Thrash metal bands

This list of Thrash metal bands includes bands that have at some stage in their career played within the style of Thrash metal or one of its sub or fusion genres.

Thrash metal bands – Thrash metal sub-genre

Although some critics argue that thrash metal refers essentially to the same music as speed metal, some metal fans and bands would be careful to make a distinction between the two terms, as well as other close terms such as black metal and grindcore.

The term thrash metal refers to a sped-up version of heavy metal that is defined by beats played in much the same tempo as those played in the mid eighties by hardcore punk. As hardcore punk and metal began to crossover in the mid- to late 1980’s, many hardcore punk bands began to play in a more metallic style and grow their hair out, and numerous metal bands began to speed up their sound in emulation of punk. The idea of thrash metal was that some punk audiences who grew up on bands like Bad Brains wanted more bands that were as proficient as they were intense, and many metal fans began to crave the raw intensity and physical abandon that was common to hardcore punk shows at the time.

It helped that many bands on either side of the fence, such as Metallica, were fans of bands on the other side of the divide, such as the Misfits and Black Flag, the Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Circle Jerks and DI, and that the metal scene had grown to embrace harder music. Thrash was a key movement in metal and helped open the doors to new fans and new stylistic innovations.

Thrash metal bands – list of thrash metal bands a-z

0–9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Thrash metal bands: 0–9

18 Wheels of Justice (United States)
32 Mildreds (United States)
6th Dimension (Czech Republic)

Thrash metal bands: A

A.O.D (Finland)
A.R.G. (Finland)
Abadden (United Kingdom)
Abandoned Sphinx (Sweden)
About: Blank (Belgium)
Abraxas (United Kingdom)
Absence of the Sacred (Singapore)
Abserdo (United States)
Absolute Vengeance (United States)
Absurd (Switzerland)
Absurdity (France)
Abuser (Italy)
Abysmalia (Finland)
Abyss (Korea)
ACCUSER (Germany)
Acid Drinkers (Poland)
Acid Reign (United Kingdom)
Acid Storm (Brazil)
Adam Johnston (United Kingdom)
Adamantine (Portugal)
Adrenicide (United Kingdom)
Affliction (Turkey)
Affliction (United States)
After All (Belgium)
After Zero (Japan)
Aftergod (Chile)
Age of Torment (Belgium)
Agent Steel (United States)
Aggression (Canada)
Aggression Tales (Brazil)
Aggressive (Colombia)
Aggressor (Canada)
Aggressor State (United States)
Agony (Sweden)
Agoraphobia (Spain)
Aion (Japan)
Airdash (Finland)
Akela (Hungary)
Al Azif (Spain)
Alaja (Spain)
Alcoholic Force (Colombia)
Alcoholic Rites (Ecuador)
Alcootest (France)
Alister (Serbia)
Alkoholizer (Italy)
All Out War (United States)
All Restored (Finland)
Alltheniko (Italy)
Altar of the King (United States)
Altered Aeon (Sweden)
Altered Moves Two (Netherlands)
Am I Blood (Finland)
Amalgama (United States)
American Gunfight (United States)
Amillion Pounds (United States)
Amnesia (United Kingdom)
Amonicide (Brazil)
Anacrusis (United States)
Anatoth (United States)
Anchony (Germany)
Ancient Dome (Italy)
Ancient Wound (United States)
Aneurysm (Italy)
Angel Reaper (Hungary)
Angelus Apatrida (Spain)
Angriff (Portugal)
Anialator (United States)
Anihilated (United Kingdom)
Anonymus (Canada)
Anoxia (Denmark)
Anti (Belarus)
Antichrist (Sweden)
Anubis (Brazil)
Apocalypse of the Risen (United States)
Apotheosis (Malta)
Arbitrater (United Kingdom)
Arbitrator (Russia)
Arcadia (Italy)
Arcane (United States)
Arcania (France)
Architects of the Aftermath (United States)
Arctulary (Finland)
Ares Kingdom (United States)
Arisen from Nothing (United States)
Arkayic Revolt (Canada)
Arma Gathas (Switzerland)
Armageddon III (United States)
Armagedom (Brazil)
Arssenick (Chile)
Artas (Austria)
Artillery (Denmark)
As Hell Retreats (United States)
Aspid (Russia)
Assassin (Germany)
Atomic Roar (Brazil)
Atomica (Brazil)
Atomizer (Australia)
Atrophy (United States)
Attackhead (United States)
Attica Rage (United Kingdom)
Attomica (Brazil)
Austrian Death Machine (United States)
Autopsy Torment (Sweden)
Avalanche (Korea)
Axegrinder (United Kingdom)

Thrash metal bands: B

Backlash (Romania)
Bad Acid Trip (United States)
Bad Mamasan (China)
Bankeray (Indonesia)
Barek (El Salvador)
Battalion (Chile)
Battered (Norway)
Battery (Poland)
Battery (Denmark)
Battlecross (United States)
Beast (Spain)
Beissert (Germany)
Believer (United States)
Belladonna (United States)
Beneath The Sky Post (United States)
Berserk (El Salvador)
Bestial Hell Axe (Korea)
Betrayer (Colombia)
Beyond the Grave (Brazil)
Bifrost (Netherlands)
Birds of Prey (United States)
Bitter End (United States)
Black Breath (United States)
Black Comedy (Norway)
Black Harmonia (Belgium)
Black Like Vengeance (Australia)
Black Task (United States)
Blackeye (United Kingdom)
Blackgoat (United States)
Blackshine (Sweden)
Blas (Brazil)
Blind Illusion (United States)
Blood Pollution (Russia)
Blood Red Angel (Germany)
Blood Rooted Death (United States)
Blood Tsunami (Norway)
Bloodride (Finland)
Bloomred (Brazil)
Blunt Force Trauma (United States)
Bombstrike Crust (Sweden)
Bonded By Blood (United States)
Bonebreaker (Brazil)
Bonehunter (Finland)
Bootlegs (Iceland)
Bound for Glory RAC (United States)
Boyzboyzboyz (Japan)
Brain Smasher (Chile)
Braindeadz (Germany)
Bralalalala (United States)
Breakage Rising (United States)
Breathless (Spain)
Bullet For My Valentine (United Kingdom)
Buried God (Germany)
Bywar (Brazil)
Byzantine (United States)

Thrash metal bands: C

Caligula (Belgium)
Canobliss (United States)
Captive Audience (Iran)
Carnivore (United States)
Casbah (Japan)
Cataract (Switzerland)
Celtic Frost (Switzerland)
Centauro (Mexico)
Chainsawdomy (United States)
Channel Zero (Belgium)
Children Of Technology (Italy)
Chrome (Finland)
Clandestined (Japan)
Code Red (Japan)
Collision (Poland)
Commando (Mexico)
Common Dead (United States)
Coroner (Switzerland)
Corpus Vile (Canada)
Crash (Korea)
Crasher (Italy)
Creaturezoid (United States)
Crionic (Denmark)
Critical Fear (Brazil)
Cro-Mags Youth crew (United States)
Cromok (Malaysia)
Cross Examination (United States)
Crowmorph (France)
Crown the Lost (United States)
Crucified Mortals (United States)
Crucifier (Greece)
Crucifuck (Spain)
Crumbsuckers (United States)
Crux (Czech Republic)
Cryo Inferno (Malaysia)
Cryptic Slaughter (United States)
Cult of Dionysis (United States)
Cyclone (Belgium)
Cyclone Temple (United States)
Cynonyte (United States)

Thrash metal bands: D

D’Cromok (Malaysia)
Dark Aladas (Spain)
Dark Angel (United States)
David Ellefson (United States)
Davidian Aggresive (Germany)
Daysend (Australia)
DBC (Canada)
Dead Shape Figure (Finland)
Dead to this World (Norway)
Deadnight (United States)
Death Angel (United States)
Death (France)
Death Squad (United States)
Death Storm (Austria)
Deathblow (Japan)
Deathraiser (Brazil)
Deathraiser (Finland)
Deathrow (Germany)
Deathstorm (Austria)
Deathwish (United Kingdom)
Deathwitch (Sweden)
Decadence (Sweden)
Decay (United States)
Decibel Rebels (Germany)
Decimator (Brazil)
Decision D (Netherlands)
Deficiency (France)
Degradation (United States)
Dekapitator (United States)
Demolition (Austria)
Demolition (Australia)
Demolition Hammer (United States)
Demonica (Denmark)
Demorgan Philippines
Denet (Czech Republic)
Depressive Age (Germany)
Derek Spear (United States)
Deretla (United States)
Desecration (Spain)
Desperado (Korea)
Destinity (France)
Destrage (Italy)
Destroy The Runner Post (United States)
Destruction (Germany)
Détente (United States)
Deteriors (Italy)
Detroit City (Japan)
Devastation Device (United States)
Dew-Scented (Germany)
Die Hard (Sweden)
Dirge Within (United States)
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (United States)
Dirty Suicide (United States)
Disaster’s Edge (Canada)
Dischord (Canada)
Disciples of (Canada)
Disconnected Brain (France)
Dracena (Sweden)
Drauggard (Russia)
Dreams Of Damnation (United States)
Dunkell Reiter (Brazil)
Dusk Delight Slovenia
Duskmachine (Germany)
Dynahead (Brazil)
Dyoxen (Canada)

Thrash metal bands: E

Early Graves Crust (United States)
Eccentric Pendulum (India)
Editor (Slovakia)
Ektomorf (Hungary)
Elctrikchair (United States)
Eldritch (Japan)
Eliminator (United States)
Empheris (Poland)
Empire’s Darkness (Mexico)
End Reality (France)
Enlightened by Darkness (Australia)
Entropy (United States)
Entropy (United Kingdom)
Envenomed (Mexico)
Erotikill (United States)
Esodic Jordan
Essence (Denmark)
Estuary (United States)
Eternal Tears of Sorrow (Finland)
Ethernal (El Salvador)
Eviction (United States)
Evil Invaders (Brazil)
Evil One (France)
Evil Possession (Colombia)
Evil Spectrum (Peru)
Evildead (United States)
Evildoer (Sweden)
Evile (United Kingdom)
Evol (United States)
Exarsis (Greece)
Excel Stoner (United States)
Exdeth (Japan)
Exeloume (Norway)
Exence (Italy)
Exhorder (United States)
Exmortus (United States)
Exodia (Spain)
Exodus (United States)
Exodus Of Contemporary (Korea)
Expired (Italy)
Exumer (Germany)

Thrash metal bands: F

Face Down Hero (Germany)
Facebreaker (Sweden)
Faff-Bey (Finland)
Faith or Fear (United States)
Fallen Fate (United Kingdom)
Fallen Man (United States)
Falling to Pieces (United States)
Fastkill (Japan)
Fatal Embrace (Germany)
Fatal Nation (Algeria)
Fatal Violence (United States)
Faustus (United States)
Fear of God (United States)
Feretrum (Peru)
Fierce Allegiance (United States)
Final Breath (Germany)
Flesh Made Sin (Netherlands)
Flotsam And Jetsam (United States)
Forbid Traction (Malaysia)
Forbidden (United States)
Forced Entry (United States)
Foreskin (Pakistan)
Freevil (Sweden)
From This Day Post (United States)
FTG (Malaysia)
Fueled By Fire (United States)
Full Blown Chaos (United States)
Fulltrap (Japan)

Thrash metal bands: G

Gae Bolga (Belgium)
Gama Bomb (United Kingdom)
Game Over (Korea)
Gammacide (United States)
Gamy (Japan)
Gangrena Gasosa (Brazil)
Gargoyle (Japan)
Geisha Goner (Poland)
God Forbid (United States)
Godslave (Germany)
Grief of War (Japan)
Grim Force (Japan)
Grimfist (Norway)
Ground Zero (Japan)
Guillotine (Sweden)
Guilthee (Hungary)
Gwar (United States)

Thrash metal bands: H

H.o.S. (Italy)
Hallows Eve (United States)
Hammerlord (United States)
Hands of Guilt (Portugal)
Hara Kiri (United States)
Harlott (Australia)
Harm (Norway)
Hastighed (Italy)
Hatchery (Germany)
Hatchet (United States)
Hate Squad (Germany)
Hateful Agony (Germany)
Havoc Mass (United States)
Havok (United States)
Hazmat (Australia)
Headhunter (Germany)
Headshot (Germany)
Headstone (Portugal)
Heathen (United States)
Heavenly Trip to Hell (United States)
Helegion (France)
Hellbringer (Australia)
Heller (Yugoslavia)
Hellfighter (United Kingdom)
Hellish Crossfire (Germany)
Hellraiser (Russia)
Hemoptysis (United States)
Hereafter (Malaysia)
Hermética (Argentina)
Hevein (Finland)
Hexenhaus (Sweden)
Hirax (United States)
Holocross (United States)
Holy Terror (United States)
Homicida (Chile)
Homo Sapiens (Greece)
Hunger (Brazil)
Hydra Vein (United Kingdom)
Hypnosia (Sweden)

Thrash metal bands: I

Icon in Me (Russia)
IllWill (Sweden)
Imbalance (Norway)
Immaculate (Sweden)
Immense Decay (Poland)
Impact (United States)
Imunity (Portugal)
In Trails (France)
Inane Eminence (Australia)
Incapacity (Sweden)
Incarnate (Netherlands)
Incinerator (Italy)
Incite (United States)
Incubus (United States)
Indestroy (United States)
Indungeon (Sweden)
Infection (Spain)
Infernäl Mäjesty (Canada)
Ingrand (Colombia)
Inhuman (Serbia)
Inhuman (United States)
Inhuman Conditions (Germany)
Injury (Italy)
Inside (Poland)
Intervention (Finland)
Intruder (United States)
Invasion (United States)
Invection (United States)
Invelenitor (Italy)
Invocator (Denmark)
Iron Age (United States)
Iron Cross (United States)
Izegrim (Netherlands)

Thrash metal bands: J

Jersey Dogs (United States)
Joe er (Canada)
Jotunn (United States)
Jurassic Jade (Japan)

Thrash metal bands: K

K.A. (France)
Kajaja Force-tek (United States)
Karijes (Serbia)
Kasatura (Turkey)
Kat & Roman Kostrzewski (Poland)
Kayser (Sweden)
Killbot (United States)
Killem (Spain)
King’s-Evil (Japan)
KLL Half (Italy)
Koga (Paraguay)
Koma (Spain)
Korzus (Brazil)
Krakkbrain (France)
Kraptor (Venezuela)
Kreator (Germany)
Ktulu (Spain)
Kublai Khan (United States)
Kuwalda (Russia)

Thrash metal bands: L

Laaz Rockit (United States)
Lahar (Czech Republic)
Land Raider (Spain)
Lapida (Ecuador)
Lapse of Sanity (United States)
Lastwar (Poland)
Läufer (France)
Lawshed (Japan)
Lazarus A.D. (United States)
Leeches of Lore (United States)
Leeway (United States)
Legacy (United States)
Legion Of The Damned (Netherlands)
Lethal (Sweden)
Lethal Dose (United States)
Lethal Energy (United States)
Lich King (United States)
Living Death (Germany)
Living Sacrifice (United States)
Loli Vomits (United States)
Losna (Brazil)
Loudblast (France)
Lux Mortis (El Salvador)
Lyzanxia (France)

Thrash metal bands: M

Macabre (United States)
Machine Head (United States)
Machinery (Sweden)
Madball (United States)
Mahatma (Korea)
Majster Kat (Slovakia)
Malefice (United Kingdom)
Mafia (Russia)
Manslaughter (United States)
Mantak (Malaysia)
Mass Madness (Russia)
Mastery (Canada)
Matthias Steele (United States)
Mechanization (United States)
Medulla Nocte (United Kingdom)
Mekong Delta (Germany)
Memorain (Greece)
Memorial (Denmark)
Mental Devastation (Chile)
Meshuggah (Sweden)
Metal Church (United States)
Metal Genocide (Chile)
Metal Storm (Germany)
Metallica (United States)
Method (Korea)
Method of Destruction(M.O.D.) (United States)
Militia (United States)
Minotaur (Germany)
Minsk Security (Switzerland)
Minushuman (France)
Misery Loves Co. (Sweden)
Mitra Stoner (United States)
Mokoma (Finland)
Monkey Head (Korea)
Monsterworks (New Zealand)
Moonless Acheron (China)
Mörbid Carnage (Hungary)
Morbid Saint (United States)
Morbid Slaughter (Peru)
Morggorm (Malaysia)
Mortal Sin (Australia)
Mortification (Australia)
Mosh Angel (Finland)
Moshquito (Germany)
Motör Militia (Bahrain)
Municipal Waste (United States)
Mutant (United Kingdom)
Mutant Zombie Foetus (United Kingdom)
Mutilator (Brazil)

Thrash metal bands: N

Nadimac (Serbia)
Nailbomb (Brazil)
Nardorn (Germany)
National Napalm Syndicate (Finland)
Natrium (Italy)
Naty (Korea)
Necrodeath (Italy)
Necromessiah (Italy)
Necrosis (Chile)
Negligence Slovenia
Neonhalo (United Kingdom)
Nevermore (United States)
Next (Mexico)
Nibelheim (Italy)
Nitemare (Canada)
No Made Sense (United Kingdom)
No Mark Hybrid (Korea)
No Remission (United States)
Nocturnal Breed (Norway)
Nocturnal Fear (United States)
Nonexist (Sweden)
Notrash (Korea)
Nuclear (Chile)
Nuclear Assault (United States)
Nuclear Decimation (Brazil)
Nuclear Simphony (Italy)
Nuclear Warfare (Thailand)

Thrash metal bands: O

Oh Shit They’re Going to Kill Us (United States)
Omission (Spain)
Only Living Witness (United States)
Onslaught (United Kingdom)
Osamenta (Argentina)
Outcast (France)
Outlast the Sun (United Kingdom)
Outrage (Japan)
Over (Italy)
Overcast (Greece)
Overkill (United States)
Overload (China)

Thrash metal bands: P

P.T.O.M.A. (Greece)
Pandemmy (Brazil)
Parasytic Crust (United States)
Pentagram (Turkey)
Penumbra (Venezuela)
Pitiful Reign (United Kingdom)
Possessed (United States)
Post Mortum (France)
Predicate Not Defined (Malaysia)
Primal Scream (United States)
Process (Denmark)
Project Pain (Netherlands)
Prong (United States)
Punisher (China)
Putrid (Peru)
Pyöveli (Finland)
Pyracanda (Germany)

Thrash metal bands: Q

Qube (Poland)

Thrash metal bands: R

Rad-X (New Zealand)
Raging Fury (Japan)
Rain (Czech Republic)
Ramming (United States)
Ravenous (Austria)
Razor of Occam (Australia)
Razorwyre (New Zealand)
Re-Animator (United Kingdom)
Rebel Meets Rebel (United States)
Red Harvest (Norway)
Reflection (Germany)
Rellik (United States)
Repulsa (United States)
Resistance (France)
Reverend (United States)
Revolution Within (Portugal)
Reynagade (Malaysia)
Rigor Mortis (Japan)
Ringworm (United States)
Risk (Germany)
Roar (Spain)
Rosicrucian (Sweden)
Rotting Corpse (United States)
Rudra (Singapore)
Ruin (Finland)
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder (United States)
Rusted Brain (Poland)
Rusty Nails (Italy)

Thrash metal bands: S

SA SANCTUARY (United States)
Sabbat (United Kingdom)
Sabre (United States)
Sabretung (Australia)
Sacred Reich (United States)
Sacrifice (Korea)
Sacrifice (Japan)
Sacrifice (CAN) (Canada)
Sacrificial Blood (United States)
Sacrilege (United Kingdom)
Sanheim (Romania)
Sanity Obscure (Singapore)
Sargon (Panama)
Satanika (Italy)
Savage Messiah (United Kingdom)
Scarlet Anger (Luxembourg)
Scarpoint (Sweden)
Scarred by Beauty Modern (Denmark)
Scotoma (Cyprus)
Scum (Malaysia)
Section Brain (Czech Republic)
Sekhmet (United Kingdom)
Sepelio (El Salvador)
Serenity Dies (Maldives)
Shady Glimpse (Japan)
Shah (Russia)
Shellshock (United States)
Shellshock (Japan)
Short Sharp Shock (United Kingdom)
Sic (Faroe Islands)
Silencer (United States)
Silent Migration (Malaysia)
Sins of the Father (Australia)
Skeletal Augury (China)
Skelteria (United States)
Skrew (United States)
Slayer (United States)
Slumpark Correctional Lebanon
Smelly Pedros (Canada)
Smile Of Gloomy Days (Korea)
Sodom (Germany)
Solstice (United States)
Soothsayer (Canada)
Space Eater (Serbia)
Spider Kickers (Greece)
Stainless (Germany)
Still Remains (United States)
Stillnes (Spain)
Storming Steels (Malaysia)
Stormwrath (Spain)
Strident (Israel)
Sufosia (Croatia)
Suicidal Angels (Greece)
Suicidal Tendencies (United States)
Swashbuckle (United States)
Sword of Judgement (United States)
Symbol of Obscurity (Russia)
Synarchy Faroe Islands

Thrash metal bands: T

Take Offense (United States)
Tankard (Germany)
Tempesta (Spain)
Temple of the Absurd (Germany)
Tenet (United States)
Tenside (Germany)
Tent (Russia)
Terror (Sweden)
Terror Incognita (Czech Republic)
Terrorama (Sweden)
Testament (United States)
The Abiotx (United States)
The Absence Gothenburg (United States)
The Accused (United States)
The Accüsed (United States)
The Burning (Denmark)
The Cadavor Dog (Canada)
The Force (Paraguay)
The Harrowed (Australia)
The Kandidate (Denmark)
The Mist (Brazil)
The Now Noise (Germany)
The Senseless (Australia)
The Sequence of Prime (United States)
The Thunderlords (United States)
The Unsane (United States)
Theorized (India)
Thorvi (Poland)
Thoughts of Ruin (Ireland)
Threshold Sicks (United Kingdom)
Thy Will Be Done (United States)
T(Iran) (Russia)
Titans Eve (Canada)
Tom Angelripper (Germany)
Tömmermenn (Norway)
Toriton (United States)
Torrential Downpour (United States)
Torture (United States)
Torture Squad (Brazil)
Tourniquet (United States)
Toxic Trace (Serbia)
Transmetal (Mexico)
Trendkill Method (Latvia)
Trepanator (Brazil)
Truth Corroded (Australia)
Turbo (Korea)
Tyranex (Sweden)

Thrash metal bands: U

Ulysses Siren (United States)
Uncle Slam (United States)
Undead (Italy)
United (Japan)
Untimely Demise (Canada)
Uranius (Chile)
Urto (Italy)

Thrash metal bands: V

Vaginator (Chile)
Vectom (Germany)
Vektor (United States)
Vendetta (Germany)
Vengeance (United States)
Vengeance Rising (United States)
Verbal Abuse (United States)
Verdict Denied (Greece)
Vicious Crusade (Belarus)
Viking (United States)
Vindicator (United States)
Vio-lence (United States)
Violator (Malaysia)
Violator (Brazil)
Violent Invasion (Brazil)
Violent Omen (Ukraine)
Violent Playground (United States)
Violent Type (United States)
Violentor (Italy)
Voivod (Canada)
Volcano (Japan)
Vortech (Finland)
Vortex (El Salvador)

Thrash metal bands: W

War Testament (Colombia)
Warbringer (United States)
Warchest (Chile)
Warnament (Macedonia)
Wasted Shells (Sweden)
Watch Them Die (United States)
Whiplash (El Salvador)
Wicca (Germany)
Witchery (Sweden)
Witheria (Finland)
Wolf Spider (Poland)
Wrath (United States)
Wrathchild America (United States)
Wyvern (Egypt)

Thrash metal bands: X

Xecutioner (United States)
Xentrix (United Kingdom)
Xpulsion (United States)

Thrash metal bands: Y

Yuck Fou (United States)

Thrash metal bands: Z

Zerofour (Austria)
Zombies No Horror (Venezuela)
Zona Negra (Argentina)
Zuul Fx (France)