artch (Norway)
Arthemis (Italy)
Artificio (Panama)
Arven (Germany)
Arwen (Spain)
Ascension (United Kingdom)
Asgard (Italy)
Askariz (Colombia)
Asriel (Japan)
Assailant (Sweden)
Astenias (Chile)
Asxvell (Chile)
Athorn (Germany)
Auspex (France)
Avalanch (Spain)
Avalanche (Germany)
Avalon (Japan)
Avalon (Germany)
Avian (United States)
Axel Rudi Pell (Germany)
Axenstar (Sweden)
Axxis (Germany)
Azeroth (Argentina)

Power metal bands: B

Backslash (Germany)
Bad January (United States)
Bad Karma (Australia)
Bad Karma (United States)
Bad Lizard (Belgium)
Bajel (Spain)
Balance of Power (United States)
Balistik Kick (United States)
Ballistic (United States)
Ballistic Whiplash (United States)
Balrog (Italy)
Bang-Doll (Japan)
Banshee (United States)
Bare Infinity (Greece)
Baron Blade (Slovakia)
Barsoom (Russia)
Basement (Austria)
Baskerville (Japan)
Bassinvaders (Germany)
Bastard Nation (Germany)
Bastille (United States)
Bastion Sud’bi (Russia)
Battering Ram (Belgium)
Battery (United States)
Battle (Faroe Islands)
Battle Arena (Spain)
Battle Bratt (United States)
Battle Cry (Argentina)
Battlefield (Germany)
Battleroar (Greece)
Battles Emerge (United States)
Battlorn (Turkey)
Baustelle (Germany)
Bavmorda (United States)
Bay Leaf (Germany)
Bayron (Argentina)
Beautiful Sin (Norway)
Beauty and Chaos (United States)
Beforce (Spain)
Befrost (Finland)
Beholder (Italy)
Bejelit (Italy)
Bel O Kan (France)
Beleriand (Argentina)
Belfry (Germany)
Belial (Australia)
Belica (Brazil)
Beowulf (Brazil)
Beraca (Mexico)
Berserker (Italy)
Besthial Croatia
Betelgeuse (Italy)
Beto Vazques Infinity (Argentina)
Betoken (Italy)
Betrayal (Finland)
Between the Lines (Germany)
Beyond Dreams (Sweden)
Beyond Glory (United States)
Beyond Reason (United States)
Bezdna (Russia)
Bible Black (United States)
Big Heat (Austria)
Big History (Ukraine)
Billy Castillo (Bolivia)
Bishop Steel (United States)
Biss (Germany)
Black Abyss (Germany)
Black Blood (Spain)
Black Destiny (Germany)
Black Fairy Croatia
Black Head (Germany)
Black Majesty (Australia)
Black Masquerade (Japan)
Black Pearl (Czech Republic)
Black Rain (France)
Black Reign (United States)
Black Spot (United States)
Black Sun (Ecuador)
Black Swan (Italy)
Black Symphony (United States)
Black Tower (Finland)
Black Virgin (United States)
Black Warrior (Russia)
Black Widow (United States)
Blackened (Norway)
Blackpuzzle (Germany)
Blackston Gang (Canada)
Blackstorm (United States)
Blacksword (Russia)
Blade of Spirit (Greece)
Blazing Harp (Brazil)
Blessed In Fire (Brazil)
Blind Date (Germany)
Blitzz (Germany)
Bloke (Argentina)
Blood IV (Japan)
Blood Shower (Korea)
Bloodstained (Greece)
Bloodstone (Germany)
Bloody Mary (France)
Bludgeon (United States)
Blue Hail (United States)
Boanerges (Argentina)
Boixos Nois (United States)
Book Of Reflections (Sweden)
Boomerang (Germany)
Borealis (Canada)
Borislav Mitic (Serbia)
Börn Again (Germany)
Born of Fire (United States)
Boron (Czech Republic)
Bourbon (Germany)
Brainamputated (Germany)
Brave (Brazil)
Breaking Silence (Greece)
Brick Mistress (United States)
Brilien (Czech Republic)
Broken (Venezuela)
Broken Arrow (Germany)
Broken Dagger (Sweden)
Broken Melody (Italy)
Broken Spell (Brazil)
Brutal Groove (United States)
Brute Force (United States)
Bunker Boys (Germany)
Burning Alive (Germany)
Burning Emotion (Japan)
Burning In Hell (Brazil)
Burning Point (Finland)
Burning Shadows (United States)
Burnt Fase (United States)
Buzz Bullet (Japan)
Byfist (United States)

Power metal bands: C

Cage (United States)
Cain’s Dinasty (Spain)
Cain’s Offering (Finland)
Camlann Extreme (United States)
Caravellus (Brazil)
Cardiant (Finland)
Catedral (Peru)
Cathalepsy (Chile)
Cauldron Born (United States)
Celesty (Finland)
Cellador (United States)
Charisma (Germany)
Charred Walls of the Damned (United States)
Chinchilla (Germany)
Chroming Rose (Germany)
Clairvoyants (Italy)
Cobra (United Kingdom)
Concerto (Chile)
Conquest (Ukraine)
Consfearacy (Germany)
Coven (United States)
Craven (Peru)
Crillson (United States)
Crimsonfire (Australia)
Crossbow (Germany)
Crows (Germany)
Cruella (United States)
Cryonic Temple (Sweden)
Crystal Ball (Switzerland)
Crystal Dragon (Portugal)
Crystal Eyes (Sweden)
Crystal Tears (Greece)
Cuero y Metal (Mexico)
Custard (Germany)
Cydonia (Italy)
Cy(Peru)s (United States)
Cyrium (Spain)

Power metal bands: D

Dagorlath (Spain)
Damaged Justice (Germany)
Dan Keying (Italy)
Danger (Colombia)
Dargoron (Serbia)
Dark Age (Germany)
Dark At Dawn (Germany)
Dark Illusion (Sweden)
Dark Moor (Spain)
DarkBlack (United States)
Darksun (Spain)
Dawn Of Destiny (Germany)
Deafening Silence (France)
Deka (Czech Republic)
Delirion (Spain)
Demonium (Liechtenstein)
Demonlord (Hungary)
Demons & Wizards (United States)
Derdian (Italy)
Desdemona (Italy)
Desert (Israel)
Destructor (United States)
Destynation (Sweden)
Diabulus in Musica (Spain)
Dignity (Austria)
Dinnamarque (Brazil)
Dionysus (Sweden)
Divine Wind (Japan)
Divinefire (Sweden)
Divinus (Germany)
Domain (Germany)
Domine (Italy)
Doomsday (Mexico)
Dorian Gray (United States)
Dorian Opera (Germany)
Dotma (Finland)
Dragon Lord (Spain)
Dragon’s Cry (Brazil)
Dragonforce (United Kingdom)
DragonHammer (Italy)
DragonHeart (United Kingdom)
DragonHeart (Brazil)
Dragonrider Jordan
Dragonsfire (Germany)
Dragonslayer (Spain)
Dragonwyck (United States)
Drakkar (Belgium)
Drakkar (Italy)
Dream Child (France)
Dreamaker (Spain)
Dreamland (Sweden)
Dreamtale (Finland)
Dungeon (Australia)
Dyecrest (Finland)
Dyslesia (France)

Power metal bands: E

Easy Rider (Spain)
Ebony Ark (Spain)
Eddy Antonini (Italy)
Edén (Spain)
Eden’s Curse (United Kingdom)
Edguy (Germany)
Efreet (Korea)
Eidolon (Canada)
Eidyllion (Argentina)
Ekzistencia (Ukraine)
Electric Sheep (Japan)
Elegy (Netherlands)
Elimination (United Kingdom)
Elvenking (Italy)
Elvenpath (Germany)
Embargo (Germany)
Emerald Sun (Greece)
Emergency Gate (Germany)
Empires of Eden (Australia)
Enbound (Sweden)
Enchanter (United States)
Endless (Brazil)
Endless Main (Slovakia)
Enforcer (United States)
Essence of Sorrow (Finland)
Eternal Legacy (United States)
Eternal Reign (Germany)
Eternia Costa Rica
Etherna (Italy)
Ethernity (Belgium)
Evenlost (Colombia)
Evidence One (Italy)
Excalion (Finland)
Exxplorer (United States)
Eyes Of Shiva (Brazil)

Power metal bands:

F (United States)
Faith Factor (United States)
Falconer (Sweden)
Farsight (Canada)
Fifth Angel (United States)
Final Chapter (Germany)
Final Stage (Canada)
Finist (Ukraine)
Fire Wizzard (France)
Firewind (Greece)
Fischel’s Beast (United States)
Flashback Of Anger (Italy)
Force Majeure (Finland)
Forgotten Tales (Canada)
Forté (United States)
Frameless Scar (Denmark)
Freedom Call (Germany)
Freternia (Sweden)
Frozen Cross China
Fuego Eterno (El Salvador)

Power metal bands: G

Gaia Epicus (Norway)
Galloglass (Germany)
Galneryus (Japan)
Gamma Ray (Germany)
Gaywyre New Zealand
Ghost Machinery (Finland)
Ghosthill (Russia)
Glacier (United States)
Gog (Mexico)
Griffin (United States)
Grudge (United States)
Guardians of Time (Norway)
Guillotine (Korea)

Power metal bands: H

Hades (Bulgaria)
Hamadria (Peru)
Hammerforce (Russia)
Hand of God (Greece)
Hangar (Brazil)
Haterush (Sweden)
Heathen’s Rage (United States)
Heavenly (France)
Heavens Gate (Germany)
Heed (Sweden)
Heimdall (Italy)
Helka Hith (Colombia)
Hellhound (United States)
Helloween (Germany)
Heretic (United States)
Herod (United States)
Hibria (Brazil)
Highland Glory (Norway)
Highlord (Italy)
Holiness (Brazil)
Holter (Argentina)
Holy Knights (Italy)
Holy Sagga (Brazil)
Holygates (El Salvador)
Human Fortress (Germany)
Hwimory (Korea)
Hydrangea (Japan)

Power metal bands: I

Icarus (Peru)
Iced Earth (United States)
Icewind (Canada)
Icy Steel (Italy)
Ignot (Spain)
Ilium (Australia)
Illuminata (Austria)
Imagika (United States)
Imaginery (Greece)
Imperanon (Finland)
Imperio (Argentina)
Incrave (Sweden)
Indomite (Colombia)
Infinity (Italy)
Infinity Overture (Denmark)
Inmoria (Sweden)
Inner Visions (France)
InnerWish (Greece)
Insania (Sweden)
Instanzia (Canada)
Into Desolation (Sweden)
Intrinsic (United States)
Invicta (United States)
Invictus (France)
Iron Angel (Germany)
Iron Attack! (Japan)
Iron Fire (Denmark)
Iron Mask (Belgium)
Iron Savior (Germany)
Ironbard (Korea)
IronWare (Sweden)
Isengard (Sweden)
Ishtar (Korea)
Ives Gullé (Chile)
Jacobs Dream (United States)
Jezabel (Argentina)
Jikuu Kaizoku Seven Seas (Japan)

Power metal bands: K

Kaledon (Italy)
Kamelot (United States)
Kerion (France)
Kiuas (Finland)
Kotipelto (Finland)
Krepostnay Stena (Russia)
Kruger (Russia)

Power metal bands: L

Labyrinth (Italy)
Lanzeloth (Colombia)
Last Tribe (Sweden)
Lefay (Sweden)
Legend (Korea)
Legend Maker (Colombia)
Lethal (United States)
Liege Lord (United States)
Life So Dead (Paraguay)
Light Bringer (Japan)
Logar’s Diary (Germany)
Lord (Australia)
Lord Byron (Germany)
Lord Symphony (Indonesia)
Lordian Guard (United States)
Lost Horizon (Sweden)
Lunendei (Spain)
Lust (France)

Power metal bands: M

Machinae Supremacy (Sweden)
Magia Blanca (Mexico)
Magic Kingdom (Belgium)
Magica Folk Romania
Magician (Brazil)
Magistr (Russia)
Majestic (Sweden)
Majestic Realms (Colombia)
Manigance (France)
Manilla Road (United States)
Manticora (Denmark)
Mark Boals (United States)
Mastercastle (Italy)
Mastermind (Japan)
Masterplan (Germany)
Maximus (Peru)
Mean Streak (Sweden)
Meanstreak (United States)
Medieval Steel (United States)
Memento Mori (Sweden)
Mephisto (Germany)
Mercury Rising (United States)
Mesmerize (Italy)
Metalinda (Slovakia)
Midnight Sun (Sweden)
Midwinter (France)
Militia (United States)
Militia (United States)
Mirrored Mind (Germany)
Mob Rules (Germany)
Montany (Netherlands)
Moonlight Agony (Sweden)
Morbid Sin (United States)
Morgana Lefay (Sweden)
Morifade (Sweden)
Moulin Rouge (Ecuador)

Power metal bands: N

Narnia (Sweden)
Nasty Savage (United States)
Nathania (Thailand)
New Eden (United States)
Nightscape (Sweden)
Ninja Magic (Sweden)
Noctambulath (Venezuela)
Northwinds (United States)
Nostradameus (Sweden)
Nova Epica (Guatemala)
Nuclear Blast Allstars (Germany)

Power metal bands: O

Obsession (United States)
Odinfist (Canada)
Odyssea (Italy)
Oliver Magnum (United States)
Olympos Mons (Finland)
Omen (United States)
Onward (United States)
Oracle Sun (Italy)
Order of Nine (United States)
Orfeo (Peru)
Othyrworld (Canada)
Overdose (Brazil)

Power metal bands: P

Pacto Sublime (Colombia)
Pain (Germany)
Paradox (Germany)
Paragon (Germany)
Pariah (United Kingdom)
Perfect Mind (Liechtenstein)
Perpetual Witness (Colombia)
Persuader (Sweden)
Pertness (Switzerland)
Perzonal War (Germany)
Phantom (United States)
Pharaoh (United States)
Piledriver (Canada)
Pink Cream (Germany)
Platitude (Sweden)
Pokolgép (Hungary)
Power (United States)
Power Beyond (Italy)
Power Quest (United Kingdom)
Power Symphony (Italy)
Powerlord (United States)
Powers Court (United States)
Powerwolf (Germany)
Powerworld (Germany)
Prisoner (United States)
Pryde (France)
Pyramaze (Denmark)
Pythia (United Kingdom)

Power metal bands: R

Rain (Italy)
Ravenheart (Switzerland)
Rebellion (Germany)
Rebellion (United States)
Recon (United States)
Red Wine (Spain)
ReinXeed (Sweden)
Rekion (Japan)
Repsel (Italy)
Revoltons (Italy)
Revolution Renaissance (Finland)
Richard Andersson (Sweden)
Ride the Sky (Sweden)
Ring Of Fire (United States)
Rising Faith (Sweden)
Roger Staffelbach’s Angel of Eden (Switzerland)
Royal Jester (Sweden)
Rushmore (Paraguay)
Ruthless (United States)

Power metal bands: S

Sabaton (Sweden)
Sacred Blood (Greece)
Sacred Oath (United States)
Sacred Steel (Germany)
Saidian (Germany)
Salamandra (Czech Republic)
Salem Spade (United States)
Satanica (Japan)
Savage Circus (Germany)
Savage Steel (Canada)
Savior from Anger (Italy)
Scapegoat (Canada)
Scheepers (Germany)
Seagrave (Finland)
Secret Sphere (Italy)
Sencirow (Germany)
Sequester (Canada)
Seraphim (Taiwan)
Seven Angels (Brazil)
Seven Kingdoms (United States)
Seven Thorns (Denmark)
Seventh Avenue (Germany)
Sex Machineguns (Japan)
Shaaman (Brazil)
Shadows Entwined (United States)
Shadows Of Steel (Italy)
Shining Fury (Italy)
Signal Blade (Colombia)
Signum Regis (Slovakia)
Silent Edge (Netherlands)
Silent Eye (Korea)
Silent Force (Germany)
Silentroop Malaysia
Silverlane (Germany)
Sinbreed (Germany)
Sinergy (Finland)
Six Magics (Chile)
Skiltron (Argentina)
Sky Vision (Brazil)
Skyeart (Brazil)
Skyrion (Brazil)
Skywings (Japan)
Slauter Xstroyes (United States)
Slavon Costa Rica
Solar Eagle (Canada)
Solar Fragment (Germany)
Solarstorm (Colombia)
Sonata Arctica (Finland)
Sorrows Path (Greece)
Soul of Steel (Italy)
Soul Source (Sweden)
Soulspell (Brazil)
Southern Cross (Canada)
Southern Cross (Ecuador)
Spectral (Peru)
Spinalcord (Japan)
Spitfire (Greece)
Stainless Steel (Hungary)
Statue (Finland)
Steel (Sweden)
Steel Aggressor (United States)
Steel Angel (France)
Steel Attack (Sweden)
Steel Prophet (United States)
Steelrage (Chile)
Stormhammer (Germany)
Stormhold (Belarus)
Stormtrooper (United States)
Stratovarius (Finland)
Stygian (United States)
Sunrise (Ukraine)
Supreme Majesty (Sweden)
Symfonia (Finland)
Symphonity (Czech Republic)
Symphorce (Germany)
Syrant (United States)
Syris (United States)

Power metal bands: T

Tarot (Finland)
Templo de Fogo (Brazil)
Tension (United States)
Teräsbetoni (Finland)
Thalion (Brazil)
The Last Alliance (United States)
The Reign of Terror (United States)
The Ring (Sweden)
The Stormrider (Spain)
The Storyteller (Sweden)
Thoten (Brazil)
Throne of Chaos (Finland)
Thunderstone (Finland)
Tiluland (Finland)
Timeless Miracle (Sweden)
Titanic (United States)
Tommy V(Italy) (Italy)
Torian (Germany)
Total Eclipse (United States)
Transito Libre (Colombia)
Trazom (United States)
Treasure Land (Sweden)
Tribuzy (Brazil)
Trick or Treat (Italy)
Tûzmadár (Hungary)
Twilight Guardians (Finland)
Twilight Mask (Colombia)
Twilightning (Finland)
Twisted Tower Dire (United States)
Tyrant (United States)
Tyrant Eyes (Germany)

Power metal bands: U

UltiMatium (Finland)
Unicornia (Spain)
Unleash the Archers (Canada)

Power metal bands: V

V (Portugal)
Valgrind (Spain)
Valinor (Colombia)
Van Canto A Cappella (Germany)
Velvet Viper (Germany)
Vendaval (Spain)
Versus Heaven (Greece)
Veto (Germany)
Vexillum (Italy)
Vhaldemar (Spain)
Viper (Brazil)
Viron (Germany)
Vision Divine (Italy)
Voice (Germany)
Voodoo Circle (Germany)

Power metal bands: W

Warlord (United States)
Warmachine (Canada)
Warmath (Finland)
Warmen (Finland)
Web (Portugal)
While Heaven Wept (United States)
White Skull (Italy)
Wicked Maraya (United States)
Wicked Rich (United Kingdom)
Widow (United States)
Wild Dogs (United States)
Wild Steel (Italy)
Winter’s Verge (Cyprus)
Winterage (Italy)
Winterland (France)
Winterstorm (Germany)
Wisdom Call (Sweden)
Wizard (Germany)
Wizards (Brazil)
Wolfcry (Greece)
Wonderland (Italy)
Written in Blood (United States)
Wurdalak (Spain)

Power metal bands: X

X-Mas Project (Germany)
Xaos (Japan)
Xxaron (Germany)
Xystus (Netherlands)

Power metal bands: Y

Yawarhiem (Peru)

Power metal bands: Z

Zero (Japan)
Zerozonic (Norway)
Zonata (Sweden)